301 Bondi Road Bondi NSW 2026

Installation of 3 x car stackers to existing residential flat building PAN-260499

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 25 days ago. It was received by them 9 days earlier.

(Source: Waverley Council, reference DA-392/2022)


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  1. Nicolette Boaz commented

    There is nothing good for society about a car stacker. They are noisy, use power, block access for others and attempt to cram even more people into a space already majorly overcrowded.

  2. Jo commented

    Another negative comment from Nicolette 🙄reality check: Car Stackers are commonly used in New York, across Europe, HK etc. They are quick, efficient and silent. I’ve lived in The Pacific and Pipi which both have car stackers. They don’t cram ‘people’ into a space, car stackers are for ‘cars’.

  3. Luke commented

    I am sick of being told that the reason that we can have safe cycle infrastructure, bus lanes, or use on-street parking for some other purpose is because residents have no parking. Provided there are no adverse impacts I would much rather see cars on people's own property so that on-street space can be used for more than just parking. I keep hearing that Waverley is an overcrowded area and I couldn't agree more - it's overcrowded with cars NOT people.

  4. Paul Paech commented

    I'm 100% with Nicolette on opposing this folly:
    Car Stackers might be "commonly used in New York, across Europe, HK etc", but the big picture today is that, like city administrations everywhere who are pushing back against the demonstrably destructive impact of the private car, Waverley Council too has put the private car at the very bottom of its transport hierarchy.
    Retro-fitting car stackers to blocks like this encourages the folly that "more private cars" is a viable transport option, despite Bondi roads already being frustratingly chock-a-block with polluting and expensive to run cars, most of them with one person inside. D'oh!
    Plus I reckon that the corrosive salt of the ocean will see these over-engineered conceits ending up as useless rusted hulks within just a generation.

  5. Elle commented

    How’s your car going? Getting you from A to B? ‘You reckon’ yep, you sound like you are wan engineering expert with a solid understanding of the mechanics and construction of car stackers. If you aren’t an expert, don’t ‘reckon’ anything. Research and get the answers before you proclaim to everyone your ignorance.

  6. Gus commented

    Bondi Beach’s population density continues to increase. Apartment living also means many households aren’t single family units in the traditional sense. More people equalling more cars is the reality. Limiting off street parking serves doesn’t diminish the number of cars. Instead, the impact typically affects existing residents without the option of off street parking, or into areas where they parking isn’t restricted. I am also not against better public transportation in the area - for starters, heavy rail would remove countless buses. However, practical solutions such as proposed here shouldn’t be rejected given the potential to improve amenity more broadly.

  7. Mia commented

    Shouldn't we be trying to reduce cars instead of fitting more cars into a crowded area? Every day I see Bondi Road crammed with cars with 1 person in it. One way to reduce cars is to make it difficult to "store" them.

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