101-105 Willowbank Road Gisborne VIC 3437

Development of a Commercial Centre including a Supermarket, Medical Centre, Commercial space and Food and Drink Premises (Cafe) and Variation of Covenant PS549356W

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 month ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Macedon Ranges Shire Council, reference PLN/2022/359)


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  1. Ricky Yarrow commented

    Bring it on I say .
    We certainly need a supermarket at this end of town .

  2. Brendan commented

    Will be a great addition to this side of town, easing pressure on roads and parking in town.

  3. Ray Wood commented

    Love this idea great fir this area
    Just provide enough car park space and correct entry and exits , Brady Ed and willowbank Rds both very busy roads

  4. Kim Browning commented

    Happy with the idea so long as it’s size appropriate for the area and doesn’t cause congestion on the already busy Willowbank Rd

  5. Tony Davey commented

    Appalled at the plan as it's detailed, and because no neighbouring owners have heard of this proposal, it would be assumed that the proposal is embryonic, and a feeler for the future. Land area is much too small for such a development. Already too many supermarkets in Gisborne and we definitely don't need another, especially one in a primarily residential neighborhood. Limited Parking room in the immediate vicinity will further exacerbate existing congestion. Traffic volumes in Willowbank and Brady roads already too high, and this will create more issues at that corner (especially speeding). Proximity of Early Learning Centre is a major concern. as is the matter of another Medical Centre. Explanation of what the proposed covenant variation is going to be, needs to be advised, so it can be fully investigated, together with full advices of what commercial space is proposed. How high is the building going to be? To accommodate all the details listed it will need to be 3 or 4 storeys high. Perhaps there is to be an underground car park or a multi story one attached to the commercial space to meet all the parking requirements that the development plans have suggested occupy the site! Neighbours will love all that! Proposal needs to shelved.

  6. Sue Davey commented

    As a resident close by to this proposal, I must object to it. It would create a facility that is not needed in this area and would be a total eyesore in Willowbank Rd. The land should be used for low key residential development as was originally intended when first sold. We, and our neighbours, moved here to enjoy the rural setting not have this " monstrosity " shoved in our backyard.

  7. Annette Papax commented

    We moved to Gisborne when it was a lot smaller, greener, cleaner, friendlier & a comfortable town to live in.. The changes we’ve seen indicate greed, environmental misunderstanding & community ignorance so (although in the past we did manage to prevent ridiculously over congested developments in a couple of locations) honestly can no longer see any resident concerns having any effect in any situation when growing the ‘suburb’ in Gisborne.
    The lack of sustainable infrastructure is becoming a major issue & we feel it is just a matter of time before MRS pay the price for poor community consultation & poor planning.
    Before MacDonalds & the Nexus Centre we were a bit real 😔 ..

  8. Lawrie Crowley commented

    I have mixed feelings about this. A coffee shop would be welcomed or a convenience store but the rest is OTT. I wholeheartedly agree that in the last five years, Gisborne has changed for the worse. Willowbank road is heavily used and won’t benefit form this increase. The Willow estate (or whatever that area around Willowbank Primary is called) would be a far better choice for a commercial development. It’s a pity you planners at MSC didn’t allocate and land for that in that development (massive oversight or poor decision making). Gisborne South residents are in far greater need of some commercial infrastructure then this location is. Lift your game MSC.

  9. stella commented

    Time and time again locals express there concerns about what is happening in and around GISBORNE and the macedon ranges. Still time and time we are ignored. Again this is bad planing by the council and the greedy developers who keep chopping up our open spaces of our once beautiful town. For people who are moving here if you want a supermarket and service station on every corner please move back to the city.
    When you move regional it is regional and not the suburbs our blocks should be no less the 1000sq meters so we can plant trees and protect the wild life that is out here, we need wide streets so that you can drive and park you cars without having congestion.
    All this infrastructure needs to be put in place before the subdivision go ahead. Just putting supermarkets on random corners is not the solution. Our roads are not coping, the maintenance on them is not up to date (pot holes everywhere) the litter in and around the town is terrible, the exits into gisborne are congested, I could go on for days with the problems that are happening. But all the council thinks about is more and more subdivision and more rate money. Please just stop and look at what is happening, it is to late to go back, but its no to save what is left of our open spaces and trees.

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