18 Davistown Road, Davistown, NSW

Shop top housing & Demolition of Existing Dwelling

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 month ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Central Coast Council, reference DA/945/2022)


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  1. Darcy commented

    I lived in this house for 18 years and trust me, putting another shop or apartment in here is not going to be good for anyone because the amount of cars that will bank up onto the main road for parking is going to make the already narrow road even harder to navigate around which will probably just cause an accident which is already bound to happen. And if they plan on building low to the ground don’t do it because we built an extension room onto the back and the only thing it would do would be flood

  2. Holly commented

    Iv lived here here for 19 years and building another shop like that will just cause more traffic if you’re going to build another shop like that maybe think about more parking

    The street you are planning on building this on is always full by lunch time it will cause more traffic and make it a lot more harder for the bus to get down

    If your planning on doing something like this actually have a proper think about it.

  3. Michael J Evans commented

    I agree there’s no parking In the DA application their should be allowance for off street parking if this is not the case this application should not be approved

  4. Michele commented

    Parking is the main issue with this application. A deficiency of 6 car parking spots on their property at 18 Davistown road is a problem. This is not meeting Central Coast Council's own parking criteria. In reality the number of cars that will need to park on Davistown Road to access this building will be greater than the 6 they already have a shortfall for. That area of Davistown Road is already heavy with street parking not only with visitors to the area but also many of the original houses in that vicinity have very small frontages necessitating residents to also use street parking. The parking survey the applicant commissioned appears to have been done on 1 day only, between 9am and 5pm on a weekday .... why such a limited survey? Are these the only hours this building will be accessed and will it only be accessed on a weekday; if not this is not a true reflection of the parking and it isn't really an accurate statement if only 1 day was taken into account. The survey was carried out on the 4th February 2021 during COVID 19 which would have also caused the number of cars parked in the street to be lower in that area as fewer people were venturing out to socialise. There is no safe parking in Lilli Pilli Street, Davistown end and there are already issues before Central Coast Council in regard to the danger of turning right into Davistown Road from Lilli Pilli Street due to cars parked in the street. Parking in Paringa Avenue close to Davistown Road also has its own safety issues due to cars parked in the street which I believe is before Central Coast Council.

  5. keith lambert commented

    The Parking study for this application is flawed and can not be considered enough to approve such a high impact application. This area is already on notice with Central Coast Council. The junction with Paringa Avenue requires no stopping zones to be installed as vehicles park all around that junction and force the bus to turn in to on coming traffic (I have nearly had a head on crash with it). The Junction with Lilli Pilli is also a dangerous junction for those turning right onto Davistown road due to parked cars.
    If you consider these two junctions either side of this proposed development, plus the bus stop and all the required no parking zones, there is not enough parking as it is. How can this development be considered without off street parking. Parking under, shops above would create less impact, but probably not enough money for greedy developers.

  6. Richard Mather commented

    Regarding the Top Shop Housing proposed for 18 Davistown Road. I completely agree with Keith Lambert.The area is already over utilised with insufficient parking to cater for the established businesses.The Little Teapot Cafe & other shops already located on this road supply no off street parking for themselves and their patrons which make it near impossible for the local residence to park outside their own homes, often making it difficult & dangerous to reverse out onto Davistown road. We have witnessed the local wildlife eg. Ducks miraculously escaping being run over as they cross the road, due to not being seen by the drivers & cars travelling way above the 50km speed limit. The Truck deliveries to these commercial businesses & the increased usage have already impacted the condition of the narrow road & increased the noise level for this quiet community. Of course all these scenarios escalate 2fold over weekends & the holiday period. Davistown rd at Lillypilly Rd is already highly dangerous & any more increase in traffic will only escalate this notorious intersection. l live almost opposite no.18 Davistown road & oppose any increase in dwellings that will have a negative impact to the local precinct & pose a risk to all who reside here including the wildlife.
    I believe that granting this application & allowing another business to open in this particular area will be a failure by the Gosford council & at the detriment to the residents of Davistown as l believe Davistown is at capacity & the environment cannot cope with such a huge increase in built infrastructure. Simply take look at the recent flooding in the area & the impact it has caused to the inadequate roads.

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