14 Wyandra St Noosa Heads QLD 4567

Dual occupancy

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 month ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Noosa Shire Council, reference MCU22/0146)


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  1. Maree Birch commented

    No dual occupied land should be approved in Wyandra Street or anywhere low density area . I object strongly to this application

  2. Dot MacDonald commented

    Dual Occupancy application should not be approved in Wyandra Street. This area of Noosa Heads is not zoned for it and should remain as single dwelling occupancy. I strongly object also because if approval is given for this one, it sets a Planning precedent, and the floodgates will open, allowing anyone else to do the same thing. The amenity of my suburb will be ruined, green space will be depleted, traffic will increase. This area is low density and should remain so.

  3. Leeann Peters commented

    If this area is low density residential agreed in the Noosa Plan, why is an application even entertained? Please keep to low density residential.

  4. E Francis commented

    I am not sure why previous comments on this application are saying this address is zoned low density when it is zoned medium density on the Noosa Plan maps? Plus everyone is complaining they have no where to live in Noosa, and then when people put a proposal in for dual occupancy or a duplex on a site that is zoned for that purpose & could accommodate 2 families - you all complain about it.

  5. Dan Neylan commented

    All of Wyandra has been rezoned for unit development under the new town plan therefore i am absolutely in support of this application. Housing affordability must be addressed across the country and in every shire, Noosa council are doing their best to address this even if its in a small way. People who object to this application should have objected to the change of zoning when the town plan was put out for comment years ago.

  6. Jean Pierre DOLLE commented

    We need more housing and accommodations in Noosa, this area is the best place for new buildings.

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