89 Arlington Esplanade Clifton Beach QLD 4879

Change Application (Minor) Material Change of Use (Retirement Facility)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 month ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Cairns Regional Council, reference 11750/2022)


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  1. Catherine Morris commented

    Whilst I don't mind a retirement facility being built in our suburb, I do take great offense that the building height of the proposed buildings has been disregarded. The locals have fought strongly over the years to maintain our beach image, only to have the street scape infringed upon by a building that exceeds the Cairns Plan recommendations. Once this building is built it will be open slather for other developers to push the height boundaries again further upwards. I strongly oppose this change of application unless the developer maintains the minimal floor height to 4 floors.

  2. Linda St Quintin commented

    If I thought there was any hope of this Council abiding by their own Planning guidelines, I would object. As there is not, and as this Council only ever choose future business/money over their current ratepayers views, I will only comment that this construction will destroy several tourism businesses in Clifton Beach the second construction begins, will negatively affect all property values in the vicinity, and will destroy the ambiance of the beachside amenity forever.

  3. Diane Langham commented

    Why do Council continue to change the rules… Clifton Beach is a quite beach town we don’t need extensive high rise buildings in this area. Please keep all structures at maximum height level as per town plan. No amendments for a few extra levels? As a property owner in Guide st the reason I purchased here was it was such a nice area, no multi level buildings, no shopping and that’s the way we would like to keep it!

  4. Anthony McCormack commented

    Tom Pyne (ex Shire President) meant many things - good, bad or indifferent - to most residents of the then Mulgrave Shire Council.
    However he had one cardinal rule for the Northern beaches - "NOTHING will be built above coconut tree height".

  5. Bakker commented

    When reading through this so called “ minor amendment application “ it appears that the main reason for a height increase application is due to cost increases over basement car parking and Ergon requirements for a pad mounted sub station.
    The developer is attempting to get around this by eliminating the under cover basement car parking and substituting via open but reduced parking , reducing the footprint of common area amenities and relocating storage arears. All this supposedly forcing them to increase building heights.
    They then expect the local community ( and Council) to just roll over on this.
    Well I strongly advise Council to reject this amendment and demand the developer stick with the original submitted plan which they obtained expert advise on.
    If this increases building and subsequent unit owner costs, so be it.

  6. Alan Norris commented

    Yet again, we have an application to increase building height above that allowed in the town plan. Just because they are unable to comply with Council and Ergon requirements in the original application they want to bend the Town Plan to fit in with them. They should submit an application that complies with the town plan. This increase in building height does not fit in with the general amenity of Clifton Beach and should be rejected by Council. Local residents have made it clear in the past that an increase in building height in Clifton Beach is not acceptable.

  7. Jackie Wilde commented

    I would like to add my views in support of those comments opposing the height of this application (which unfortunately I'm unable to view on the Council website as when I click on the link it takes me nowhere!).

    But it is clear that the proposal is for this development (which I support as a retirement facility, as someone who turns 60 this year and may look at this in the future) is higher than the four storey maximum which is currently the highest level along Clifton Beach. It is not about people being objectionable. It is about us trying to keep this suburb in line with the current layout which is a quiet suburb with buildings no higher than four levels. We too purchased here in 2009 with a view to our impending retirement years. We love the fact that there are not lots of restaurants and bars (like Palm Cove or Trinity Beach) and no schools (Trinity Beach) and would like to preserve this area as it is. There is plenty of scope for other beaches to be (and are being) developed for higher rise buildings and developments.

    Please help us keep Clifton Beach a little bit preserved but not backward for the future.

  8. Elizabeth Smith commented

    Such a shame that the height issue with buildings on Arlington Esplanade has come up again. I thought we had dealt with that a few years ago. The regulation is 4 storeys so the Council should be asking developers to comply with the regulations they have agreed to for all buildings. Why do we have to keep fighting this ?

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