19 Tamarama Marine Dr, Tamarama NSW 2026

New licence - limited - single function

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  1. Gabriela commented

    Beaches should remain places for healthy fun.
    We shouldn’t start allowing now the sell of alcohol in our beaches. So, I’m against this application.

  2. Alma Douglas commented

    I am against the granting of this license.Service of acohol at beaches should not be encouraged.Thank You

  3. Nick Scudamore-Smith commented

    I'm all for this. Having an alcoholic drink while looking out over the beach/ocean should not be reserved to just those with a $20m mansion on Bronte / Tama Beach. It should be for all to enjoy including the right to have a drink or three at a cafe.

  4. Jason S commented

    A great spot for a drink in the afternoon sun. Anywhere in the modern world, this would not be an issue. Lets cease the nanny state objections to sensible ideas. If you dont want one - dont order one. Given the picnics every day in the park, the licence would probably add only 5% to the alcohol consumption on any day but with supervision under the RSA. Good luck!

  5. Anita commented

    Beaches serve the whole community including children and adolescents.
    Granting this licence would unnecessarily expose these vulnerable groups to alcohol and possible unacceptable behaviours in public spaces.

  6. Sophie commented

    The application is for a set number of functions during Oct and Nov finishing by 8pm - assuming for Sculptures by the Sea (?) No problem, enjoy yourselves. This should be granted.

  7. Martin commented

    +1 to Nick Jason and Sophie's points, all well made...

  8. Sally commented

    Nick & Sophie,
    Why does this event need a marquee promoting alcohol in Marks Park when Council have been so adamant that there is ZERO tolerance of alcohol in public parks and beaches. It would be very hypocritical if this is approved.
    Sculpture By The Sea is a family event, with the beautiful coastal walk and Art. It is held in the daytime for recreation. It should not be an advertising opportunity at the expense of residents and visitors.
    Why not support local established business instead?
    Folks can do the walk and then head to a local establishment to have a beer or wine.
    Supporting local business owners that have done it so tough throughout COVID-19 surely should be priority. I think Waverley Council would agree.

  9. Giselle Collins commented

    I think it would be wonderful to have a spot to relax with a drink. It is a long way from residents so perfectly placed. Let’s enjoy ourselves responsibly!

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