63 Justs Rd Sellicks Beach SA 5174

Land division - 2 allotments into 62 allotments

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 month ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: South Australia Planning Portal, reference 22013535)


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  1. Anne Harry commented

    Has a full environmental impact study been performed for this sensitive area given it’s proximity to the beach and Washpool Conservation precincts. My concern is that stormwater runoff will put this significant area under extreme pressure with Sellicks Creek being unable to take extra volumes of stormwater in extreme weather events. The number of allotments will create an urban heat sink. It’s time Onkaparinga Council start getting ahead of climate change planning. Let’s create an urban model for future proofed development. 62 allotments could mean over 100 extra cars on the roads and on the beach during summer. Please consider our future.

  2. Matt Farrell commented

    This development should not be approved. It is inconsistent with the future needs of our community and region, particularly with regards to the need to prevent environmental collapse from biodiversity loss.
    The Greater Adelaide plan that guides these planning decisions is out of date and to continue to use it puts future generations at greater risk. The plan was last updated in 2017 and is inadequate as a plan for the future because it does not use in its modelling our latest knowledge on climate change, biodiversity loss or the social need for housing. No new developments should go ahead until this foundational plan is updated to reflect the actions we need to take on biodiversity loss to prevent ecosystem collapse, climate change and protecting our communities from the associated health issues , and the social need for housing that is the inner metro not the urban fringe.
    Please take notice of the Sellicks Woodlands and Wetlands Action Network (SWWAN) campaign to stop development until the Greater Adelaide 30-Year Plan is updated. In good conscience we can no longer use the outdated plan because of the risk to future generations from the problems identified with it.

  3. Lisa Wild commented

    Are these homes going to get mains drainage? I think not. Will those buyers be aware of that? If they are going to have mains drainage, then we & the rest of Sellicks Beach would like it too.

  4. Jesse Rankin commented

    As a mother of 'the future generation' to three children under the age of 5 the idea of urban sprawl reaching as far as Sellicks is incredibly disappointing and depressing. It contradicts any attempt to action on climate change and preservation of the natural environment and wildlife. The Land near the wetlands has only just been deemed as conservation how is this to be considered such a short time after? How many houses along the coastline actually have full time residents? The developers keep profiting and the middle class income earners are now the ones becoming homeless. As a social worker in the housing sector these developments are not addressing the housing crisis they are contributing to it. Lastly it concerns me the lack of value the government has on green and open spaces for our children to have. We love Sellicks because of how it is now!

  5. Sarah Kiryk commented

    As a resident of 72 Justs Road for over 13 years. There is not the support of amenities, roads, storm water and more as mentioned in above comments to support this development.

  6. Judy commented

    Not in support of this subdivision that will be a bad development of it went ahead. Yes we need more housing stock as a metro region but this is not the way. This land is not suitable for thronging into a suburb.

  7. Kathryn Brewer commented

    As a resident of Aldinga Scrub, I think this development proposal completely ignores what the community wants and what our environment needs. We have an opportunity locally to protect our fragile biodiversity and create something future generations will be proud of - and that’s not another housing subdivision.

  8. Katie Wahlheim commented

    Absolutely in no way do I support this development. Sellicks does not have mains sewerage nor is adequately equipped with the appropriate infrastructure to handle an extra 62 families to the area. It also saddens me to see yet more open space proposed for infill with small allotment residential homes, adjacent land already zoned for non residential development. The proximity to the conservation park and the impacts of adding 62 more families to this sensitive area is of concern. As a large allotment owner in the vicinity of this development one might consider it would benefit us for future land division of our own land, however this is exactly what we don't want. By permitting these developments to further encourage urban sprawl it detracts from the peaceful seaside atmosphere of the area and also opens the door for developers pushing the boundaries even further slowly buying up and burying the last remaining open spaces under cement cities.

  9. Michael von Berg commented

    Where can one read the environmental impact study that hopefully has been done prior to planning for this development going ahead? Urban runoff into a sensitive wetland area supporting some protected species and perhaps overflowing septic tanks as we have already experienced in some areas where there is no town sewage. There is a lack of overall infrastructure which has not been considered. We already have large residential developments planned in other areas of Sellcick Beach, which are less sensitive to the environment, providing sewage and parklands are a part of the development. Totally opposed to this badly thought out development.

  10. Karyn Jowett commented

    I strongly oppose these plans.
    As a resident of Sellicks Beach, I think this development proposal is completely the opposite of what the majority of the community wants and what our local environment needs. We have a rare opportunity to protect a fragile biodiversity before it is ruined and create something we can be proud of. Sellicks Beach does not need another housing estate, especially the sort that is proposed for these allotments.
    They are incompatible with our future needs to act on climate change and restore our environment.
    I am very worried that this and future urban development of Sellicks Beach will damage the culture, environment, and character of these unique coastal areas. It threatens the already unbalanced, delicate future of the iconic southern coastline which is also being adversely effected by climate change and biodiversity loss. Let's make a stand now before there is nothing left to save and help alleviate climate change, improve biodiversity and ensure a healthy, resilient community where future generations can come and enjoy the clean air of a natural environment full of the wonders of life.

  11. Laura Deane commented

    I am strongly opposed to the development of Sellicks Beach. It is not ' just another suburb'. It is the last open space on the southern coastline, and this proposed development threatens sensitive wetlands and coastal habitat. Paving over the last remnants of open space will heat the area, contributing to biodiversity loss and degrading the environment. Protect Sellicks Beach. Preserve its unique coastal character and seaside village. Reject this development proposal. The Sellicks community does not want it. We have already provided petitions to government last year indicating our opposition to development of Sellicks Beach. It's time government listened to the people and took decisive action to preserve and protect areas of environmental and cultural significance like Sellicks Beach.

  12. Hazel Kane commented

    I strongly oppose this development for many reasons:
    Impact on the washpool/wetlands (recently classified as a conservation park).
    Lack of infrastructure such as sewerage. Council is considering the sale of water assets so what does the developer plan to do re sewerage that has no impact on the environment and no cost to current residents?
    Sellicks is a discrete community but development such as this will turn it into just another bland suburb.
    Loss of green space.
    Increased traffic on roads and beach.
    There is absolutely no benefit to Sellicks from this proposal.
    This proposal should be included in the 30 year plan which is due to be reviewed this year.

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