79 Atherton Drive Venus Bay VIC 3956

Develop land with a dwelling

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 2 months ago. It was received by them 12 days earlier.

(Source: South Gippsland Shire Council, reference 2022/165)


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  1. Sue Peterson commented

    I would really like to object to his development, it is definitely not the area for this to happen. Venus Bay is a small coastal village and buildings erected need to be respectful of that and nestled into the indigenous vegetation of which there is a lot in this particular area,. It also appears that this building doesn't seem to be far enough back from the road either. It is on the corner of a road to one of our beaches and needs, in my opinion, to fit in with that. I am sure the purchase of this property was because the area was loved by the purchaser so why come here and do something that just does not fit in.
    I am also troubled by the allowance of big timber fences down here, something I thought wasn't allowed, I am very disappointed that they are now, they just do not fit in at all.

  2. Lyn Ievers commented

    Objection to this building permission on the basis that the house is just so big and is not sympathetic to the low scale vegetation that surrounds this area. The road to Beach 5 is extremely busy and is shared by cars and pedestrians, if this building was to go ahead, then the road would be significantly narrowed, and poses a massive danger to cars, pedestrians and wildlife. Also current traffic hazard signs would be removed for current drivers down Spring Street, making the intersection where this property sits, very dangerous.

  3. Mae Adams commented

    I object to development that takes up all or most of the open space on allotments at Venus Bay. Planning needs to consider visual impact, wildlife habitat and congestion of a holiday destination. Blocks should not be rigidly fenced, wildlife friendly fencing is required here. Over development spoils the natural amenity for residents and visitors.

  4. Carolyn Oliver commented

    I object to this development I cannot see how it would align I with the design or environmental overlays.
    It is not aligned with the character of the area and if developments like this are approved it will change the very nature and character of the area

  5. Marnie Cameron commented

    I object to the proposed development on the following grounds: proposed size and height of dwelling is way too big for the block, making it maligned to the character of the area, as well as the general low scale vegetation of Venus Bay second estate; this block is situated at the entry point to Beach 5 which is quite a dangerous intersection already especially at peak times - the scale of the proposed dwelling would significantly narrow the road, and create increased danger to pedestrians and wildlife; it is imperative to avoid over development of Venus Bay, it is a beautiful, natural place, and there are other areas of Victoria where big developments like this are better suited.

  6. Marie-Louise Schaefer commented

    As a permanent resident of 22 Atherton Dr, Venus Bay , I strongly urge council to consider rejecting building approval of no 79 Atherton Drive.
    Venus Bay has developed into a small quiet coastal village. Planning should only be approved with a view to maintain the character of our town.
    We should try to only approve buildings that will respect , enhance and reinforce our beach atmosphere of “ single story weekender homes “, fitting in and respecting our coastal environment, especially maintaining indigenous vegetation. To maintain the character of Venus Bay, I would like to ask council to reconsider the approval of a “ large double story house on the small block at no 79 Atherton Drive.
    Marie-Louise Schaefer

  7. Michael Davey commented

    We urge council to reject the current planning and building approvals for 79 Atherton Drive. To be clear we along with most other moved to that local to enjoy the country, environmental and wild life aspects. We built, added and constructed with the environment and our neighbours in mind. Also to support the longevity of same and preserve our coastal parkland and the aesthetics of Venus Bay. More and more we are witnessing city life monstrosities with suburban fencing and removal of the vegetation that we are collectively trying to maintain.
    Another sky scraper spanning the entire block, removing everything important to local wild life - really! What are we doing.
    Please say no, redesign your single story and respect our environment.
    Michael and Jackie Davey

  8. Mathew commented

    I strongly object to the proposed development for 79 Atherton Drive Venus Bay.
    This building, along with too many others, are totally out of character with the area they are detrimental to wildlife and vegetation, and most likely only holiday homes.
    As a permanent resident I'm seeing this all too often.
    Re design and re consider what is being built, for this building and others, will be destroying the very reason why people come to Venus Bay.

  9. Kirsty parini commented

    Having read all the objections so far I am in agreement solely to keep the character, peace and serenity of Venus bay. I will be building soon in second estate to live permanently in a single storey very modest home amongst the existing vegetation. I have seen many double storey monstrosities going up in venus bay and it worries me that it will turn into another inverloch. As a new council with new and fresh ideas especially ENVIRONMENTAL ones, you need to reconsider what you are allowing through. Read your new visions for the future that were recently implemented and heed them. There may only be a few objections here. They are all valid and all need to be considered. Allowing money to talk will get a sensitive and fragile environment in a a lot of trouble down the track. The time to act for the environment in every aspect is NOW.

  10. Tim Best commented

    I object to the proposed dwelling on the basis that it is significantly out of character with existing homes in Atherton Drive and the second estate of Venus Bay.

    I welcome development but it needs to be sympathetic to existing structures and complement the environment rather than dominate it. What is proposed seems more appropriate for heavily built up areas and towns and not in an area that has sought to preserve its green spaces and the natural environment.

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