28 Sturt Rd Brighton SA 5048

Land division, resulting in 28 allotments, construction of 28 dwellings & remove 2 regulated trees

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 2 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: South Australia Planning Portal, reference 22009838)


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  1. Sue Larcombe commented

    I lived at no.27 Sturt Road, (opposite 28 )all of my younger life. I loved the old house and the Le Cornu family who lived there . They would be devasted to see the proposed development. It is part of Brighton's heritage. We have a young history soqhy are we destroying all we have . Please retain this for future generations.

  2. Lauren Buchanan commented

    Please don’t cut down more trees and allow the development of 28 shoddily built overprinted dwellings. This used to be such a beautiful area, with so many birds and trees making it an obvious site of natural beauty. Don’t destroy the homes of the animals that call this land home!!!

  3. Lauren Buchanan commented

    *overpriced (dyac!)

  4. Leanne Upton commented

    The Le Cornu family would have known EXACTLY what was going to happen to their property /land.
    Taplin purchased it for god sake. He can do do what ever he wants.
    If he is a local man he doesn’t think like a local, that is for sure. .

  5. Karl Olsen commented

    Again, there is no consideration given for the disappearing tree canopy, which also makes the area an eyesore.
    This property had a historical heritage that should be maintained. Instead, we will now have more of everything we don't want in this suburb.
    Shame on the planning authorities.

  6. Virginia Gill commented

    Please save the trees. It’s bad enough that the beautiful home, a major piece of Holdfast Bay history has been destroyed. We should be doing everything in our power to save healthy, old trees, not destroy them. What of the animals? Habitats are being destroyed. I’m not against progress but I am totally against the rape of heritage and environment. This is shameful.

  7. H Simmons commented

    The construction of 28 dwellings near a hotel is a recipe for crime and antisocial behaviour, let alone the felling of so many trees important to the environment. The traffic congestion created by an additional and high density 28 dwellings nearby an already busy T-intersection is also of major concern.

  8. J Lennard commented

    Is the Holdfast Bay Council there simply to maximise their rate revenue and facilitate developers? Remember the beautiful art deco cinema on Jetty Rd torn down and replaced with an ugly glass box full of forgettable businesses (I can't remember what's in there... travel agent, hair dresser)? Then a cinema built down the road in a nearby lane!! Was the whole deal to allow the cinema chain to modernise their cinema and make a few bucks on the Jetty Rd real estate? You have to wonder.
    This open space could be purchased by the council and opened up as a public space, with the big old house being a community facility. No vision.
    "& tree removal" (singular!!!!) At least have the integrity to say how many large historic trees you are giving the green light to chop down.

  9. Neil commented

    What a disgrace. Development has started and the property, trees have been destroyed already. Another example of planning authorities not caring about community safety or the environment and are only about making more money.

  10. Lesley Koster commented

    The damage is done now is the time to develop the area tastefully less housing green it up hopefully the developer will see sense

  11. commented
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  12. Valerie FARRAR commented

    Sturt Road is a busy one. Now is not the time for removing anymore trees, that reduce pollution. Such a disappointment that the house and grounds have been demolished, this would have made a wonderful community area. A place for children to run climb and play..
    Shame shame shame Holdfast Council.

  13. Lucy Bellamy commented

    28 dwellings? Holdfast Council, which portrays itself as environmentally caring cannot seriously be considering approving this? The loss of trees to the area is unacceptable and 28 homes is far too many for that block. This mindless subdivision of blocks needs to be stopped as it’s getting out of hand now. All over Brighton, there are far too many of these poorly built developments springing up and it’s making parking a huge issue all over the area.

  14. James Smith commented

    The whole system is corrupt. Nevertheless, I am posting my objection to this so at least I can look at myself in the mirror and know i tried. This is wrong, is unsustainable, destroys the environment, contributes to overpopulation, and takes away the amenity of the suburb. There is nothing positive about this development other than lining the pockets of council and developers.

  15. Meg commented

    I am concerned about the impact this will have on the residents of Roberts and Noble Streets. Both of these are already used as a ‘cut through’ for speeding drivers. Consideration should be given to making the northern end of Roberts St (Highet Av end) a ‘no entry’ to minimise the increasing traffic flow and the impact on residents of these streets.

  16. Simone Hunter(Simone only please ). commented

    Please read ConservationSA.org.au/trees2020." The evidence is clear:big trees improve our health and wellbeing,reduce the build up and trapping of heat. They are the best infrastructure investment to prepare our streets and suburbs from a changing climate."
    " We hope government and council decision makers will recognise the value of preserving big trees in Adelaide's landscape and take all necessary steps to reverse the damaging trend."
    "While councils and communities are working hard to plant new trees,there is not enough available space on public land to replace what we are losing from private property"
    (from Executive Summary)

  17. Christie Davis commented

    So devastating to see so few trees left. Please ensure the trees that are still there are left and not removed. Will be awful to have this land subdivided into 28 with horrible condensed living which will affect so much of the area with traffic, noise, pollution - it’s just unbelievable that so much has gone already

  18. Virginia Summers commented

    Sue no offence, however the Le Cornu could care less, they could have subdivided or not sold to a developer.

  19. Amanda Kemperman commented

    Parking parking parking!! Including for guests- Not on sturt road!
    Keep the very old gum trees!
    Quality over quantity!
    I dont know why Im even bothering to comment as Council doesn’t listen and wont change and has already decided 🤷‍♀️

  20. Louisa Searle commented

    I understand building is inevitable but has thought been given to substantial green space around or near the dwellings. Brighton’s population is increasing exponentially with all the urban infill but people need room to exercise, greenery to make their environment pleasant and healthy. The beach belongs to Adelaide not just for the locals and it gets very busy and crowded at times BUT locals need their own spaces to expand and in this case, with 28 dwellings they are unlikely to have much personal yard. Also, as previously mentioned by other writers, the shoddy quality of building going up in Brighton and surrounds is making our home look a lot like a slum in the making. I used to tend the LeCornus’ garden over summer holidays as a kid and our family home backed onto theirs - it would be a great loss to that area to lose those trees - especially for the bird population ( rosellas, lorikeets etc).

  21. Elizabeth Andrews commented

    Jamming 28 homes on a 9378 m² block is insane. When you take into account access roads it cannot be more than dog boxes they are building. I hope that Council before approving this application looks very closely at access to and from this property from an already very busy Sturt Road. Cars travelling west along Sturt Road have no direct access to this estate. To gain entry cars will need to enter into Roberts Street, turn left into Noble Street, left again at Seymour Grove and then onto Sturt Road. Noble Street and Seymore Grove are very small streets and these once quiet streets are already very busy. It is incumbent on Holdfast Council to ensure that there is sufficient on-site parking for those living in this estate and their visitors, as well as safe access to and from the site for ambulances and fire trucks.

  22. Judy Dangerfield commented

    A beautiful haven for bird life destroyed at a time when tree canopies are disappearing everywhere due to development. Council needs to minimise destruction by enforcing the retaining of a percentage of original green canopy in all our neighbourhood spaces. This was an historic home with a rich history and part of my own heritage . Should have never been sold off for short term gain !

  23. Janet Fletcher commented

    Too many trees removed resulting in loss of habitat for bird life. The new planning SA process does not adequately provided consideration of local areas and the impact of this application. Far too many trees were removed from this site. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

  24. Lee Cook commented

    We walked past there yesterday and one things for certain, it’s a disgrace. That lovely old home and those air purifying trees gone and the few trees left obviously marked to go, for the back road. I feel so sorry for the neighbours who will have to listen to hammering for 10 years, it’s devalued their properties significantly and not to mention the horrible traffic there will be. Allowing for roads each block will be no more than 320m2, a disgrace!! No offence, but the Le Cornus are only care about $$. Wow, the council should hang their collective heads in shame approving this.

  25. Jo Skeates commented

    Too late now for that beautiful historical home..gone. Most of the land has been cleared of vegetation..gone. Just a handful of beautiful, mature trees left standing...surely developers can develop leaving some trees...
    So many beautiful Single houses are being Replaced by multiple dwellings...putting aside emotions, putting aside climate issues with greenery being replaced by concrete..Putting aside the aesthetics of our suburbs....28 dwellings...each with a couple of cars..adding even more pressure to Brighton Road. Couldn’t 28 be 20 and leave some trees?
    “You May consider my submission?” surely our laws need to change if they don’t already protect our greenery and buildings”. A disgrace.

  26. Denise Dewell commented

    The holdfast bay website says that services provided will ensure that the area will be a great place to live, work and visit. The website promotes a philosophy of green living, parks, reserves, open spaces, history and culture.

    Every resident in the area pays a premium over some other suburbs in Adelaide for those benefits.

    Please consider why residents choose to live here, please deliver on your promise and stop history and trees from being bull dozed.

  27. J Hill commented

    The original developers who bought this estate put in an application nearly 2 years ago which required all the trees to be removed but the council rejected it. The council has stated 11 native gum trees had to remain, so I don't understand why the new developers have put in an application still requiring tree removal, because my understanding is all the trees that remain today are the 11 the council said must stay! The original developers' application was also for 28 homes, but with the 11 trees remaining you have to wonder how small and even more crowded these homes will be? One can only hope the council will not waver and reject the removal of anymore trees and Plan SA will reject the subdivision too.

  28. Melinda commented

    I believe that there are two trees that are requested in the proposal.
    As a neighbour to this property since 1994 I can advise that in all this time only once have these trees had a a professional tree arborist or company come in and do any pruning or maintaince to the trees even though over the years neighbours asked the owners to maintain them.
    One of the trees in question, can be saved, parts of the tree is in very good condition, and with the proper tree maintenance/pruning will be fine, probably all the trees need maintenance for future survival.
    This tree also provides beautiful shade to neighbours, is alive with bird life and has hollows or habitat trees, they take a long time to form, mainly in trees from100 plus years old, they provide wind breakage, shelter, roosting and nesting, important for threatened species, home to the boobook owl and everyday filled with different variety of birds
    - The trees contributes to the character and visual amenity of the locality
    - The tree is not causing danger to surrounds
    - All the trees achieve the aesthetic and environmental qualities that would qualify them as significant/regulated trees worthy of retention and removal of these trees cannot be supported because they are in the way or not looking that great.
    Another TREE
    - We have been advised that this tree is in the way of development, back in July 2020 and April 2021 the Holdfast Council had an arborist check all trees and this particular tree was advised that it required pruning options but overall a good tree and saved and are regulated and that they can be seen approximately 300 metres away.
    - This report was done and the council on two occasions advised on their website that these trees were to remain.
    - The developer architect would of known this before they had drawn their plans and this is why the trees should remain.
    - https://files.holdfast.sa.gov.au/link/NaezFUhei0jdMR1Hl59Eo0
    - https://files.holdfast.sa.gov.au/link/SxTQcD0f4q3toJuSrKlzQa
    28 HOUSES
    This is an excessive amount of homes to be built on this property and how this can fit in with the surrounding area with no trees and be a complete hot zone
    GREEN SPACE – is there any green space to be provided to this development?
    PRIVACY & LACK OF SUNLIGHT Residences on Roberts Street, Noble and Seymour do not want to have two story homes built against their property. Roberts Street & Noble Street residences will lose valuable sunlight that we have enjoyed for years, along with the residences of Noble Street, due to lighting from upstairs at night and noise
    * Construction of properties
    * Cars
    * Weekly Bin Collection
    * Homes with Air- Conditioning systems - these need to be at the side of the house not back facing neighbours due to noise.
    * Homes with Hot Water Systems - these need to be at the side of the house not back facing neighbours due to noise
    * What are the dimensions are the back of homes to fence, Are homes built with back veranda’s. - because after a build finishes this would mean the owner could extend a back veranda/ Pergola which would mean they would be closer to the fence and more noise to neighours. Noise pollution can cause Stress, high blood pressure, heart disease, sleep disturbances.
    Noise Information Sheet (epa.sa.gov.au)
    Environment Protection (Noise) Policy 2007 under the Environment Protection Act 1993.
    • Has there been a 1 in 100 year flood plan done? the amount of properties built is too excessive and as this area has been known to flood, what are they going to do to mitigate this from happening?
    • What is happening with lighting?
    • Street lighting will now be on all night, what type of lighting, and what is done to stop this proceeding to the neighbour’s properties.
    • What kind of lighting do homes have outside, as again we do not want lighting shining onto the back of our properties
    • What is happening on Sturt Road, when someone leaves a property? Will there be a provision to turn right from the property, as we really don’t want vehicles doing a U-turn at the Sturt Road and Roberts Street, nor do we want a U-turn at Seymour Grove as this will disrupt people on both corners and people living on Sturt Road. Roberts Street is already a traffic congestion with it being a "rat run" to miss 3 sets of lights on Brighton Road and School drop off and pick ups, the corner of Roberts Street and Sturt Road can be very congested at times, and if there was a U Turn on Sturt Road this will make the situation worse
    • What is happening with parking, is there parking for residence guests as we don’t want our streets clogged up with vehicle as there is enough of this problem already happening around the streets.
    • How many car parks per home?
    The sad factor about this development is that a beautiful property has been ripped away, the majority of the vital tree canopy has gone we all talk about climate change but we still continue to remove vital plant life for more homes, there must be and hopefully will be a change to this current regulation that builds can be more sustainable and that we can work around the environment.

  29. Lynda Yates commented

    I strongly reject the proposed removal of 2 regulated trees after the council arborist checked them all as being sound and worth keeping. It is just greed by the developer in attempting this to be able to build bigger more valuable homes by removing as many as the remaining protected trees as possible. They are already subdividing too much for the available block size. What developers don't seem to understand is that most people like to have a tree in their garden and not live cheek to jowl with their neighbours so may pay a premium for that rather than have a bare noisy yard with no privacy or birdlife until they can establish some trees and a garden themselves.

    Holdfast Bay has actually worked hard to protect the regulated and significant trees on the site and this discouraged the previous developer, who left. The proposed subdivisions are now slightly fewer due to the trees being retained.

    The State Governments of the last 10 years or more have waged a war against the local councils and communities to remove their control over local planning decisions and to give the State Planning Commission nearly all the power. This has resulted in both councils and communities having very little say now over what happens in their area and developers getting increased leeway to make larger profits by building cheap flimsy unattractive unadorned boxes which are too large on their block to provide a reasonable garden and that are unsuitable for living in with climate change and increasing gas and electricity costs.

    Housing must be sustainable and environmentally friendly for us to reduce our carbon footprint and developers must be made aware of their huge responsibilities in this area. Demolishing old houses and building new ones is very costly to the planet in terms of waste to landfill and use of new materials, both of which can be reduced considerably by suitable choices but these of course cost more at present and so new laws and incentives are needed to change how things are done so that monetary profit is not the only consideration. Let's hope Homo sapiens is wise enough to adapt for a better, or at least a survivable, future!

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