18A Carr Street Coogee NSW 2034

Formal Recognition of a existing conversion of a laundry & drying space into a residential unit

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 7 years ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Randwick City Council, reference DA-759/2012)

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  1. Rebecca Wilkinson-Preece commented

    This is a bad decision and should not be approved. As a person that previously rented the top apartment at 20 Carr Street, I offer the following comments: -

    - The sun will be blocked for 20 Carr Street and will reduce the value of the property
    - Privacy will be reduced for 20 Carr Street - especially the top apartment
    - The top apartment at 18 Carr Street is beautiful as it is and rare that it actually has outdoor space. It would be a crime to take this away, especially as the apartments would have little to no access to outdoor space.
    - By removing this outdoor area, only one remaining apartment in that block will have an outdoor area in the block.
    - Clothes washing/drying facilities will become very difficult for the residents of 18 Carr Street with an additional two apartments requiring use of a small and limited outdoor area downstairs.
    - The block (18 Carr Street) tends to be quite noisy, with the middle floor attracting transients, the increase in noise by having additional people in the block by adding another apartment would not be pleasant.
    - Parking is already and issue on Carr Street, and by adding another apartment, this will only add to the current parking issues with tenant possibly adding a further 2+ vehicles to the street (There is no off-road parking at 18 Carr Street).
    - If the application is successful, the noise and traffic congestion during the works will be distressing for many weeks/months to residents living near the property.

    Please keep this property and it's character as it is. It seems a shame that greed for rent overcomes the basic human needs to have access to the outside and an opportunity to sit outside at your own dwelling.

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