736 Bourke Street Redfern NSW 2016

Proposed alterations and additions to existing dwelling including ground floor rear extension, remove enclosed front verandah on first floor level and replace with new balustrade.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 7 years ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: City of Sydney, reference D/2012/1690)


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  1. A Byrnes commented

    There is absolutely no way this work will cost only $19,000. Why does Council accept these ridiculously low estimates by persons trying to avoid Council fees (that are based on percentage of costs)? How is this different than tax evasion?

  2. Fredrik U commented

    I will give you another example;

    @ 191 Pitt Street Redfern (the former Somerset Pub on he corner of Pitt Street and Phillip) wants to build a 13 unit boardinghouse and estimate the cost to be $400 000!

    When did anyone build 13 units for 400K, let alone on a heritage listed site?

    The floor space ratio (if approved) will be 54% greater then what is allowed in the planning controls and 63% greater in regards to the height.

    That is building 9.75 meters high where a 6 meter restriction is in the planning control.

    That is is 167 M2 extra on a 270 M2 site.

    That is 24 occupants on a 270 m2 site

    Privacy and peacefulness for all us neighbours all gone.

    This is the 2nd D/A attempt and the same amount of years.

    Please have a look at the plans here and raise your voice;


  3. SWR commented

    Yeah well good luck with any objections. We along with 16 other people objected to a development at 2-20 Botany Road. Not one objection was taken into consideration. By the time it got to the Council vote it was a done deal. The development breaches many guidelines but Council had a way of justifying everything. Redfern will be ruined.

  4. Fredrik U commented

    Correction: This site is in fact 309 M2, all other numbers are correct but fell free to double check the drawings and details here;


  5. Fredrik U commented


    Your comments awakes our greatest fears!

    How far outside the controls were the development at 2 - 20 Botany Road?

    We have Clover Moore's assurance that it is the council's obligation to ensure that the controls are adhered to unless the circumstances are such that the benefit of a development justify it being slightly outside the controls.

    This is development is well beyond that and the architect has got serious form.

    Not sure why anyone would use him as his developments frequently become unstuck trying to push everything well outside the controls.

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