288 Packer Road Blaxlands Ridge


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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 8 years ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Hawkesbury City Council, reference DA0548/12)


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  1. Cheryl Evans commented

    Destroying our bushland fauna, removal of sandstone the impact of the wildlife do the residents have to spell it our for you.

  2. Ted Nassif commented

    The Hawkesbury does not want this cemetery to go ahead! We do not want the beautiful Hawkesbury to be end up like Lakemba / Bankstown / Auburn! The cemetery is just the start, if this is approved, more of them will move into the area and the next thing in council will be a mosque for development! WE DON'T WANT THIS!!!!

  3. Sue Guymer commented

    1/ The site proposed for this 10,000 burial plots is a sandstone region and an inappropriate site for any cemetery of this huge size. 2/ I believe allowing this development will bring about social and cultural changes to the Hawkesbury Region that will greatly impact on the very reasons I choose to live in the Hawkesbury. This will just be the start of a New
    Hawkesbury that will resemble the changes that have taken place in Blacktown, Auburn, Lakemba, Bankstown etc. This is not what I want, wish or desired for my home region of the Hawkesbury. If you feel the same and wish to protect the Hawkesbury from these types of social and cultural changes, then you need to stand up now and say it

  4. tina commented

    this is a totally inappropriate place for a cemetery, muslim or otherwise. The sandstone soils would be near impossible to dig. This is a bushland setting, try putting it in Richmond or Windsor I also don't see the need to pander to a MINORITY group. The catholics and Anglicans share a cemetery so I think the muslims should too

  5. Brian Schultz commented

    To the General Manager,

    I wish to put forward my objection for the proposed muslim cemetery in the Blaxlands Ridge area. Plan 0548/12
    This land is an untouched envir...onmental habitat. I cannot see how it could remain this way or even minimally be affected by 10,000 burial plots.
    Nor can i understand how a cemetery can encourage primary industry enterprises & systems appropriate for the area to promote the conservation & enhancement of local native vegetation including the habitat of threatened species, populations & ecological communities by encouraging development to occur in areas already cleared for vegetation to ensure that development does not detract from the existing rural character or create unreasonable demands for the provision or extension of public amenities & services.
    To ensure that the development retains or enhances existing landscape values including a distinctive agricultural component as i understand the objective of RU1 zoning is meant to do.
    This development will be of no benefit to our already struggling koala population, our native flora & fauna or the local community.
    It is not catering for our local community but for another community out of the area
    Yours faithfully
    Brian Schultz

  6. Garry Adams commented

    I object to the application for a 10,000 plot Muslim only cemetery as submitted in DA0548/12

    If the council panders to this out of area minority group about a totally unwarranted secular cemetery , then what comes next, a mosque, a religious school and perhaps a Muslim only housing enclave, all things that the Hawkesbury can do without.

    This is basically a Christian area and has no ties whatsoever to the Muslim religion. No thought should be given to catering to such a divisive religious group, this plan offers absolutely nothing to the residents of the Hawkesbury area and should be avoided at all costs.

    Yours sincerely,

    Garry Adams

  7. Nicole commented

    RE: Concerns for 10k plot Muslim Cemetary. (Not knowing of it's exact proposed location when I wrote the below extract) Same issues are still relevant & apply to Blaxland.

    Approximately 3-5 weeks ago l read an alarming article in the 'Gazette' that the muslim community will submit a D.A this year, 2013, to establish a ten thousand plot cemetery in the Hawkesbury.

    I moved to the Hawkesbury 3 years ago, from Parklea/Quakers Hill, to remove myself from the indoctrination. I wanted to be closer to my heritage, the safety of my own community. I now have serious safety concerns if this D.A is to be approved. To allow this will draw Significant islamic crowds to a European, Christian settlement.
    The community as it stands will be destroyed. Their culture is far from discrete or polite, their general presence is frightening.

    Will you help fight this D. A? I want to have children but not in this community if Muslims are drawn out here to the dead. They will claim racism out here and will cry that we change local law so no Men Can go down the river when Islamic females are around, halal foods, noisy cars, barbaric males, drunk and disorderly after funerals, loud funerals and the likelihood they will damage heritage property because of the simple fact it's European.

    furthermore they will want mosques and schools nearby otherwise they will claim racism. Then, where would our rights have gone? our rights to this community... a small community,our rights to quite Streets, our rights to be safe against Violent men and racist taunts from Islamic females and males.

    You can't let this happen. I feel ill just writing about it

    please help because to approve this D.A is only the top layer, a very short sighted & shallow decision.

    Warm Regards

  8. Harold Moellmer commented

    As a hawkesbury resident and rate payer for the past 27 years I am mortified that someone would even suggest putting a cemetery in such a pristine area.To me the issue is not about religion but more to do with the rear of 288 Packer Rd being less than 200 m from Roberts creek .900m downstream it flows into a swampy wetland area ,home to many types of birds and wildlife. 700m further it flows under West portland Rd and into our great Hawkesbury River.Three klm down stream there is quiet little hamlet called Cumberland reach,where I moved with my family 14 years ago because of our love for the River and the pristine environment.If there is even a remote chance that some sort of pathogen could end up in our great Hawkesbury where my children swim I urge the council to put a stop to this lunacy.

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