Unit 1 200 East Tce Adelaide SA 5000

Eleven (11) level residential flat building and associated car parking

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 29 days ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: South Australia Planning Portal, reference 21041204)


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  1. Dianne Gray commented

    Eleven stories is far too high for East Terrace. It would be out of scale with surrounding buildings and spoil the ambiance of this beautiful terrace. In my opinion, buildings on East Terrace and South Terrace should be limited to 4 or 5 stories in height in order to achieve a harmonious street scape and to avoid overshadowing and overlooking of residences on the west side of buildings on East Terrace.

  2. Jan and Peter Davis commented

    The Development Plan (City of Adelaide) specifies a maximum of 4 storeys and a maximum height of 14 metres for this East Tce precinct. The GDA 2020 Rules were obviously made for a purpose so why not abide by the Rules?
    We are sure that the Government devised these height limitations for a good reason ensuring that any development surrounding our beautiful parklands preserves the residential nature and ambience of this area.
    We should also ensure that existing households should not be overwhelmed and over-shadowed by a very large multi-storey building/buildings.
    Should the development proceed at all, then it is imperative that construction access be via East Terrace and not via the lane behind townhouses 190 - 181 East Tce.
    In summary, we strongly oppose any development above and beyond the GDA 2020 Rules.

  3. John Svigos commented

    I am in full agreement with the previous comments which are in line with my submission at the initial planning of this development, I agree that access should only be from the East Terrace entrance and not the side lane off East Terrace nor the sidelane between the properties of 424 and 422 Carrington Street which is an access lane to the two story block of units which inadvertently has been used as a back entrance to the parking spaces at the rear of 300 East Terrace.

  4. Helga L Burry commented

    I agree with the comments already made concerning the construction of apartments on East Terrace. If such a development should go ahead, the height of the apartments should be no more than 4 storeys. 2 x 11 storey blocks are totally inappropriate for this area of Adelaide. Strong consideration needs to be given to the residents who live nearby and who pay their council rates. The disturbance caused by the noise and air pollution during the demolition and building of the apartments would be totally unacceptable. Personally, I would prefer that no apartments be built - just leave East Terrace as it is.

  5. Elaine Niedorfer commented

    This must be people movement if you want to stop this totally inappropriate for east Terrace, all those lovely houses etc. no high rise on East terrace!!!
    It is too late when this development is passed!

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