37 Llewellyn Street Merewether NSW 2291

Sec 4.55(1A) Modification to DA2016/01411 - Mixed use residential accommodation and commercial premises including strata subdivision - change to condition of consent

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 month ago. It was received by them 2 days earlier.

(Source: The City of Newcastle, reference MA2021/00495)


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  1. Sue Kenny commented

    I do not believe this amendment should be approved. The area in question has been a public carriageway since 1938 and although restricted access during building this was supposed to be restored when development was completed. Approval of the amendment will disadvantage many residents, most of whom are senior citizens and this is yet another example of developers riding roughshod over citizens, going against prior agreed arrangements.

  2. Judith preston. ( Judy)? commented

    I do not agree to the amendment of the modification to DA 2016/01411 ACOYA , changes to conditions of consent. I lived close by to this site between 1938/1953 and have seen huge changes in this community. Although some would class this as progress , it is a backward move for a large majority of the community.I moved back here in 1998 to be on flat ground, near to shops , post office , Doctors and seniors community services. This walkway between Llewellyn St and Caldwell St is public land and needs to be left that way as original contract. Not to be changed by builders with no thoughts outside selfish and financial gain.

  3. Ian Cadell Watkins commented

    I support the request to retain the access pathway from Caldwell Street to Llewellyn Street, It has been available for many years and removal would effect many visitors to the Llewellyn presinct.

  4. Geoffrey Wright commented

    Geoffrey Wright
    It is imperative that the access pathway from Llewellyn Street to Caldwell Street, Merewether be retained as the developer originally agreed to. Pedestrian access from Llewellyn Street to Merewether Bowling Club and the Alice Ferguson Building is a must for our ageing neighbours who regularly use these facilities. Blocking the pathway would lead to residents walking an extra 500 to 600 metres from the nearby bus stop and car parks to get to the venues. The developer made a commitment when the plan was approved, he should now honour the commitment.

  5. Robyn Single commented

    Though I don't reside in the Merewether Region, I am a member of the Merewether Historical Society and as such, I have ' walked ' through this lovely suburb, using the 'Public Carriageway' in question, many times, noting it's great advantages, for residents, 'Senior Citizens' in particular. I agree with Sue Kenny, that to do away with this 'Carriageway' is to yet again, allow 'Developers' to Ride Roughshod' over citizens of this 'Special Historic Suburb'.

  6. Jan & Jeff Graham commented

    As 20 year Merewether residents we strongly oppose the application by the Developer to change the contract in regard to the retention of the public pathway between Caldwell and Llewellyn Street's. The said pathway allows all residents easier access to local Post Office, Shops, Medical and Chemist facilities. We reiterate that the original commitment by the developer must stand.

  7. John Thacker commented

    An approved DA is an finalised DA. Just because a developer suddenly decides it's in the best interests of the developer to make a change doesn't mean it's in the best interests of the community. Which, in this case, it isn't. No modification, please. Not even a consideration please.

  8. Pamela Boyd commented

    The access pathway from Llewellyn Street to Caldwell Street should be retained as was originally agreed to by the developer. This walkway is an amenity for the members of the Merewether community and should not be changed. The demographic of this area reveals an ageing population and the walkway provides easy access to shops, doctors, pharmacy, and pathology in Llewellyn Street, as well as to Alice Ferguson Community Centre and Bowling Club in Caldwell Street. The walkway provides easy access for young families to the Early Childhood Centre in Caldwell Street and the childrens play area. The developer should honour the original commitment and this amenity for so many members of the community should be retained.

  9. Denise Wright commented

    I believe the pathway SHOULD be retained as the Developer previously agreed to. It is a community asset which should be protected for the sake of the community. The pathway gives a clear and quick access from the Llewellyn Street commercial and shopping area to the Merewether Bowling Club and the Alice Ferguson Centre both in Caldwell Street.
    The Merewether Bowling Club is the meeting place of the Merewether Historical Club which the club's meetings are held there. It is an access path regularly used by our mature aged members who also access the Alice Ferguson Centre on a regular basis. The permanent closure of this access pathway would cause considerable inconvenience to club members, Alice Ferguson Centre patrons along with local residents. If the Developer signed an agreement, he should honour the original agreement

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