14 Eleanor Avenue Oak Flats NSW 2529

Demolition Of Existing Dwelling And Ancillary Structures And Construction Of Four Townhouses (Multi Dwelling Housing)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 month ago. It was received by them 11 days earlier.

(Source: Shellharbour City Council, reference DA0792/2021)


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  1. Andrew Johnson commented

    I am writing to object to the overdevelopment of what is a relatively small lot in a quiet street, 4 townhouses does not fit in existing character or streetscape of surrounding lots which consist of single dwellings. I refer to the submitted SOEE as this is all that is available on council's e-services page.
    1. LEP FSR of 0.5:1, is not referenced in the SOEE, unsure if proposal complies without seeing plans.
    2. Primary setback, Front setback complies with DCP however is well forward of the 2 neighbouring dwellings which scale at about 9m. This is totally out of character with existing streetscape.
    3. Rear setback, variation has been sought however reducing rear setback from 3m to 1.3m is excessive
    This proposal sets a dangerous precendence of overdevelopment of smaller lots, creating streets full of parked cars & rows of 8 garbage bins.
    Thank you.

  2. Keith LOPUSZYNSKI commented

    CC: Mayor of Shellharbour
    Environmental Effects - DRAMATIC on a secondary narrow tree lined road.
    The Project is DEFINITELY NOT "10 Star Living" as the proposal states "quite modern...seamless integration and help tie in the neighbourhood , using similar cladding styles ...as many neighbouring dwellings" WRONG - neighbouring dwellings are TILED ROOFED. UNIT1 encroaches 100% on the common current front setback in the street.
    The street is norrow and any additional cars being parked their - which will occur as demonstrated regularly in like builds - cause dangerous situations for drivers and tenants in the street
    The greater majority of the dwellings are family homes of a single storey . Two storey muliple dwelling in the similar to other JUNK builds Prison Block style is TOTALLY OUT OF PLACE with the character of the street and actually DEGRADE the current presentation.
    The setback at the rear should be maintained at approx. 3 m . The rear of the property forms part of an eco-corridor and seepage drainage system for Lake Entrance Road residence. Also NATIVE TREES on the property and THOSE OF ADJOINING properties need to be protected. Any tree in adjoining blocks where native trees are within 2m of the boundary fence should have root ball systems protect with at least 3m building exclusion zone. thus the planned 900mm would be minimum 2m .
    Privacy fences on new builds are on average well over 2m and impact on solar access and provide a BLANK usually GREY wall to look at. They are NOT "another element of architectural design" Its a BLIGHT on any one who can see it from the REAR of their property as well as adjoing neighbours. open space and principal private open space - 20sqm - 4m x5m times 4 units 80sqm . The total Open space is therefore 80/743m = 11% of concrete !!! How much has been allowed for green open areas ????? Current building has approx. 250 sqm of green area. WHAT AN IMPROVEMENT!!!!
    Parking - insufficient and too - "SINGLE GARAGE !!!!!!" and TWO DESIGNATED parking spots for 2 other units. Visitor parking should provide a minimum of 3 marked spaces not fronting the street . The size of parking spaces should be REALIST. All builds of this type I have visited, with a 4x4 very common these days and due to their size parked infront of garages and across the footpath, I cannot enter and exit in a forward direction with assistance of cameras. The assertion needs to be tested and with a 4x4 - you see them at every JUNK build.
    10 Star build would include solar hot water and solar power. Have skylights to compliment air flow. Double glazing on windows and sliders and doors. Water tanks to reduce amount of water being wasted and going into our waterways. Homes of 3 bedrooms are required 5000 liter rainwater tanks whereas these JUNK builds sometimes have 500 liters in total - this discriminatory and these dwellings - if 3 bedroom 5000liters, 2 bedroom 3000litres, 1 bedroom 1000litres. Simple good design features future proof developments and attract tenants,
    The buildings make no allowance for access for young families, elderly or those with disabilities. Step stairs. Fire protection at a minimum - jump from window as ground floor kitchen burns. Toilets and benches inappropriate for those above, Another example of good design. Sorry "10 Star Living" - I'm giving you 1 out 10 . Very amateur.

  3. Keith LOPUSZYNSKI commented

    Further to my previous comments - I note so far, for the many proposals I've seen, ALL shade diagrams fail to show the effect of trees and structures on the site from either side and behind the proposed building and conversely the effect of the proposed build taking into account existing structures and trees on adjoining properties . This bias approach is used to achieve full sun for 3hrs a day only at the site NOT the effect it has on the neighbours who may get a lot less.

  4. Kim Baker commented

    Please. Surely there have been enough townhouses in our beautiful little Oak Flats township. I totally agree with the above comment. Over the past 2 years, living in Oak Flats and having received the planning alerts 80% of them are for townhouses and none of them have been denied. It’s getting worse with overcrowded local roads and parking. Please, stop the slaughter of our local character. It will become a ghetto of cheap, nasty and characterless housing.

  5. Garry Cormack commented

    This overdevelopment MUST come to an end.
    Hopefully the new Mayor may see some sense and protect Oak Flats from this development in nice and for all.

  6. Tenayah harris commented

    I live in the same street as this future over- development
    The streets are starting to be over populated with this constant building of squeezed in town-houses that block all of our views and street parking.
    I also completely agree with Andrew and Keith’s comments!
    I believe this should not go ahead at all as it will just encourage more developers to knock down and squeeze in even more and it’s starting to get ridiculous.

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