14 Derby Street, Epping NSW 2121

Removal of 1 x Cedar in the front yard and 1 x Brushbox, Peppercorn tree and Jacaranda sp from the rear yard

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 8 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Parramatta City Council, reference TA/742/2021)


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  1. lori commented

    since council rezone derby street to be R3, owner of derby street are encouraged to cut more trees to free up the land. More trees will be disappeared in Epping.
    It is a joke from the paramatta council to the residents in oxford st, sussex st , somerset st while derby street is R3 zone ,the rest of the above streets residents are on conservative area.
    Had Parramatta council planning officers looked at the map before they rezoning the even number properties on Derby street? It is a whole piece of land! Would the planning officers like their back yards surrounding by blocks of units if they have property on those streets!

  2. David Shen commented

    I objective to remove the Gum trees.

  3. david Shen commented

    I object to remove the Gum trees. as above address.

  4. James commented

    These trees should not be removed.

    Tree 1 - The pine tree is healthy and is a street icon. Has the tree been damaged? It seems perfectly fine.
    Tree 2 - The property owner should perform root management instead of removing the entire tree.
    Tree 3 & 4 - These trees look healthy and are in a great location to provide shade and cools the surrounding areas.

    The removal of 4 trees will totally change to the look of the area. Epping is well known for it's natural and leafy asthetics,
    removing this number of trees from the area will turn the neighbourhood into an urban sprawl.

    The trees look healthy and if there are some small signs of decay, the property owner should treat the trees rather than destroy them.

    The driveway is already in disrepair and lacks any maintenance, the tree roots only have limited impact on it, the roots can be managed and pruned back instead of destroying the entire tree.

    The 4 trees should not be removed, they are beautiful trees in the neighbourhood and is part of the reason many people live in the Epping area for the leafy and natural appearance and feel.
    The destruction of these trees will desolate the natural balance in the area, increase heat build up in the area, impact air quality and destroy the natural feel of the environment.

  5. Jithi Kaur commented

    Removal of trees is in epping is terrible . It is known as the bush land area and if you look at the photos of the tree canopy over the last few years it is devastating . The attitude is just “remove it “. These trees in Derby street are beautiful and can be retained with the development . Look at some of the most beautiful expensive suburbs that have retained old trees which only increase the value of the area . Developers just take the easy way out

  6. Annette Gross commented

    The 4 trees should not be removed.
    Epping has already lost too many trees, including canopy trees, which are required to cool our environment in summer. Indeed the state government is advocating the planting of trees - and so existing trees should not be cut down without strong justification, especially as, importantly, gum trees provide habitat for many native species.

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