2 Nerida Court Taylors Lakes, VIC

Construction of four (4) double storey dwellings

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 13 days ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: Brimbank City Council, reference P491/2021)


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  1. Daniel Booth commented

    As a Taylors Lakes resident, it would be very disappointing to see developments like this one approved in our suburb. I understand some dwellings in the area are aging, and there is a need for more dwellings, but four squeezed onto one lot is getting a bit ridiculous. In my opinion, it is a little greedy and more of a financial gain for the developer than it is a good fit for our suburb. I believe building two dwellings on that lot would be far more reasonable.
    I like the fact that Brimbank Council is aiming to make our suburb much greener and therefore cooler in the next couple of decades, but I can’t see how developments like this are going to enable this to be successful, with virtually no room for decent gardens and trees.
    The precedent that this sets very much makes me worry what our suburb is going to soon become, and I know a lot of fellow residents have moved to this area to avoid this sort of high-density development.

  2. Steven DeBono commented

    We moved into Taylors Lakes due to its character of residential living and not high density . The visual aspect of space and green will be taken up with cement blocks and clutter. More cars parked on streets because garages are to small to park them , more movement of people and cars that should be a restful environment to living. Unfortunately the pride within the area is lost to greedy developers not interested in there environment

  3. Disgusted commented

    Please. Stop this development happening in beautiful residential areas. People buy live here because of some.
    Brimbank council stop the greed. We know it means extra ratepayers money. Don't always it. Council feed developers in this case and owners then have to pay rates. Who wins? The developers and the council. Confined space is not healthy. Why is there so much suicide in confined apartments and high density areas? You don't need to be a genius yo work it out.
    Council needs to stop approving. Greedy indeed. Remember developers pay for permits. Council thrive on this. I help you. You help us. Rate payers pay. Council winners. This is their motto and mantra.$$$$

  4. Joe palaboni commented

    Suck eggs.want greener ? Move to country, May be Tasmania. Land value is going up and it s unavoidable, these things happening because of a reason. Population rises with significant migration in to the country. It’s a competitive you all like or not. People trying to make money.

  5. Lidia Macali commented

    This is disgusting and not keeping in scale with the local area. It's a very busy intersection which will impact on traffic and parking. Not to mention the loss of privacy and sunlight to the neighbours!!

  6. Tom commented

    Taylors Lakes needs to get more affordable living.
    Everyone here is complaining but majority don't have kids who are even old enough to be looking for a home, at the rate the housing market is climbing by the time they are old enough guess how far out they are going to have to move. Enjoy spending more time in the car driving to and from their house than actually at their house spending time with them.
    It's developments like this that will allow young adults and families to move into the area, staying locally to their jobs and closer to their friends and family.

    What I do find disgusting is someone using suicides in confined apartments/high density areas as an argument to counter this development, a development that isn't an apartment. Not only is it disgusting but is actually incorrect, with suicide of residents in Major Cities(High Density Areas) being under the national rate, while remote and very remote areas having a higher rate than the nation rate.

    The argument of these houses not having a decent size garden shouldn't be an argument, many of us young adults don't want to spend countless hours gardening over the weekend like our parents before us have.
    We enjoy spending time out in the community rather than mowing the lawn, we are out playing local sports, going to local cafes, supporting local businesses.

  7. Damien commented

    I welcome the opportunity for developments, such as this one, which are thoroughly planned and designed. Being a resident of Taylors lakes for 30 years, I am looking to purchase property within this desirable suburb to start my own family. With recorded high price tags of properties in the suburbs, I see these properties as an opportunity for first home buyers, such as myself, to continue living in Taylors Lakes. Looking at the plans, this will offer a modern face lift to area and still provide outside space, in line with what is being built only a few kilometres away. Double story houses are very common in Taylors Lakes, and with positioning of the houses, neighbors will still benefit from afternoon sunlight.

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