22 Panoramic Drive Narangba QLD 4504

Reconfiguring a Lot - Development Permit for Subdivision (1 into 2 lots)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 27 days ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Moreton Bay Regional Council, reference DA/2021/4496)


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  1. Bob McLaren commented

    I would urge the council to seriously consider the following points when taking this application into account:-
    1. Traffic - Panoramic Drive is a narrow street often used by pedestrians as there are no formed footpaths, so traffic should be kept minimal. Entry to Oakey Flat Road from Duncombe Road can be almost impossible at peak times due to massive population increase and no improvement in road infrastructure. Traffic is now often backed up into Oakey Flat Road from the rail crossing. Without improve the to roads, more development is ridiculous.

    2. Wildlife - A sub-division at 20 Panoramic saw trees that Koalas used to inhabit destroyed. When I complained I was told that nest boxes would be required to be installed for each tree removed. I have yet to see evidence of this because there is nowhere to put them, and I don’t believe koalas would use them anyway! There are large koala food trees on 22 Panoramic which I suspect would be removed should it be subdivided.

    3. Amenity - This street has had a quiet rural atmosphere which people really enjoy. Many have bought here simply because of that fact. I’m sure all locals would prefer to keep it that way.

    4. Water Run Off - The drainage system in this section of Panoramic Drive is inadequate and with continual sub-division, clearing and more building construction, run-off only increases. The council admits the drainage system does not meet new standards. I have had flooding on an increasing rate from the road during severe weather events, over my land on the opposite side of the street. It has come within a centimetre of entering my house on a number of occasions. It causes the sun soil to move and I have had to have the foundations of my home reinforced to prevent walls cracking. I had all those repaired, but after the last episode, cracks reappeared, albeit not as bad. Despite repeated requests to Council to fix the problem by the installation of larger pipes (present pipes a meagre 370mm diam. from memory) over what is a very short distance, they appear extremely reluctant to do anything. I really don’t want to get media involved, but I’m sure they would love to when the next event happens! What makes me even more angry is that if you look at the run-off overlays that the Council now supplies, it is clear that there is a problem.

    I plead to the Council to use common sense when considering this application and not just how much extra revenue it may bring them. We have to have a balance.

  2. Charlotte Nugent commented

    I am in complete agreement with the previous comments and concerns made by Mr Bob McLaren.
    1. Over the time i have lived on Panoramic Drive I have seen a significant rising issue with water run off caused by inadequate drainage to the street. A result of this being structural damage and movement to my land and property. The development which is happening directly opposite my house and with this other sub-division should it be approved only increases this run-off, therefore increasing the damage to properties directly opposite.
    2. As a parent of 2 young children who regularly walk this road from the school transport drop off, the safety issues arising from this application should it be approved would be serious. Panoramic Drive is a "No through road" street with zero formed footpaths and i am extremely concerned that this extra development of again more houses, would significantly contribute to the traffic that use this street.
    3. Wildlife would be seriously affected due to the clearing of natural habitat. I have already seen an increase of local wildlife migrating over to my land as their homes are being destroyed. With the amount of trees that would need to be cleared if this application was approved i am concerned into how many protected animals would be put at risk from this action.
    4. One of the reasons i purchased this house was due to the rural, quiet and natural feel to the street. There are so many development's happening all over our region with the influx of estates filled with numerous houses. I understand the need for this housing but i urge the council to as Bob stated "have a balance" Respect the fully developed existing streets. Respect the wildlife that live there and respect the reasons the homeowners have purchased this property for its quiet rural atmosphere.

  3. James commented

    These comments are ridiculous for the subdivision of a single lot. They are subdividing a single lot, not building an estate with hundreds of people.

  4. Bob McLaren commented

    While I can appreciate James’ comments on face value, he may not realise that there are people in this estate who have lived here since the late 1970’s, so they obviously enjoy it as it has always been. While just one application may seem insignificant, it adds to the pile affecting the Narangba community in general. It does add to traffic and wildlife preservation problems and would no doubt envelop the whole estate.
    If James lived on the opposite side of the road to this lot, he would be aware of the significant flooding caused by inadequate road drainage in this small section of Panoramic Drive, and the cost involved in subsequent home repairs. I have plenty of photographic evidence of this over the years.
    Anyone has a right to submit an application for sub-division, but I would ask the Council to ensure that the consequences of such approval are mitigated before it is approved.

  5. Marilyn Carson commented

    I agree with Bob’s statement. We lived on acreage now bordering the Amity Estate and made the decision to sell our property because the whole reason we bought there in the 90’s was for the quiet bush environment and abundance of wildlife including almost daily visits from koalas - all sadly gone now. All animal habitats were destroyed by the development and traffic issues are mounting every day. Narangba cannot and should not endure ad hoc development for the sake of a higher rate base for the council.

  6. Scott Johnston commented

    I agree with most previous comments. The development has destroyed already much of what made this a nice place to live. But remember, it is the state government who required councils to plan for these advanced density levels. The demand is certainly there, and many tradies are being employed as a result; Keeps the government popular. Constant, unmitigated growth is what the people want it seems. Will have to move way out west soon, just to get away from the hubbub round here. Too much, too fast Mr. Moreton Bay. Urban slumland, with dead wildlife all over the roads.

  7. Bob McLaren commented

    Although living in this street since 1985, I began to record koala sightings in my backyard in 1993. I used to mark them down on calendars and only within the last few years have transferred them to digital recording. However, along the way some records were lost so I can only supply what is available. Even so, it is obvious that development in this area has killed off the koala population which were like fleas on a dog’s back in 1985, but sadly now, scarce as hen’s teeth!

    KOALA SIGHTINGS IN MY BACKYARD ** Panoramic Drive, Narangba.
    YEAR No. Sighted
    1993 24 6 mths only
    1994 57
    1995 101
    1996 93
    1997 No Data
    1998 No Data
    1999 No Data
    2000 32
    2001 48
    2002 14
    2003 28
    2004 21
    2005 28
    2006 No Data
    2007 No Data
    2008 No Data
    2009 No Data
    2010 No Data
    2011 No Data
    2012 No Data
    2013 10 2 mths data only
    2014 31
    2015 12
    2016 3
    2017 2
    2018 1
    2019 6
    2020 1
    2021 4 to date….

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