59 Meron Street, Southport QLD 4215

Southport Priority Development Area MIN to PDA/2020/12

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 29 days ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Gold Coast City Council, reference PDA/2021/34)


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  1. Valerie Shooter commented

    What does this mean:
    Southport Priority Development Area MIN to PDA/2020/12

    As I live less than 500 metres from this site, I would like to know what it means. I would also like an answer, as the GCCC has not replied to any of my earlier questions about what is happening on this development site. This lack of communication/lack of transparency by our local council is not good enough. Do I have to send my questions to the Queensland State Government? I will do that if necessary.

  2. Alex Mccallum commented

    I've no idea what's going on here I live 400m away, I've been talking to Brooke Patterson over two years who assured me she was moving the priority development zone to North of queen Street, then this was approved between feb and April this year.... I don't want a 108 high floor tower down the street... this development was on local news years ago with upset home owners over the street from it! still the council fails the locals. Hey Mrs Shooter we need to start campaigning against this disgustingly huge development.

  3. Alex McCallum commented

    oh I do know what's going on, it's not only approved but there's a lot of pdf documents about this building on the council address look up. they've been working to get approval from GCCC this whole time while telling me "working hard to get the priority development zone moved north of Queen Street." so Brooke Patterson lied to me?

    stage 1 construction is starting 🤮

  4. Valerie Shooter commented

    I sent an email to the State Government Local Government Minister (Hon. Steven Miles MP) and finally the GCCC replied to my email. You can see plans for this development PDA/2021/34 - 59 Meron Street, Southport - if you get onto the GCCC website. The height of the hotel shown on the current plans and some other building is 17 levels. There are plans for car stackers shown in the last couple of pages.
    Below is the reply from the GCCC after I had trouble accessing the application:
    "You should be able to visit the main page for PD Online here. If the issue persists you can always search ‘City of Gold Coast PD Online’ on Google and it should be one of the first results to appear.
    Once on the main page please follow these steps:

    Click on Applications From 28 June 2018 as all relevant applications on the site have been made since this date."
    Hope this helps. It's long and detailed.

  5. alex commented

    I believe this is stage one construction, the smaller building shown here in their on render from real-estate.com.au it also shows their the final stage a 108 floor high tower and two 50 level. they've been listed since approx 2020


  6. who ya think commented

    here it is the finished product of this development, they say this 17 story high development is just that to avoid addressing this development as a whole

    view this https://ibb.co/3vm0vLj it's 4 buildings 108,58,40,17 floors high this is the so called Empire in the making

    this is deception by the GCCC

  7. won't be a victim of the GCCC commented

    just had the council basically tell me they can do what they want and no laws apply to them because they've declared Southport a priority development zone which on the map includes James Overall park and the Broadwater parklands.

    which explains why there's a highrise being built next to a kindergarten on Queen Street.

    clearly the GCCC hate locals

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