18 Lockyer Street, Griffith, ACT

PROPOSAL FOR MULTI UNIT DEVELOPMENT AND LEASE VARIATION - Demolition of the existing dwelling; Construction of three single storey dwellings with attached garages, driveways, landscaping and associated works. Lease Variation to permit supportive housing and to remove the maximum number of dwellings permitted on the block.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 7 months ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: ACT Planning & Land Authority, reference 202139308)

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  1. S Davey commented

    We object to the proposed application to demolish the existing single red brick dwelling at 18 Lockyer Street, Griffith and to construct a three dwelling supportive housing development with parking spaces in the front garden.

    We object to the request to the request for a "Lease Variation to permit supportive housing and to remove the maximum number of dwellings permitted on the block." Why is the developer asking to remove the maximum number of dwellings? Are they wanting more than three dwellings on the block?

    The proposal requests a Lease change to from RZ1 to supportive housing. If this is approved, the application design ticks all the boxes EXCEPT for the Objectives for an RZ1 zone, which is where it is being built. Three of these are:
    • Provide for the establishment and maintenance of residential areas where the housing is low rise and predominantly single dwelling and low density in character
    • Protect the character of established single dwelling housing areas by limiting the extent of change that can occur particularly with regard to the original pattern of subdivision and the density of dwellings
    • Ensure development respects valued features of the neighbourhood and landscape character of the area and does not have unreasonable negative impacts on neighbouring properties.
    We also notice that, at present, approximately 70% of the block is covered by planting areas, but the new proposal only provides about 30%.
    This proposal appears to be a continuation of the government’s policy to degrade the desired characteristics of RZ1 by random re-zoning.
    Please allow Griffith to retain its existing neighbourhood character and reject this application!

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