26 Deemster Av Christies Beach SA 5165

A 3-storey building comprising 12 dwelling apartments on levels 2 and 3 and shop and ancillary carparking at ground level.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 21 days ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: South Australia Planning Portal, reference 21029009)


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  1. Michelle commented

    This sort of backstreet concrete jungle does not belong in the suburbs. This is CBD living. So sad that Council allowed this. Money obviously talks. Developers are ruining this beautiful coastal suburb.

  2. Katherine commented

    This building is not consistent with the beachside aesthetic of Christies Beach. This concrete eyesore will negatively impact suburb views and congest small streets not designed for this level of traffic. It is disappointing to see the suburb be stripped of iconic beach houses and trees, replaced by ugly concrete boxes with inadequate off street parking. This building is not appropriate for the area, but money talks so as usual feedback from locals will not be listened to.

  3. Kerry commented

    I had a look at this block of land yesterday. Not suitable for such a large building. Very close to the primary school which has lots of traffic with morning and afternoon school pickups and a no through road at one end. To build 12 apartments can only imagine the car parking this will create in the surrounding streets. Feel sorry for houses surrounding this block will be over looked. Council must be getting rates for each apartment to allow this. Spoiling a very lovely beach side suburb.

  4. Ian and Chris Burton commented

    Yes very sad our beautiful Christine's Beach is slowly turning into a concrete jungle. Once again no thought by council re: Traffic congestion on road and parking. Also hazard on Bin day with so many bins on footpath.

  5. Paul commented

    This is ridiculous, how can they put 24 rubbish bins out on the street every week on such a small block? the tenants will have to put all their bins in front of the neighbouring houses every week, plus like every other block of flats in the area there will be 12 or more cars parked on the street as well, you can bet that if the council planning staff or council executives lived in this street then this building would not be approved. I also note there is already a for sale sign erected for 12 flats so does that indicate it’s a done deal already ? Please object to the over population and development of Christie’s Beach

  6. Christine Burton commented

    Already have put in one comment. Once again poor insight by council. . What has happened to our beautiful Christies beach. Everywhere you turn there are these ugly two story boxes being put up. Extra cars parked on the road and extra wheelie bins on footpath. What a HAZARD!!!! . Have also seen the black where the ridiculous units are going. Feel so sorry for neighbours. NO PRIVACY. It is just crazy to build that size complex on such a small block. I agree with Paul as above: If one of the council workers, executive ect...lived next door I wonder if complex would go ahead.?????. I object object object. Obviously the counciil are not listening to the rate payers or care what is happening in the area.

  7. Michelle Keast commented

    I'm back with another comment....
    Why were the residents of this street not notified?
    Object, object, object.
    Out of consideration I think a letterbox drop to this entire street and surrounds would of been professional.

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