2 Cowper St Tranmere SA 5073

Remove the significant Syzygium paniculatum (Magenta Lilly Pilly) from the rear yard

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 28 days ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: South Australia Planning Portal, reference 21028010)


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  1. Tracy Neldner commented

    I am struggling to understand the description of this tree being in the rear of the yard. This tree is in the front of the yard, and was there before the house was built removal will have an impact on the street aesthetics.
    The tree was in the rear of the original corner property but once sub divided became the front yard of 2A.
    The application seems somewhat misleading

  2. Ros commented

    It is tine the council and State seriously look at these permits for removing significant trees! You cannot have a plan for a greener Adelaide and then on the other hand remove these trees, just because a construction or housing developer wants to be units/housing
    In this area alone we have lost significant canopy and it needs to stop ! We oppose this at all costs, we fear that Council are not providing the proper consultation process required to protect and preserve these trees! We are in a climate Ernergency and the continued destruction of our trees will impact us greatly bricks will not protect us!

  3. Tracy commented

    Have checked out location is at rear of property of 2 unlike where the Google dot indicated.
    Sad to cut down and hope that other trees will remain ie walnut.
    As Ros said in her post the environment has changed dramatically in Poet's Corner with some properties pushing the limit of allowable footprints, removing trees or building so close to the tree that the tree can no longer survive and large fences creating fortresses indelibly changing the anesthetics of our neighborhood

  4. Ros commented

    Its bad planning of the Campbelltown Council and State Govt, that there is No proper consultation with a Tree/Environment Specialist before these ugly looking Units/Houses are developed, These trees are absolutely a necessity of our biodiversity and yet NO Consideration is provided when these planning permits are approved, It is mal-administration and incompetence at the highest level and needs to be exposed, I am certain someone from the Council is making lots of money from the Building & Construction Industry !! - Please Tracy if you care about these Trees please send your concerns to the Mayor of Campbelltown - Mayor Whitaker she needs to be informed.

  5. Renato commented

    I am surprised by the number of Planning Alerts received, I would say almost daily, for the removal of Significant Heritage Trees such as listed.
    For the amount of approvals granted it appears the Campbelltown Council do not actively demonstrate the importance, not only aesthetically but environmentally, of having such trees in the surrounding area.
    Seeing this tree and many other trees removed because planning has interfered with the fence line of trees is absolutely disgraceful and negligent on all levels.

  6. Pam Schartner commented

    The tree was there long before this house was built and there is nothing to indicate that it is diseased and needs removal because of safety issues. The tree should not be removed simply because it keeps growing. We need to preserve trees as much as we can, there are enough being cut down already due to urban infill. I object to its removal in the strongest possible terms.

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