274 Youngs Crossing Road Joyner QLD 4500

Material Change of Use - Development Permit for Food and Drink Outlet, Health Care Services, Hotel, Low Impact Industry, Service Station and Shopping Centre and Reconfiguring a Lot - Development Permit for Subdivision (1 into 2 lots)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 month ago. It was received by them 17 days earlier.

(Source: Moreton Bay Regional Council, reference DA/41919/2020/V23P)


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  1. Mel Hewitt commented

    We don’t need more shopping centres I would rather see expansions of current centres. Petrie will have one in the future no need to destroy natural habitat.

  2. Joseph Auclair commented

    The natural habitat in this area is why most of us live here. Stop cheap developments destroying natural habitats and invest in upgrading existing infrastructure. The last 10 years in this area has shown me that our council is not interested in anything raised by the public in this area. They are happy to please the developers and claim they cannot do anything to stop them. The only time I have seen our council get involved in development applications has been when a wealthy area like a street in Samford or Joyner with large acreage blocks have an issue with one of their neighbours wanting to subdivide. Never is it about the welfare of our natural environment and never when it makes the less wealthy or less connected members of our constituency.
    Consistently disappointed.

  3. Linda Nevell commented

    Why would anyone want this eyesore right in the middle of a koala crossing zone and natural habitat? Who would approve this ridiculous project? This region is being over developed with hypocritical lip service being paid about looking after wildlife and making it more liveable. The cookie cutter medium density cheaply made town houses springing up everywhere makes me feel like I’m back in the inner city.

    Wait until global warming really hits and we have concrete induced heat islands, like parts of Sydney, where there are no large trees to give shade and it’s projected to hit over 45 -50 degrees every summer. Unliveable.

  4. Linda Nevell commented

    Plus isn’t this zoned as a park? Why are you re-zoning parklands for development?

  5. Sharon Davis commented

    I support Josephs comment whole heartedly.

    We have a sub divide in our street, it has absolutely ruined the look of our street, we came out here, because of the lovely big land and space and not being on top of each other. Council changed the zoning without even informing us. They do not care about anything but their own pockets. I am not a commercial builder owner, but one thing is for sure, it has to be the money the council will be getting. I can only assume that rates for a commercial building is far greater than residential....all the council sees is money. Have they ever taken the time to drive the Youngs crossing road during peak times, no not at all, but adding to the congestion seems to be a good plan...well actually it is not and they need to start thinking about the community and stop thinking about their pockets. Even the Youngs Crossing bridge debacle, why try and convince the public they want the option that council wanted, when it was very clear Peter Dutton was willing to contribute to the plan that council was fighting against, but instead of listening to the people they spend millions trying to convince us their plan is the best plan. What are you doing with the money you are gaining from all these new buildings? Housing estates, shops? As I can assure you with the many 1000s of extra people moving into the area, there has been minimal infrastructure changes to support the extra people in our area.

  6. Rodney Mather commented

    This is preposterous. This is an area of outstanding natural beauty. There is no way that it needs to have any retail facility or otherwise. It will be bad enough having the new bridge over it in a position that is different to the options 1 or 2 originally proposed. I fully support the previous people in what they say there is no need for me to repeat. (Mel Hewitt, Joseph Auclair, Linda Nevell, and Sharon Davis).

  7. J a Smith commented

    Having lived in the area since 1990 it has changed so much. The natural beauty and wildlife were a bonus when we moved Into our little home in petrie.
    Now you want to destroy more beautiful native areas full of flora and fauna for a supermarket and retail. How many retail outlets are truly needed....
    This is a ridiculous option . Maintain the beauty of this unique area. Bad enough we lose The beauty of The original pine forest to houses. We have so much traffic as it is and you want more optio s for more cars on the rioads
    God help us when the bridge is built over young crossing making beeville road an even busier thorough fare.
    Greed is the only factor I an see..

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