7 Tasman Street Bondi NSW 2026

Remove one (1) Moreton Bay Fig adjacent to rear Northern boundary.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 month ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Waverley Council, reference TPO-197/2021)


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  1. Nicolette Boaz commented

    Mature trees must never be removed unless there is an extremely good reason for doing so. Our mature trees are being ripped out by development at an unsustainable level. they must be protected at all costs as homes for our important wildlife and for air quality for us humans. This DA should be refused if it is for a cosmetic reason. Any removal should incur a requirement to plant 6 more trees remembering that nothing can replace a mature tree.

  2. Ana Strophe commented

    Mature trees should not be removed and to permit this would run completely counter to council’s policies on greening and climate mitigation. Mature fig trees provide essential habitat and shade. We have already lost the 200 year old trees that once lined Alison Road to the light rail, and the War Memorial Hospital seems committed to a ruthless campaign to remove all the ones remaining in the more immediate area of Birrell Street and Carrington Roads. But the truth is that we can’t afford to lose a single tree.

  3. Jack lowenstein commented

    The tree was there longer than the present owner, I am sure. They bought the property knowing they were becoming a custodian for a part of a rapidly shrinking greenspace. Now they want to betray this responsibility.
    I really hope that this is rejected and the council is able to enforce a policy on the officers that prevents such removals in future, and also sharply increases the penalties for tree poisoning.

  4. John S. Batts commented

    Well said, Jack Lowenstein! I am 100% in agreement.

  5. Gabrielle Tobias commented

    I absolutely object to the removal of the Moreton Bay Fig, a native to the area. The tree provides oxygen, food and shelter to native birds and improves the aesthetic of the streetscape. There is no reasonable excuse to remove this tree, especially given the lack of green cover in the street.

  6. LHH commented

    The tree must be retained . I thought Moreton bay figs were protected. Waverley Council won’t even trim the one on the nature strip near me on this basis

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