3 Attunga Avenue Moorebank NSW 2170

Demolition of existing structures and Construction of two x two storey detached dwellings with basement and inground swimming pools. Torrens title subdivision.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 2 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Liverpool City Council, reference DA-985/2021)


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  1. Jodie commented

    We as a family disapprove of this type of development in the street. This house has already gone through extensive development in the past year including what appears to be concrete driveways poured down the side and throughout the back yard. Was this ever approved by Liverpool council?

    We do not support the now proposed demolition of this home on such a small block of land (669m2) in a well developed and established street with nice street appeal and views for neighbors that extend across Sydney. Placing 2 new double story detached homes on such a small block of land (669m2) will not appeal to the area. Proposing to replace one single story home with 2 new double story houses each including swimming pools in the backyard or lack of and underground basements which requires excavation to the block will not fit the appeal of the street. How can you fit such proposals on a small block of land? Will these 2 homes adhere to Liverpool council requirements for green space in both backyards? When we applied to place a swimming pool in our backyard in the same street only 3 years ago Liverpool council was concerned for lack of green grass area in our backyard. Our backyard and block is bigger and still consists of large green space in our back yard as it was required for us to go ahead with our plans.There is still way more green space and grass than pool area. How can such a proposal go ahead and comply with these rules for council? I would like to know how much green space will be in each backyard once a swimming pool is placed in such a small block of land.

    As the homes in the street all sit back from the street curb will these 2 new homes suit the already established homes and the frontages on them? Will they sit much further forward taking away the consistency of the street appeal? We feel these 2 new homes may appear as eyesores upon entering our street. Will they block sunlight from the surrounding homes?

    Excavation for proposed basements in the new homes will cause huge disruptions to the neighbors and possibly damage to their homes.

    I would like to know if a sewerage line runs under the back of this property. I believe the previous owners had problems with similar proposed plans. Can you please confirm or deny if this is so. If so, wouldn't this cause issues for a development as such?

    Current house designs such as square boxed like buildings being placed on such small blocks of land will completely look out of place in the area. How are builders being granted approval simply for financial gains at the expense of our beautiful street and suburb many have lived in for years? I believe the new owner is actually a builder. These buildings are not aesthetically appealing.

    These new structures will overshadow neighbors and again take away extensive Sydney views that long term and established residents have had for many years in this street. The street is known for having beautiful high side views. This is a selling point that many real estate agents use to sell properties at good prices in this street. The views across Sydney for the homes on the high side will be gone.The current house is on the lower side of the street and there are no houses of this new double storey description on that side of the street. It will take away the views neighbors have had for many years and decrease the value of their homes for future sales. This will cause much stress to these people many of which are elderly and long term residence. To take away the view of already established homes is not a fair proposal for the gain of another. Such proposed plans should not effect the surrounding neighbors in any way. If this proposal goes ahead the outcome should not change the aspect of any other resident in the street. It should not disadvantage any other resident in any way in the street or the surrounding streets. Malinya Crescent included.

    Why is Liverpool council allowing this type of development when others are not? Only this week a friend of mine had a simple new garage with a small granny flat proposed on top denied in Kuringai Council area. Their house is on a huge block of land and it would not have encroached on any neighbors and the neighbors approved however their council will not allow such structures because it will not appeal to the area and rules within their area. Why is Liverpool so happy to continuously allow this type of structure to go ahead taking away the already established appeal of streets within our area and other councils will not? There is no consistency. I understand we are a different council but I am pointing out the differences between councils. One that appears to be concerned for the appearance and consistency of their area and one that does not. If the proposed house was a new single story dwelling that sat back inline with the current homes or 2 single storey homes that did not obviously stand out I am sure we would feel differently about the proposal.

    Looking into recent rezoning proposals for Moorebank I would like Liverpool council to please reconsider the issues many residents have put forward regarding this type of development. I believe there is rezoning being considered as there are many issues within the area including lack of infrastructure with the number of housing developments going up. Lack of child care, schools, shops, public transport, access in and out of the area. All the new multiple housing developments going ahead on what use to be used for one family home is causing the community great stress.

    Please consider these issues and please come out and look at the property and consider its appearance in our street before giving approval.

  2. Christina commented

    My family and I are totally opposed to the proposal to subdivide number 3 Attunga Ave, Moorebank and the plan to build two, large double-storey homes on this block.

    There are no such homes like this on our small street and by subdividing this block it will take away from the integrity of our street, which is commonly known for its larger block sizes inclusive of a well-sized backyard. Not only this, but it will lower the value of each house in the street and it simply will not fit in with the other homes. I have seen the plans for this house and it is an absolute eyesore! Having two basically identical houses side by side ruins the street appeal. How can two 2-storey, modern and boxy houses fit in appropriately with the rest of the street?

    Our street prides itself on being a nice quiet street, with older yet beautiful homes on large blocks, in addition to having higher vantage points that offer city views. This is often a selling point. Will these proposed plans take away from the views of the other residents? Will it cast shadows into the other residents' properties? Attunga Ave is tucked right between the two newer developments of George’s Fair and Brighton Lakes, quite frankly the style of home they are proposing belongs there, not here in our quaint street where many residents have lived for decades.

    The blocks of land in this street are all approximately the same size with the same setback, in subdividing the block, this would ultimately change the set back making it seem out of place with all the other homes. Will the houses be bought forward? And if so, will there be enough ‘green space’ that adheres to Liverpool council guidelines?

    I urge Liverpool council to please consider the issues presented and come to our street and speak to the valued residents who live here.

  3. Yvonne commented

    As a close neighbour, our family do not want this to happen as this will affect the appeal of the street, with all the other buildings in old fashioned style, while only these two proposed blocks in a modern style, which makes our street look ugly and weird.

    Besides, this application will subdivide the existing house into two buildings, which makes this block very squeezy, and not suitable for our area as a low intensity zone, and also it will definitely decrease the green area sizes in our street.

    We love our current environment and neighbourhood atmosphere, which is so quiet and peaceful. Please take our thoughts into consideration, and reject this application, for the outlook of our street, for the welfare of all the other neighbours on or near this street, and also for the future of our community.

    Thank you.

  4. Scott commented

    My family lives near 3 Attunga Ave and oppose this development on the following grounds:
    - house design will be aesthetically unappealing and clash with the existing style of houses in the area.
    - position of the houses on the block will likely be inconsistent compared to the rest of the area.
    - double storey on the low side of the hill should not be permitted. No other houses on the low side of Attunga Ave are greater than single storey.
    - double storey will impede the view of high side residents, negatively affecting sale value
    - double storey will eliminate privacy of adjacent properties lower on the hill on Malinya Cres, negatively impacting residents and affecting sale value.
    - double storey will cast shade on adjacent properties where it previously did not, negatively affecting sale value and feasibility of solar panel purchase/usage.
    - concern around backyard space of houses when a pool is installed. This is an established area and should have different requirements compared to a new estate like nearby Georges Fair or Brighton Lakes
    - Easement in backyard of houses may cause issues when 2 pools are built across it.

  5. John Phillips commented

    I believe that allowing this application sets a dangerous precedence on this street.

    So far all The houses in this street are single storey dwellings. Those with even numbers are on the high side of the street and, as such have excellent views, for which the residents have paid a premium.

    Allowing double storey houses to be built on the odd numbered side would partially block these views, as well as the aesthetics of the street itself.


  6. Grace commented

    My husband and I strongly oppose this development. We are long time residents who live on the high side (even numbered side of the street), we are lucky enough to have city views. Allowing a development as proposed to go ahead will impede on these views and negatively impact the value of the adjacent houses.
    There are no double-storey homes on the low side of Attunge Ave and this is for good reason, allowing this development to happen could open the flood gates for more houses like this to be built in the future.
    The house is not aesthetically pleasing and would not blend in well the rest of the houses on our street, including Malinya Crescent.
    The proposed building would not be set back like the rest of the homes in the street and therefore would look odd and out of place.
    Two double storey homes would cast shadows and block sunlight for the adjacent homes which are all one storey, this too could decrease their value.

    Please consider the other residents in our street and protect it from developments like these.

  7. Linda commented

    We live on the high side of Attunga Avenue Moorebank. Over 40 years ago we chose our block which has wide views and a spacious outlook. It's hard to understand how Council could possibly consider two homes on a 669m block which would be 335m each when all blocks are around 660m for one house. It is below the size of the original sub-division.
    We oppose this proposed sub-division on the low side of the road. It does not fit in or suit the type of houses in Attunga Avenue. We have a variety of different individual houses with various builders and all have their own character.
    We cannot imagine opening the front door or looking out the window and seeing these two small boxes squashed on one block.
    Not only will this spoil our view but it will also severely devalue all the houses around it. We don't want to live in a street where every second house looks the same and it would ruin the space we are used to.
    We believe that no-one in our street would be happy with this and we request Council rejects this proposal.

  8. Colin and Veronica Mitchell commented

    My wife and I strongly oppose the development at No 3 Attunga Ave Moorebank.
    We have lived here for 41 years.
    The street is well planned and set out and we see no reason to add 2 ugly, aesthetically unappealing boxes that would have an adverse effect on the streetscape that we as residents have prided ourselves on since 1980.
    The privacy of the houses on all sides would also be severely impacted due to the proposed nature of this unsightly addition.
    We don't want our street changed as some others in our area have already been.
    Don't change it if it is not broken.
    Please take into consideration the concerns of the long standing residents of our beautiful street and reject this proposal.
    Thank you.

  9. Bayne Buckle commented

    We have lived on the high side of Attunga Ave for 22 years & are totally opposed to the style of dwelling being proposed in our piece of paradise.
    Attunga Ave & Malinya Cres are full of individual, character built homes with green space between the buildings facade & the footpath/nature strip which was the attraction to purchase here. Would 3 Attunga Ave even have a nature strip?
    We purposely replaced our tile roof in 2020 with a new tile roof to stay in keeping with the area. This style of dwelling would be anything but "in keeping" with our beautiful street & belongs in a new estate style of precinct.
    Please reject this application & preserve our piece of paradise.
    Thank you.

  10. Cathy commented

    To be direct and to the point I strongly oppose this application.
    I have lived next door to this property for 43 years. I have invested time and effort during this time to maintaining our property, being the corner block into this estate and always kept it well maintained and appealing to people who enter the estate.
    I seek your assurance that a construction of this kind given it is on clay base soil will not damage the surrounding properties. We have brick fences, built in concrete pool and extensive concrete throughout the property, notwithstanding the house. Will you pay for any damages that the movement of digging underground to construct these 3 story properties may cause to us and surrounding properties? Who is there to support the surrounding residents who have over 40years paid big money in council rates to Liverpool Council?
    This is a money making proposal which does not fit into the current environment and there are no other properties of this kind in this area which is zoned low density.
    Parking allocation for the two 4 bedroom houses is insufficient, given there is insufficient street parking in the front of the property for additional cars to park and of course the owners will attempt to park their cars in front of my property and other residents properties. This will impact sight of view for cars turning right from Attunga Avenue into Malinya Crescent to leave the estate.
    This massive 3 story construction with long brick walls will block sunlight into the backyard and ruin the properties of those residents who just want to enjoy their backyard. If we wanted to live in a sea of concrete we would be living in a city apartment not an open leafy street in Moorebank.
    The two properties have large balconies that will directly look into our property and our pool area. This will impact the privacy of my family and any future owners of my property, which in time could severely impact resale value.
    We have already been subjected to consistent works on the property 3 Attunga Avenue by the current owners over the past 2 years with major renovations being completed internally and externally including large deep slab of concrete covering the storm water drain. We have attempted to seek approval for construction in our back yard over the 43 years we have lived here to build over this storm water drain which runs along the back of all the properties on the lower side of Attunga Ave but could not get this approved. We were forced to build our pool on the side of our house.
    If not for the keen eye of other local residents we would not have know this application had been submitted & construction would have commenced without any advise to the residents who live either side of the property and surrounding this property. This is almost criminal and extremely disrespecitve to all long standing residents of Attunga Avenue & Malinya Crescent. I
    As a respectful and responsible council we hope your support us and the other residents who oppose this application to decline this application.

  11. Kim commented

    I can't believe subdividing this block into 2 small, less than 350 square metre blocks, would be considered. When we purchased our block in 1978 all were minimum 650 with building restrictions including 8 metre setback and 900mm side clearance. This type of development would not fit with this area and should not be allowed.

  12. Wal Zmuda commented

    Although we live in Malinya Crescent we also object to the proposed development of 3 Attunga Ave. Moorebank for the following reasons. The style of architecture is not consistent with the neighbourhood, the residents here are happy with their streets as they have invested so much over many years to improve their homes to the current standard and these “Legoland” homes just don’t fit in. Also as mentioned by others there will in future be a street parking problem given that some families with grown children can have up to 3 cars. Also we believe the residents here have been punished enough with the noise, dust, trucks etc. during the construction of George’s Fair and Brickmakers Drive. We are not whingers here, just asking for a fair go because the only winners are the developers. We ask Council to not approve this application for the above mentioned reasons and other reasons as stated by other residents. Please.

  13. Diane commented

    I am not a resident of Moorebank but am a resident of Longstaff Avenue in Chipping Norton. I fully support the residents of Attunga Avenue and Malinya Crescent as our lovely street has been forever changed for the worst by Liverpool Council allowing developers to buy up virtually every property that goes up for sale in our street and build horrible box like town houses with no character whatsoever in place of a home that had been a part of similar homes in our area. This is possible because, like the residents of Attunga Avenue and Malinya Crescent, our blocks of land are in excess of 600 square metres. Parking is an ongoing problem as adequate parking is not available in each town house. Our street is quite narrow and, not only do so many street parked cars look ugly, it is extremely dangerous. It is increasingly annoying when residents of town houses park approximately 50m away from their residence, in front of our house. Not only is it annoying, it is difficult for garbage trucks who now do not have easy access to our bins when unthinking residents from the town houses park too close to them to allow easy access.

  14. Alex commented

    Just like all the other comments above, I strongly oppose this development. We live in a beautiful part of Moorebank and as mentioned in other comments, pay for this privilege in our rates. This tacky design of two boxes does not fit into the current street scape and will destroy the pleasing street appeal we enjoy. This is obviously just a developers money making scheme and has no consideration for any of the neighbouring properties or surrounding residents. I have heard many stories of locals who have had less intrusive application denied and am appalled that Liverpool council is even considering this one. I live in eye shot of this property and cannot believe that I found out about this application through a letter drop from a concerned resident. I strongly urge Liverpool council to listen to all the negative comments and NOT approve this application.

  15. Anton commented

    We are the residents of a neighboring community, who frequently visit Moorebank, and this area in particular. We believe that in everyone's interest, this proposal should be declined. Such development will not only deface the beautiful appeal of the suburb, but may also create a dangerous leading case for further activity (developments), aiming to use formalistic approach while damaging the communal environment on a long term basis.
    This block is 669m2, so subdivision is barely legal. Zoning is R2 (low density residential), so the new dwellings will have to occupy less than 180m2 (55%) of the land, which implies squeezing in buildings that are not designed appropriately for this area. Building two double-storey dwellings on such block of land is absolutely contradictory to the relaxed landscape that we love Moorebank for. We understand that the developers do not want to miss a chance to capitalize on the current property market, but clearly there are other better places for that in Sydney.
    We kindly encourage the council to consider the necessity of such development very seriously.

  16. Charles commented

    We strongly oppose to this application because of the following reasons:

    Transport pressure caused by recent new buildings surge in this and areas closeby. Recently, there are too many high density houses/townhouses/terraces built or being built in and around this area, and this will definitely cause more traffic jams on Heathcote Road, Newbridge Road, Brickmakers Dr and M5 motorway, which were already very serious before the lockdown.

    Environmental changes caused by more and more residents coming in. With more and more residents sharing existing limited public infrastructure, we have already seen too much litter and too many dog poos in the parks and pathways nearby, which is worsening the environment in our community.

    Values of all other existing houses will decrease as the living environment gets worse and the outlook of the streets change. This will also lower local residents' happiness and wealth.

    Please take our comments into consideration when such applications received by the council, and help make our community a better place to live in.

  17. Mark commented

    there is one property where is 3 Attunga Ave want to build the duplex. That's totally unreasonable for all the neighbors who live in this street. this street is a beautiful street which could make more relatable life. all of the owner live in this street only want have a easy life forever. During these periods. there is a bad news make everyone shocking. the property where is 3 A ttunga Ave want to build a duplex. as we know there was R2 zooning. that's meaning not all the council will accept this suggestion which was building a duplex. Even like the Liverpool council.
    For this duplex building that makes the street view turning terrible. all the properties were looks like the natural and beautiful. if there are the duplex appear. that's a particulate ugly for the environment of the living area.
    As we know the Liverpool City Council was pay lot's of method for our liveing environment. that's why our civic objects working for keeping all the street looks more naturally and more artistic. But for this duplex which can make everything looks not follow up by the original street style.
    If this duplex was approved. that's will be making the pollution for our environment. the trees were cuted, also there was noice pollution for all the neighborhood. those are effective for all the neighborhood's health. even that will be making more dangerous objectives for all the neighborhood.
    By all the reasons as above, All of the people will be coming up for stopping they build the duplex. For our street, for our home, for our life, even for our family. we need to stop they build the duplex. We need to stop they to build that will destroy all of our life. For all of us, we need to join together to protect all of the people who live in this street. We are neighbor even as a big family. All of us will be standing up to protect our family for ever.

  18. Jodie Steward commented

    I have just found Liverpool council put out a plan for the current Whitlam sight saying the new plans will be based around "enhancing and building on the existing character" of the site. Please follow your plans and concerns to full fill this wish for our street. Please only allow builds based on the "existing character" of the street. Approving such a structure in our street will completely be out of character and be an eyesore as you turn into the street. It will not suit the vision of our street at all. Again being on the lower side of the street this will be the only double storey and design as such and the people who have paid to live on the higher side should not be disadvantaged by any such plan. We do not want to see this go ahead as it may have a roll on effect in the street and ruin the whole area. It is nice that some streets in Moorebank can boast having city views and we do not want to loose this.

  19. Jodie commented

    Another point I wish to make. How does the environment statement on this proposal suggest it will have positive impact on our area? The residents in this street are all against it. It is not having a positive effect on anyone. It is creating much stress and strain on mental health which is already at breaking point for residents in our street. To say the homes cars will not impact the area is not true. If these homes end up with large families with multiple cars where will they all park? I have read only 1 car space is proposed for each house but multiple bedrooms.

    The houses all sit back from the street and footpath. This house will be built right up to the footpath with it's front porch area and steps to the house. This is totally out of character.

    One of these properties will most likely be lived in by the owner for a short time if any and then they will move and make money and that is all that appears to count. We believe the current owner is a builder. Please consider the long term residents who will not benefit in any way with this property in our street.

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