11 Collingwood Drive, Redbank QLD 4301

Extension to Currency Period Application - Multiple Residential (54 Townhouses)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 25 days ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Ipswich City Council, reference 2835/2015/MAEXT/B)


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  1. Christine Turner commented

    Please don't approve any more housing developers on Collingwood Drive, we actually need trees for our health and for wildlife.We also don't need any more traffic on Collingwood Drive. Collingwood Drive is horrible now with so much development.

  2. Kelly Cox commented

    Please, please, please stop the sardine city developments in Collingwood Park. Soon there will be no 'park' in Collingwood Park.
    The wildlife are already being driven from their homes with the volume of bush destruction due to housing developments, and I don't think it would reflect well on the Ipswich City Council if it became known for approving developments that destroy koala habits, especially after so many people around the world rallied to help koalas after the bushfire in 2019/2020.

  3. Scott James commented

    Please let this lapse. No one has shown any interest in getting this project off the ground.

    This project should be let go as it is not wanted... Even by the developers who planned it as they are looking to sell off the property as no-one actually wants to build this development.

  4. Jim Dodrill commented

    This parcel of land contains a number of protected species of wildlife and should not be developed. The "leafy" amenity of Collingwood Park will be destroyed forever if this is allowed to be developed.

  5. Kristine Jones commented

    Consideration for our local wildlife needs to be the priority so much if their space has been lost to development already.

    Where will our native animals live

  6. Timothy Stieler commented

    This should never be built on.

  7. John Turner commented

    Time and time again are asked to plant trees and help save wild life. This seems to be a waste of time when the obvious answer is right at the end of our noses. Stop developers knocking all the bush down and killing off all the wildlife. We are already killing our planet. Please lets not do it any quicker. My grand kids and their kids will hate us all.

  8. Wendy Davidson commented

    No development needed here. Council have already approved it's quota of destroying natural habitat. Plenty of packed in townhovels available in Redbank Plains. None needed here.

  9. Phil Jordan commented

    Wendy don't you have anything good to say about projects in Collingwood Park? this is a great suburb and need to be open minded about things that will improve this go ahead suburb

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