2 - 12 Mary Pleasant Drive, Birkdale QLD 4159

McDonalds Restaurant

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 12 months ago. It was received by them 2 months earlier.

(Source: Redland City Council, reference PD242291)


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  1. Eduard Beneke commented

    None of the locals want this here and have indicated such previously. It also completely ruins the parking of Birkdale fair and they have already destroyed the homes of dozens of lorikeets.

  2. Ian commented

    Bit late for a ‘ planning alert’ given construction is well underway. I no longer shop here as the parking situation is diabolical. Agree with previous comment, one thing we don’t need is yet another takeaway

  3. Ro commented

    Ridiculous how many more junk food McDonald's do we need in this country

  4. Erica commented

    I thought this was declined , what is going on !? This has been thoroughly rejected by the local community and yet we have to put up with it. Is Council ever taking any notice of it's constituents? I shall avoid the Birkdale Fair Shopping Center

  5. Rowena Plant commented

    1. Why hasn't councillor Paul Bishop been to every house in the area to see if we wanted this. I have not heard anything about this ? I live 5 minutes away and I could get everything I need at our little shopping centre. Now I can't even park there.
    2. Why did Woolies allow this to happen on their space ?
    3. People wont be able to park in Dorsal drive either because the street is full of cars and vans presumably from the units in front of them.
    4. You may find more people LEAVING THIS LOVELY AREA and moving to a place where the council actually listen to them
    5 And while I am at it.....what happened to the councillor who sent fake emails from their house and put another persons name on it. Isn't that a crime Let me know if it isn't a crime because I have heaps of people I could write to.

  6. Margaret A Hardy commented

    Council did reject the application but it was appealed at the Court and there is nothing in Redlands Planning Scheme that prevents it. So the fault lies with RCC and their approved planning scheme that is open slather for developers. I no longer shop there.

  7. Margaret A Hardy commented

    To all those who are outraged by this just reflect on who you voted for to be Mayor and the clique of councillors who follow her like sheep - for they are the ones who approved this planning scheme that allows this development. There is nowhere in the planning scheme that manages or controls neighbourhood amenity or impact on existing residents or the environment. Think carefully next time before you vote.

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