53 Earl Street, Kew VIC 3101

Buildings and works associated with a mixed use development, buildings and works in a Road Zone Category 1, use of the land for dwellings, a reduction in the standard car parking rate, waiver of loading requirements and alteration of access to a road in a Road Zone Category 1.

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(Source: Boroondara City Council, reference PEOT21/0215)


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  1. Debbie McColl-Davis commented

    No, no, no to a rduction of the standard car parking rate.

  2. R.Hart commented

    This is a difficult site. Difficult because the developer is aiming to squeeze every last cent out of every square centimeter of land with no regard to surroundings, amenity and the effects of traffic movement and density on existing and future residents.
    This site repeatedly comes before council and in these Covid lockdown times makes it almost impossible for the average, potentially affected resident to keep track of the nitty gritty of each application.
    Perhaps a moratorium on processing complex planning applications whilst lockdowns are in place is indicated.

  3. Ian Burton commented

    I do not support this submission on the grounds noted below. I request that the developer should re-submit its proposal and the council should re-assess.

    The strategy from the council regarding a reduction in standard parking is- "Consider parking reductions in development only where it can be demonstrated that
    sufficient car parking exists in the area and where there is a choice of transport
    modes available in the area."

    In this particular area, adjacent to the busy Earl Street (which pre-COVID was often heavily congested up from the Eastern Freeway Chandler Highway / Princess Street junction during morning peak), I do not consider that there is sufficient car parking in the area. The only nearby parking is in Willsmere Village and this is very limited.

    In addition, there is only one alternative public transport mode here being bus (302/304 and 200/207). There is no nearby tram or train. So there is not a choice of public transport modes available in the area.

    The current situation would be exacerbated by a large multi-unit development. Hence the proposed development with reduction in standard car parking does not meet the council's own guidance. Furthermore in future, traffic volume would likely increase with an enlarged Eastern Freeway as a result of North East link.

  4. Brodie McDougall commented

    I would like to second the opinion of Ian Burton.
    I fear the council has not taken into account public transport which is extremely limited and how insanely business this area becomes when curfews and lockdowns aren't in place.
    It is always a traffic jam during peak hours.
    So close to the eastern freeway. So far away for every mode of transport but bus.
    I think more consideration needs to be made. I do not believe enough thought as been put into this.
    Traffic will only get worse with North East link being built.

  5. Judith Dickson commented

    This is a small site on a busy traffic location. I support previous comments regarding heavy traffic on daily basis. Traffic is congested at peak hours and heavy at most other times. I regularly shop in Kew High Street and use this route to travel to other areas.

    This is not appropriate for parking reduction and I urge council to reconsider size of this or any development on this corner site. Reduction in parking inevitably results in cost shifting from private (developer) to public purse with residents of development parking in local streets where there is already limited availability. Council and ratepayers will have to bear burden of later works to accommodate parking.

    This site is not located in a transport hub area as noted in previous comments.
    Council should revisit all planning considerations.

  6. Marita Alexander commented

    Re Amendment to Permit Group
    I would like to reiterate concerns for traffic in this area which is consistently busy (pre covid). This will increase further with North East link. there is insufficient parking in this area already and to further increase the parking problems is of concern

  7. Michelle Borg commented

    This area is extremely congested on a day to day basis. There is very limited parking already, and people try to stop for the local shopping, cafes, and services (post office, pharmacy, Dentist). Parking is insufficient for this area now, and it is vital that any proposed development provides ample parking for residents/mixed use businesses. This not planned for 53 Earl Street Kew, and as such, this proposed development is impractical, selfish and not in the community's best interest.

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