520 Illaroo Rd, Bangalee, NSW

Proposed outdoor covered area associated with existing winery

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 month ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Shoalhaven City Council, reference DA21/1975)


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  1. Adrian Castelino commented

    Good Morning,
    I am a close neighbour of Cambewarra winery. There are 2 issues that plague us constantly.
    The first is noise from bands/singers that are extremely loud.
    The second Is customers cars being parked on Illaroo Road, causing a restriction to this already narrow road which is getting very busy.
    Both these issues need to be addressed as a large undercover area will only make the two issues worse. Music will be particularly bad, as a roof with open sides will amplify the noise
    I therefore object to this proposal, unless satisfactory plans to address parking and noise are included

  2. Mark White commented

    Also as a close neighbour of Cambewarra Winery I would like to comment on the application. Firstly I believe the previous comment to be an exaggeration. In my experience there is live music only once or twice a month that involves a single artist, given that the winery is only open Fri/Sat/Sun and closes at 4:30pm there are minimal noise issues. I've only ever witnessed overflow parking on Illaroo Rd once or twice in the last few years which was associated with a funeral function and is certainly not a regular occurrence. Given the lack of nice venues in the area, and the current situation, it's great to see a local business trying to improve and provide a better venue for locals and visitors to the region. It can only be good for the local economy. I wholeheartedly support the application.

  3. Tim Bielski commented

    I am also a close neighbour of Cambewarra estate and believe it is a fantastic proposal. Offering the residents of the Shoalhaven and visitors a greater experience will only bolster the reputation of the region. Adding a shaded area will offer patrons more flexibility in where they can enjoy the beautiful surroundings and importantly protection from the Sun which is needed at the venue. I will also add support behind Marks comments, the live music is very rarely on and is soft acoustic based and adding to the ambience to the surrounding environment. I fully support this proposal as it is only improving our local area, improving the business and improving the experience of patrons.

  4. Greg and Julie Hodgson commented

    As Bangalee residents for the last 20 years and regular patrons at the Cambewarra Winery we would love to see a larger outdoor covered area for seating They do a fantastic job up there we visit quiet regularly and I would have to admit it gets awfully hot in Summer sitting out in the vines. Over the years the Winery has employed many people including our 2 sons .The Winery is only open 3 days a week and I'm pretty sure closed by 5 ..Over the last 20 years they have had some fantastic Family events including Santa every year even poor Santa would appreciate some shade for sure when sitting there for hours chatting to the children and being in all those photos .Council I think any Shade Structure should be welcome in Australia's harsh Sun

  5. Phillips family commented

    We are close neighbours of Cambewarra Estate winery, and thoroughly enjoy what our the winery provide - from food to wine to entertainment. They are only open three days per week, rarely have any loud music, and the live music that was provided pre-COVID times was acoustic guitar and singers - and is always welcomed by our family!

    The shade will be a welcome respite to the grassed area near the vines. Although the umbrellas work OK, in windy Cambewarra they're down as often as they are up, which is a shame. An increased undercover area will continue to improve the area, increase the patronage of our local winery and support a great small business.

  6. Carla Rutherford commented

    As neighbours who live adjacent to the winery we also have been in constant dispute over the last few years with the winery due to their barrage of noise every weekend from music pounding on our home and late night drunken patron antics. On one occasion a patron who clearly was not responsibly served alcohol and only wearing his underpants even entered my property from the winery and spoke with my children and demanded to partake in their basket ball game! I have had to add sound proofing to my bedroom due to their noise so we can hear our TV and try and sleep but it has not been enough. They have no regard for their adjacent neighbours as we have tried to talk to them many times about this harassment. They also seem to not care that this is a residential area and not a down town cbd night spot. I agree with my fellow neighbour that the proposed outdoor covered area will worsen these issues and I strongly appose the development going forward. My family have suffered enough due to this establishment.

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