582 Main Street, Mordialloc, VIC

Use of the land for the sale and consumption of liquor (General Licence)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 4 months ago. It was received by them 4 days earlier.

(Source: Kingston City Council, reference KP-2021/523)


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  1. Mary dickson commented

    Is this going to be a new food outlet
    Or is it part of the hamburger/yoghurt place
    Lots of young teens and families frequent this place and I believe liquor should not be introduced

  2. Jason Allen commented

    Liquor sales across the road at Celebrations (529 Main St), liquor sales inside Woolworths (600 Main St), liquor sales at Cellar Door (622 Main St), liquor sales at Aldi (542 Main St). 4 liquor sales stores already within 100 metres of this application. Mordialloc does not need another liquor sales at 582 Main St, right next door to a popular family/youth orientated Burgers and Frozen Yoghurt store (YOMG).

  3. Merrilyn commented

    There enough liquor shops for everyone here! Never do we see a queue waiting -so no extra retail need. But do consider the youth of the community and the family orientation we all love Mordialloc for; another liquor shop is not needed or wanted.

  4. Dave commented

    There are enough shops providing alcohol in that immediate area. It's alra hangout for teenagers trying to find people to buy it for them, as well as homeless people begging for money to do the same. Yet another liquor shop will do nothing for the tone or prosperity of the street and its surrounding beach / family vibe. Don't degrade it with a negative amenity like a booze shop. What a waste.

  5. Tara Shimmin commented

    Mordialloc already has 4 liquor stores, not including the many bars/pubs. Personally I don’t think this is a much needed place, especially next door to a family friendly burger place that my kids use. Mordialloc is becoming more of an adult fun ground rather than a family friendly environment.

  6. Jan Metherell commented

    We already have 4 liquor outlets on this one shopping strip.
    In my opinion to allow another would be unnecessary and ill-advised.
    It is akin to encouraging the consumption of alcohol and would be particularly inappropriate in the light of it's proximity to burger and yoghurt outlets that attract a youngsters.
    Please let's keep Mordialloc a family friendly, safe, healthy village and not allow any further liquor outlets.

  7. Daniel Masters commented

    There are numerous liquor stores and eateries located within close proximity of each other. Mordialloc doesn't need another.

  8. M Fitzpatrick commented

    We don’t need another bottle shop in Mordialloc. There are several already, plus a Dan Murphy’s nearby. This will only increase crime and decrease safety for our children.

  9. Samantha McCoy commented

    I object to another liquor outlet for the Mordialloc shopping strip. Not only does it have 4 liquor shops but we have a number of eating venues that serve liquor plus 3 pubs and the Sporting Globe within walking distance. With the introduction of the Sporting Globe, there are increased community concerns about safety and increased drinking in a family
    location. It has been proven already that another store will have difficulty (now closed store near Aldi).

  10. Lisa Todd-Collins commented

    There are plenty of places already to buy alcohol and way too much alcohol fueled inappropriate behavior in mordialloc. Strongly oppose this, how about a youth service or welfare provider instead!

  11. Jim Poussard commented

    I am opposed to another outlet selling liquor in Mordialloc, particularly in this location. It is close to burger and icecream shops, frequented by kids and there are already ample places to buy liquor close by. We need to take a balanced approach to the allocation of Main St. tenants. Thank you.

  12. David Worswick commented

    Store name?
    Franchise owners or private business?

  13. Paula commented

    Not to mention there is also Dan Murphy’s 1.5km and Doyle’s Hotel 350m.
    All this will do is create issues for the local residents and police. It is right in the walking path for people coming off the train heading to the beach. Mordialloc is an alcohol free zone & does not need anymore alcohol retailers

  14. Eliza O’Sullivan commented

    Another liquor store in Mordialloc is completely unnecessary particularly in a location so heavily frequented by families & children. Our community does not want to be known for essentially a ‘liquor store on every corner.’ It is not needed or wanted as there are already plenty of places to purchase alcohol including 100 metres up the road at Woolworths.

  15. Paul cahir commented

    NO to this application. Already enough licensed liquor outlets in Mordialloc and nearby, plus numerous cafes and restaurants have license to serve alcohol. We DO NOT need any more! Say NO to this application!

  16. Noel Griffiths commented

    I do NOT support this application. There are more than enough alcohol venues in Mordialloc already.

  17. Natalie Bolton commented

    Not another alcohol venue. Let’s get more creative Kingston Council. Mordialloc is a beautiful family location. Let’s encourage and support more family friendly businesses to succeed.

  18. MKH commented

    Not another liquor shop please.
    How about dry food grocery shop like selling organic legumes, organic vegetables, dried herbs, spices, organic nuts which are source of healthy foods?
    We need to focus on healthy foods rather than keep encouraging sugar based snack shops, fast foods or unhealthy foods for our next generation…

  19. Nina and Brian Earl commented

    Please do not grant an alcohol license to this outlet. Mordialloc already has a great oversupply of in-house and take-away alcohol outlets. Our friendly village is rapidly becoming a boozy hotspot with anti-social behaviour, cans and bottles strewn in local reserves, the creek and bay. Enough!

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