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  1. 69 Charman Road Beaumaris VIC 3193
    4 days ago, 1.7 km away

    Remove one tree and lop/prune another The tree that requires removal has roots that have damaged garage cement floor and caused brick reta ining wall to lean towards neighbouring property. Garage will need to be demolished but we cannot rebuild until tree is removed as the same thing will occur again if left as is. Neighbours are very concerned a bout leaning retaining wall collapsing and causing serious injury to any persons close by. Tree is very close to property border and one lar ge branch overhangs neighbours property. One large branch overhanging garage and house has a large crack and is in immiment danger of fallin g onto both our and neighbour property. This tree poses a serious thre at to life if any of the large limbs collapses whilst anyone is undern eath both for our and neighboring property. Also poses risk of falling onto garage and destroying a rare and valuable car. The tree that req uires lopping is too close to the house and needs pruning to ensure it remains safe as several branches overhang the rear of the house and v erandah area.

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