313 - 333 High Street, Kew VIC 3101

Use and development of a two four-storey buildings including sixteen (16) dwellings and semi-basement carpark at the rear of existing shops/dwellings and a reduction in the standard car parking requirements associated with existing uses.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 2 months ago. It was received by them 7 days earlier.

(Source: Boroondara City Council, reference PSec21/0182)


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  1. Nicole W commented

    This intersection is already congested. The addition of 16 dwellings is too much for this area. Please reconsider and reduce the number of overall dwellings - as well as height so as not to negatively impact the streetscape. And ensure there is sufficient car parking for both residents and visitors as this immediate area has very limited parking.

  2. Hugh B commented

    This development needs to carefully consider parking and congestion impacts. This area of High St is already very congested and parking is in limited supply, partly due to the number of food outlets with takeaway pickups causing chaos in the early evening. Not opposed to increased density living in this area, but council and the developer need to make adequate provision for the coming and going of residents and shop customers.

  3. Maria L commented

    Hi, please carefully consider the height of the development and keep it relevant to the existing streetscape. Local residents don't want a towering structure which creates a wind tunnel effect and overshadows the street.

  4. Maria DC commented

    It is already difficult to find parking in this area. Please make proper provision for parking.
    Also I think that four stories is a bit high in this area where there are no other 4 story buildings

  5. R. Hart commented

    Allowing four stories in this strip will be the start of destruction of this much loved streetscape.
    Reduce the height and number of dwellings.
    Parking in the area is nearly impossible already. Reduced parking pleas for higher density residential developments should fall on deaf ears.

  6. Anthony commented

    The strip is dead compared to others (Camberwell for example) and higher density can potentially assist. Plenty of public transport in surrounds and lets not be dramatic on parking, with plenty around. If residential, fair enough, but 4 levels in a commercial precinct is not excessive.

  7. DebbieK commented

    Four stories is too tall on the high and northern side of the street. The height should be restricted to 2 stories or the maximum existing building height in that part of the shopping centre in order
    - to maintain the small scale existing character of the shopping strip.
    - not cast shade over the street all winter - possible right across the road. Has there been any modelling?

  8. Li Chen commented

    The proposed four stories will definitely block sunlight and daylight penetration on the High Street and those building along South-side High Street. The locals beloved street view of High Street will be ruined.

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