124 Bondi Road Bondi NSW 2026

Demolition of existing structures; construction of a boarding house including a communal roof terrace and basement for storage and bicycle parking. PAN-119503

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 2 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Waverley Council, reference DA-276/2021)


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  1. Nicolette Boaz commented

    A four story boarding house means 8 times as many people, utilities, and parking. Indi cannot take more and more and more development simply to make money for developers.

  2. progressive resident commented

    I disagree with comments that this development is unsuitable. The current building is relatively dilapidated and is located on the main road. Replacing this no-longer-fit-for-purpose block with a modern building, with modern facilities, will provide a much needed facelift for the area, as well as allowing tenants to live in comfort. There is *nothing* wrong with reputable Developers providing this functionality to society, noting that at some stage in history 'Developers' would have constructed the existing dwelling AND likely the dwelling of the original objector. She has provided no actual grounds for her objection apart from stating that someone is 'likely to make money'. Strangely, that is widely considered a good thing. The prior objection reads like an article straight out of the Communist Manifesto and smacks of NIMBY-ism to the nth degree. I see nothing wrong with this area receiving well-designed, sympathetic upgrades over time. It's called progress, and not all of us object to that, every time.

  3. Alex commented

    Hardly 'dilapidated' by the looks of it here:
    Great idea to repurpose the building. Though sad to see another old Sydney terrace house be torn down - particularly one with such style.
    It would be an respectful nod to the past if the developer could incorporate elements of the existing building into the future development (maintain the facade/bulk of the building etc..). Hybrid modern/heritage buildings are more interesting/appealing and helps to retain history.

  4. Why waste a perfectly good building?! commented

    Why waste a beautiful old building? Old style terraces such as this must be retained. The newer buildings that are being approved at the moment are often very ugly, this character and history is far more valuable to the area and community than cheap new builds. The existing building should be retained as much as possible. Equally for a council that prides itself on caring for the environment, this building is perfectly usable and safe, it should be maintained, not destroyed and added to landfill. Surely this is a conservation area?

  5. Amanda Hendriks commented

    124 Bondi road is a rose between two thorns, and is part of the original history of this area.
    It is a beautiful terrace from a time where architecture was an art form . The interior and exterior has many period features in good original condition .
    This piece of history should be maintained and not demolished for profit , maybe demolish what is either side of it!

  6. Ana Strophe commented

    Please don't demolish this beautiful terrace. I support the development but only if the terrace is integrated into it. It makes for a much more pedestrian friendly and human-scale streetscape that way.

  7. Yuri P commented

    The blue warehouse 'perfect panel' is a heritage building, fully modified...and this terrace is not... but still in a border of a conservation area and it should be put in consideration as part of the history of the place. It is the last remaining terrace in that block facing Bondi Rd.

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