12 Captains Ct Sunrise Beach QLD 4567

Detached House - Short Term Accommodation

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 3 months ago. It was received by them 5 days earlier.

(Source: Noosa Shire Council, reference SPS21/0190)


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  1. Voght commented

    Why are there so many short term accommodation applications for captains crt ? This is a dead end st and allowing more traffic in this st is unnecessary. There are families with children and it just gives the area an uneasy feeling knowing there are random people coming and going and causing parking and noise issues.

  2. Johanna Redwood commented

    Noosa Council it seems this quiet little area of sunrise is to be an STA haven. Please do not allow this to go through. It is a residential area. There are quite enough STA's around-i know we have 3 around us now in the last year that were all houses with families. How horrible has our world become? No more going home to relax.
    This is thanks to Noosa Council not having the guts to refuse these applications AND to put on a decent fees that may make these absentee owners think twice about renting short term.
    More noise. more cars, more rubbish, more lights, equals less peace and definitely not "my home is my castle" It's now "my home is my nightmare place which is never quiet!"

  3. Voght commented

    Why are there so many short term accommodation applications for captains crt ? This is a dead end st and allowing more traffic in this st is unnecessary. There are families with children and it just gives the area an uneasy feeling knowing there are random people coming and going and causing parking and noise issues.

  4. paul commented

    this street is very steep and hilly and not good for on street parking ,noise issues travel along way as its part of a valley, lots of children play in this street , its not designed for STA why so many applications ???? please reject this application

  5. julie commented

    If we had wanted to live amongst holiday makers, we would have bought in a holiday area, maybe a unit in Sunshine beach or Noosa area.
    But we did not want that so bought here in a residential st, with permanent neighbors, community and a quiet life with peaceful caring neighbors.
    These big homes in this street are most often used by several holidaying groups at the one address, which means extra parked cars, noise, strangers, dogs that tend to be left locked in houses and barking for hours while the holiday maker is off enjoying time at the beach, and we the permanent resident is having to endure all this. How can there possibly be any fairness in this? Council needs to consider the health and wellbeing of the families that are the backbone of this community.

  6. S.H commented

    I remember when Captains Ct was one of the best streets in Sunrise. Not any more unfortunately. A beautiful community driven street where there are literally 20 children under the age of 8 , between 5 or 6 permanent residences, that live their lives dashing across the street between houses, on bikes , scooters and skateboards, day and night. There is even a sign " free range kids" displayed at the Cts entrance to warn traffic thats kids could come from any direction at any point. A great protective community feel where street bbq's, afternoon drinks and all welcome kid's street birthdays are always happening. With the large amount of sta applications now happening on this Crt soon these young children will also have to deal with , drunk driving, speeding, excessive loud drunken noise well into the night/morning, aggressive interactions with these residents and inconsiderate short stayers, clogged parking, litter , the list goes on. Captains Crt can be saved and these rate paying, community value adding people can continue to enjoy the life they live, or Captains Crt can be turned into a cheesy , messy, dangerous short term party street for out of towners that don't give a crap. I think the decision is quite obvious. There should be NO sta's in the quiet area off Resolute.. Captains Crt, Mariners Pl and Compass Pl should be sta free and all who live in these st's will agree.

  7. David G commented

    This house constantly has noisy party’s and guests, captains court is family friendly with kids playing on the street regularly

    It’s a steep hill and people speed up and down the hill all day and night.

    We did not move here to have tourists ruined the street with their cars parked all over the road.

  8. Beth commented

    Our house in Captains Court was once listed on air Bnb (when we weren’t staying in It), and now that we permanently live here we recognise it was the wrong decision for the neighbourhood and the community. Although we eventually had strict booking criteria, tried to screen guests and installed cameras, there were often multiple groups, and dog/s making noise day and night. As these groups were on holidays they were making noise 7 days/week day/night in non holiday periods, we had frequent complaints from surrounding streets and neighbours. Most guests disregarded the residents because they were ‘paying for a holiday’ and were at times rude and inconsiderate. If we had our time again we would have not done this. Captains Court is NOT the street for short term holiday rentals. It is a steep hill with very limited on street parking. Often cars park on other properties lawn. There can be multiple groups of guests so that can be many cars for each house that is a short term let. The street which is very narrow in parts cannot accomodate this. The existing residents of Captains Court are predominantly families with young kids who play in their yards and ride their bikes supervised on the street. Due to current air bnbs in Captains Court, we have already experienced an increase of cars driving too fast, young people walking in the street drinking, smashed bottles in the under pass, noise day/night. This is not safe for our children. Not to mention the impact on the many people who now work from home. I feel there are other areas across the Sunshine Coast and purpose built accomodation that catered for holiday makers. Noosa Council has a responsibility to protect the residents of Captains Court, and surrounding quiet streets in Sunrise Beach.

  9. Chris commented

    I am not supportive of the application as we have seen a number of close calls where people visiting the street as short term renters seed down the street and habe almost hit my kids and the other 12 kids that are on the street. I have had to aroach numerous parties to turn down music and to clean up after themselves with pizza boxes and beer bottles rolling down the street. Keep the street clear of dangerous driving and keep my kids safe.

  10. Amy S commented

    Please refuse this recent application for STA in what is a quiet, community-minded residential street. There are more than 15 kids living in the houses in the lower section of the street who happily play together in front of the houses on an almost daily basis. This is such a great thing for kids to be able to do, particularly these days, however it is already somewhat of a challenge because of cars which speed up and down the street. This issue is exacerbated by houses which are already used for STA. Adding even more STAs into the mix would be a terrible outcome for the safety and amenity of the street and would rob children and families of an activity they currently cherish.

    STAs attract more cars to the street as tourists, Uber drivers and meal deliverers come and go. In addition, property managers, cleaners, pool guys, handymen, gardeners and various other vehicles connected to the STA industry whizz up and down the street with little regard for the safety and lifestyle of surrounding permanent residents. As these vehicles aren’t familiar with the street and the kids who play out the front, they often drive too fast and too recklessly. The fact that the street is a cul-de-sac adds to the woes as all cars must travel past houses at the lower end of the street twice!

    The street is ill-suited to STA as it’s narrow, steep and lacks sufficient on-street parking. Existing STAs have shown that they attract several guests and cars at a time, resulting in cars spilling out into the street and obstructing local traffic. And it’s not only guests’ cars spilling out into the street, but noise as well, particularly at night.

    Council has recently spoken of critical housing affordability issues in the area and their desire to take drastic action to address this. Well, approving yet another STA in a residential street will simply add to the affordability crisis and push local families further away from community infrastructure which has been deliberately located within these residential areas for convenience and to minimise travel time and emissions.

    The permanent residents in the street chose to live here because we were attracted to the quiet nature of the street and the prospect of living amongst community-minded neighbours. As more and more young families have moved into the street over recent years it has become such a special place, with neighbours socialising out the front of our properties several times each week. The street epitomizes the type of community character Council wishes to foster and protect in residential areas and so I implore you to respect this, refuse the STA application and divert tourists to the areas which are better suited for STA.

  11. Mel commented

    Please reject this application.

    We have at least 20 children - 10 under the age of 10 - who permanently live around this house. This house is currently a permanent rental so it will be very disappointing to see another removed for those that want to live here long-term.

    We are a street full of permanent families and elderly couples with a very friendly communal feel - the children are frequently playing together on the street, families and our elderly residents congregate to enjoy BBQs together with open invitations to all Court residents and surrounding neighbours.

    Equally importantly, it is a narrow, steep court so there is little room for on-street parking and cars to get passed. The only current permanent STA on the street have guests that speed up and down the street and park anywhere making it very challenging to get out of our driveways and for our children to play together safely on the weekends. Their parties, lack of regard for the residents and considerable rubbish makes it unsafe for our children and the community.

    We value our street amenity and having a permanent stable, safe communal neighbourhood for our children and the elderly residents. Most of us provide many volunteer hours in the community as surf lifesavers and at sporting clubs. Noosa Council, please let's not lose sight of what makes Noosa special, why we fought to separate from SCC and most importantly why we moved here, many on this street over two decades ago.

    Please do not grant #12, 14, 17 and 18 Captains Court the right to become STAs without listening to the residents. Please do your research and see how many live on Captains Court and Mariners Place and the surrounding streets permanently. This sleepy area, close to schools, with narrow streets should be STA-free.

  12. Penny commented

    Please reject all STA applications for Captains Court. THIS IS NOT THE STREET FOR IT. As a resident we sought out this street as opposed to other beautiful properties in Sunshine Beach because it was inhabited by permanent residents, mostly families; a community lifestyle we could settle into, close to schools and a safe, quiet, relaxed enclave. Those in Sunshine we looked at were amongst busy STA and that is not what we were after so it definitely is not what we would like our street to become. Eventually, it will only turn away permanent residents that have lived on the street for a long time. I don't like the noise, rubbish, invasion of privacy, increased traffic, safety and security issues or cars parked on my verge left for several days, resulting from STA. Please hear our collective voices, come along and chat with us on the street, see our kids play, look out for one another and be role models and see what makes it such a special community! I implore Council to reject STA requests that will destroy this. Please hold in high regard the opinions of the people who matter.

  13. Suzy commented

    Dear Council Assessment Manager,

    Please refuse this application SPS21/0190 for 12 Captains Court Sunrise Beach and all STA applications for Captains Court, Sunrise Beach and its quiet neighbouring residential streets. This neighbourhood of no-through streets is a haven to local residents who bought in the area to be away from the traffic, tourist precincts and noise. Together we have built a sense of community and community pride.

    As a local resident who is directly impacted by a current STA, I cannot express enough how these STAs in a residential neighbourhood negatively affect the day to day living of local residents and their families.

    Traffic and car parking are major issues. Captains Court is steep, narrow and curves. The STA houses do not have ample off-road car parking and the cars park all over the locals’ properties and down the street. It makes it near impossible on a daily basis for my family to even back out of our own driveway with our cars. It is impossible when we are towing a trailer. The houses are big and multiple friends/families stay in them and it is not uncommon to have 4 to 6 cars (sometimes more) at a time at each property. The car numbers increase yet again when the houses are used for large parties and celebrations. The blind spots the cars create is dangerous.

    The increased traffic in the street is causing traffic congestion and major safety concerns. The car numbers increase with tourists, Ubers, taxis, delivery drivers and speeding up and down the hill is becoming more prominent. The local children use our street as a safe haven to play and the residents come together for catch ups and BBQs out the front of the houses. We are building a community who takes pride in its neighbourhood and people. The cars do not consider the local children, families nor the pedestrian traffic using the local pathway access to get to the beach.

    Furthermore, noise pollution from the frequent parties and celebrations are becoming a huge issue for residents who need sleep to work and just function the next day. Unfortunately, from current experience, tourists staying in these houses do not care what day of the week it is when it comes to parties and loud music. We have also seen an increase in rubbish and smashed bottles littering our gutters.

    We bought in this street to be long term residents and most of the street would agree. If you count the number of STA applications for Captains Court and its neighbouring streets and actually approve these STAs you are turning our once quiet neighbourhood into a tourist precinct. The local residents bought into this neighbourhood for its amenity, close proximity to schools and the beach. Council will be setting a precedence, driving local residents out and losing any substance we can call amenity. Surely this is against Noosa Council’s long term plan for this area and approving more STAs would just exacerbate the current housing crisis?

    Please Council, refuse this STA application. Keep any STA approvals for dedicated tourist precincts, not local residential neighbourhood communities.

    Thank you,

  14. Rob commented

    Dear Council,

    Please reject any and all applications for STA’s in Captains Court, Sunrise Beach. As a resident in this street it is obvious that there is no place or sufficient infrastructure to support the large numbers of people and traffic that STA’s create. This is a quiet residential street with young families, school aged children and working parents. The noise and blatant disregard for local residents shown by users of number 14 (Air BnB?) is greatly effecting the amenity of this area. During the week kids don’t need to kept awake at night by loud parting and cars coming and going in the middle of the night, early hours of the morning. Parents who work, and shift workers like my wife and myself need quality sleep on nights off or in-between night shifts. This is one of the reasons we chose to buy and live in this street. We strongly object to turning it into a tourist area and loosing the quiet, beachside community appeal. We want to raise our kids in a safe and secure neighbourhood and having multitudes of people coming and going on a short-term basis is not conducive to this. Our kids ride their bikes and scooters with the neighbouring kids in the street after school and on weekends, and as our street is a cul de sac at the end of a series of no-through roads that goes right back up to the roundabout on Southern Cross Parade and Resolute St, this should be a safe and enjoyable thing for the kids to enjoy. People using STA’s are unaware of the this and speed up and down the street making it dangerous for the kids to play.

    The parking is another huge issue. Often at number 14 Captains Court there will be 6 to 8 cars. There is no room for the property to accommodate this number of vehicles so they park on both sides of the road and on neighbouring properties. As the street is steep and curves in this section, it is dangerous and constricts access and vision. There are many days where it is difficult for our cars, let alone the garbage truck or emergency vehicles, to negotiate this constricted space and it is my opinion that it is only a matter of time before this causes an accident. To simply gain access to my property it has been necessary on numerous occasions to knock on the door and get them to move a vehicle or two.

    All of these negative impacts to our street are currently being caused by one STA property. The effects of allowing 4 or 5 STA properties to operate here would truly transform this street and this neighbourhood into a very undesirable place to live.

    Council’s priority should be to foster and protect the kind of community and neighbourhood we have here which supports local schools, jobs, businesses and sporting groups. Not to aid in their destruction by allowing or approving STA’s in residential areas, which ruins the residential amenity and pushes locals out of the area by contributing to the housing crisis.


  15. Phil Harman commented

    Dear Noosa Council, please reject all applications for STA in Captains Court including #12, 14, 17 and 18 Captains Court.

    After renting in different areas of Noosa, we chose to live in Captain’s Court to bring up our family as it was safe, quite and had a community feel. Existing short-term rentals are destroying this. We have seen excessive noise, including a food truck for a 50th birthday in one of the houses used for STA, excessive noise, parking problems and speeding drivers.
    Being a steep hill, with many young children living on the street, there are problems with drivers both accelerating to get up the hill and coming down the hill. For many of the current STA houses, there are excessive number of cars per house (up to 6) and even when driveway parking is available, visitors often park in the street which makes it narrow and difficult to find parks for locals.
    Noosa and Captains Court is special, please keep it this way by ensuring the local community is protected by sound planning decisions.

  16. Felicity commented

    Please reject this application for approval for short term accommodation. Captains court is a otherwise quiet dead end street with many children and families wanting to enjoy a sense of community and peaceful enjoyment of the Noosa lifestyle. The presence of STAs in this street negatively impacts the lifestyle of the many rate paying residential families who contribute to the local community in contrast to the owners of this accommodation.
    Users of STA in Captains court frequently place children at risk of injury, driving without due consideration to their environment. Entering Captains Court from Resolute Street is largely a blind corner due to trees on the footpath, and drivers frequently exit this roundabout at high speed with no consideration of what is around corner. There are frequently many young children playing on the footpath immediately around this corner, or riding their bikes on the street; activities that I would hope families of a “low density residential” zoned area of Noosa could expect to be able to do.
    The number and capacity of the STA in this street far exceeds the amount of safe parking available. The combination of a relatively narrow street, with a gentle curve and upwards slope means with cars parked on the street; residents backing out can not safely check for pedestrians or other cars approaching.
    STA users frequently create noise throughout the day and night, without consideration to local residents. Noise carries through this valley disrupting the families who live here. Visitors show little respect for others, in contrast to the residents of the street.
    There is a strong objection by the residents of this street to STA in this location. Supporting this application is in contradiction to council ruling stating its presence must not detrimentally affect its residents. Please reject this application and preserve the Noosa lifestyle for its residents and their children.

  17. J Thomas commented

    This is a locals, residential area in a LOW density FAMILY home area, near local schools in family oriented Sunrise Beach. Council needs to put residents and neighbours & their pre-existing right to peaceful enjoyment of their own homes before the commercial business of running Airbnb (by often absentee investor owners).

    This is not an appropriate area to run a full time airbnb business, there are sufficient holiday and tourist accommodation in already designated & appropriately regulated tourist accom and holiday resorts.

    Do not take yet another family home out of the long term rental pool, especially needed in this school zone, locals are struggling to find homes to live in thanks to the proliferation of new Airbnbs that council has allowed to flourish over the past few years. It needs to stop, Council needs to support locals & neighbours.

    The location of this family home means the noise of 8-10 partying occupants travels & disturbs neighbours, the rubbish generated means bins are overflowing & incorrectly used increasing landfill & 8-10occupants mean insufficient onsite parking so the residential street is clogged with cars. Do not support business owners when you can support them to turn their commercial airbnb business into an investment in providing a long term roof over a family’s head.

    Local families are the ones who patrol our beaches, spend money every week at local shops & restaurants, volunteer at Meals on Wheels - not transient partygoers who arrive loaded with pre-purchased booze & pre-purchased food, cause chaos to neighbours then leave. Respect our local community of Sunrise Beach and decline this application.

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