29 Stumpy Gully Road Balnarring VIC 3926

Develop four (4) dwellings, subdivision of land into four (4) lots, vegetation removal and associated works generally in accordance with the submitted plans

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 3 months ago. It was received by them 4 days earlier.

(Source: Mornington Peninsula Shire Council, reference P21/1434)


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  1. Robert Anselmi commented

    Cannot support this application. The whole block is less than 3000 sq metres (measurement from MapshareVic), including the main driveway, so the individual housing blocks would be quite small in comparison to those in the rest of Balnarring. This development is quite out of character and should not be approved.

  2. Oliver Threlfall commented

    This development is out of character with he surrounding neighborhood.
    The high building density (four dwellings) will not allow for any significant vegetation (trees) to remain which is against the neighborhood "village feel" that has been maintained to date through thoughtful planning.
    The adjoining homes -specifically those that have the block the battleaxe driveway between them will be, in my opinion have nuisance noise levels associated with such traffic and due to lack of parking within the proposed development (high building area compared to overall block size) extra cars will need to park on Stumpy Gully Road creating more inconvenience for homes that front Stump Gully Road.

  3. E. Eden commented

    This application shows an overcrowded block also, that budget stretched to 4 dwellings will probably result in housing stock that will date and deteriorate quickly. Part of assessing a design is to imagine it in the future - will a block without shade be sustainable in the heat of summer in 10, 20 or 30 years? Or without any surrounding greenery to cool the house? Where will children play? Where will cars park? Considering the norm is two cars per household plus visitors cars? Thinking this through: 4x2=8 owners cars + one visitor per household =12, plus kids playing on the street = a noisy, crowded, tragedy waiting to happen.
    This design would impact the neighbourhood negatively. It would also set a negative benchmark for the rest of Balnarring.

  4. john hodgson commented

    If this application is agreed to.. this becomes the standard for future applicatioins.

    One in "all" in. This is not the back streets of Rosbud.. but it will be & the rural areas gone.

    John Hodgson.

  5. Janet Eyles commented

    My concern is that high-density living such as this application will lead to many more developments springing up around Balnarring just like this one, or existing houses subdividing their blocks. This is already happening of course, but this will cause extra traffic problems and strain on infrastructure causing more demand for changes, to the detriment of existing Balnarring residents. Do we really want to become 'mini mornington'? This development in question is very crowded even though it passes all the requirements, but existing residents will be subject to more nuisance noise and lack of dense vegetation which may or may not be ever replaced. I would hate to see too many high-density developments like this, in Balnarring. I realise that the Council encourages a diverse range of dwelling styles to cater for everyone, but there should be limits to how far this goes.

  6. Hannah Snooks commented

    This development does concern me and my partner due to a number of reasons but in particular the prerequisite this will set for future developments in Balnarring and neighboring suburbs.
    The advice from the arborist that all trees are in poor health and should be removed is suspect at best. The one battleaxe driveway does not seem sufficient to support 8+ car movements a day. This does raise the concern of child safety for neighboring houses.
    This is clearly an over-development and out of character for the area. A revised plan for reduced dwellings and retention of signification trees should be implemented to replace this.

  7. W Patrick commented

    As a longtime resident of Balnarring I am concerned that the approval of such an application will only set a precedent for future similar developments and ruin the rural/coastal feel that Balnarring is so well known for.
    Looking at the plans it would be very easy to retain the vegetation on the block should a reasonable sized single dwelling be erected instead.
    Furthermore as a young family and near a local park, the increased traffic created by multiple dwelling blocks only creates increased risks for small children

  8. Belinda Eden commented

    I oppose this application based on the fact it is not in keeping with the coastal, village aesthetic that Balnarring is known for.

    The ongoing commitment of many long term residents of Balnarring (well before my time) have worked tirelessly to protect and retain the uniqueness of this precious town. This commitment to Balnarring's coastal setting is one of the reasons we moved our young family here - to live and raise them in a beautiful, coastal town, not built up suburbia.

    In the few short years we have lived here it would appear that changes to particular legislation are making approval processes a lot easier for developers and people alike, to buy properties and decimate blocks (including wildlife habitat) and build inappropriate dwellings with no thought for the natural landscape. It completely goes against Balnarring's coastal village feel and we are at risk of losing it to accommodate greedy developers.

    Whilst I am not opposed to "appropriate" changes and development sympathetic to the area, to approve such a permit would see further removal of vegetation, which is also a significant issue impacting Balnarring and Balnarrning Beach. Further, approving this permit has the potential to set a precedent for future applications that are similar in nature.

    Balnarring must be protected from overdevelopment and this is a good example where the application should be rejected.

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