70 Fisher St Fullarton SA 5063

Demolition of existing dwelling and associated structures

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 month ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: South Australia Planning Portal, reference 21013192)


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  1. Sophie Miller commented

    This home is full of character and charm. We cannot destroy all of our history to make was for the new. I am 34 and I am very passionate. This house is gorgeous and should PLEASE stay.

  2. Ryan Piez commented

    What is the need to destroy heritage? Plenty of other ugly homes that are not this beautiful bluestone that can be demolished instead. This home would look fantastic with a modern extension on the back. No need to demolish to put dog boxes in its place all for the sake of profit.

  3. Callum commented

    Please do not destroy our beautiful built history :(. This is absolutely disgraceful, you're destroying our city.

  4. Claire Pennington commented

    This is such a beautiful home, it is not in disrepair and it would be such a waste to demolish it. Australia needs history.

  5. Chelsea commented

    Why know something down, that is perfectly fine, functioning and stunning???? Would happily live here if I could afford to!!!

  6. Sarah May commented

    I don’t understand why you would buy this property with the intention of demolition! It is truly stunning and in such good condition. We should be saving these houses not knocking them down

  7. Lacey Hutter commented

    A home like this can just simply not be replaced. There are so many houses, not full of character and heritage features, that are in far worse condition that should be bulldozed. There is no need for a home like this to be bulldozed. This home is not only full of character, but looks as though it has been maintained with care for over a century by many most likely many families.

  8. Nicole Holt commented

    This is a classic bluestone fronted villa that represents the best of Adelaide’s residential architectural history. Councils should be preserving such beautiful examples of our heritage, not allowing demolition. Please don’t allow this gorgeous home with such history and street appeal to be bulldozed and/or replaced with another hideous new build, of which there are many examples in the council area already.

  9. Hannah commented

    As a community, we need to have better respect for our heritage. There is no character in a city full of modern, new build homes - do not knock this house down!

  10. Cristina tridente commented

    This house is beautiful and is a great representation of true heritage in south Australia. It must not be knocked down! We must protect our heritage buildings.

  11. Eloise Theodore commented

    Preserving architectural history should be a priority. We do not need more apartment complexes. This application should be denied.

  12. Amina Gredelj commented

    Absolutely no need to demolish a stunning example of Adelaide's fine housing heritage. It should instead be kept as a heritage piece for all to witness the beauty of Adelaide's architecture from the early years of its foundation.

  13. Danica Bachmann commented

    Absolutely devastating to see that of all of the eligible properties crying out for rebuild or renovation we are selecting beautifully restored homes instead. Please don’t let the beautiful homes that help shape Adelaide’s character disappear.

  14. Cassandra Newsham commented

    Why do we want to get rid of a reflector of our culture, history and heritage. This house has beautiful charm and character. There is truly no reason to demolish something like this. It is important that we continue to maintain buildings that represent a past Adelaide.

  15. Bethany Stanley commented

    Saddened to see such a beautiful heritage building planned for demolition. Once these character homes are gone, we can never replace them.

  16. Imogen Tait commented

    Why destroy such a beautiful building full of charm and character and heritage, built with a gorgeous bluestone. There is a plague in Adelaide of beautiful old houses and buildings being demolished for no reason other than to build 2 ugly, townhouses or an apartment complex far too close to the street that have no character, no history and feel cold and uncomfortable and haven’t even got enough space for a dog to poop. Beautiful old bluestone homes like this (especially as this one is VERY nice internally with modern renovations and a lovely backyard) must be saved. We do not want Adelaide to turn into a gross concrete jungle. This home must be saved!

  17. Tracy Adams commented

    Adelaide is losing its architectural heritage. Other properties of this age have fallen into disrepair and been demolished. Real estate photos show the property has been lovingly restored. This property should not be demolished. How do we save our history?

  18. Ebony commented

    Why knock down such a beautiful home to probably put up another cookie cutter boring house side by side. Adelaide is known for its heritage homes and beautiful old style. I would love to live in such a well looked after and loved home. Get out of here!

  19. Alana Hickey commented

    Why would this beautiful historical house be pulled down. What has happened to preservation????

  20. Miranda commented

    It would be an absolute travesty if this house was demolished. You cannot even come close to the quality and workmanship in this home. It’s been there for 100+ years. It’s replacement will be lucky to last half that time. And look a lot worse.

  21. Chelsea commented

    What a waste of a beautiful home, character, history and heritage for it to be replaced by some cheap new build. Why buy the place if you don’t like the house. Put it back up for sale for someone else to cherish it. If I could afford it, I’d take it off your hands in a heartbeat.

  22. Amy commented

    Wow cannot believe this is proposed, you should be ashamed!

  23. Kerryn Matthews commented

    How sad it would be to see another beautiful home like this one, replaced with a generic modern day one.

  24. Raluca Cristea commented

    It would be such a shame if this 130 year old home was demolished. It is beautiful and is most likely one of the first buildings established in Adelaide. Preservation of history should be taken into account here. Surely that is common sense.

  25. Beth commented

    This house has incredible character and historical, architectural significance. It would be an absolute crime and embarrassment to demolish such a captivating, lively, beautiful home which seems to be in such good condition. For a home to still be standing for over 130 years is a testament to it's builders and quality of materials and should not be forgotten or erased. I severely hope this proposal is reconsidered.

  26. Maree Schmidt commented

    You cant let this beautiful piece of our history go to waste! It should be heritage listed.

  27. Michael Guerin commented

    Don’t touch it!!! Protect heritage! This house is beautiful, and upholds the character of the neighbourhood.

  28. Deani edwards commented

    We are loosing so much south australian history, please reconsider knocking this gorgeous home down . This is someone’s dream home . It really should be heritage listed

  29. Toby McAllister commented

    People literally flock to counties and pay exorbitant amounts of money to see heritage buildings, why would you knock down such a beautiful heritage building that’s apart of our history and culture!? It boggles the mind!!

  30. Stacey pyle commented

    Wow, to know that someone is ok with demolishing this stunningly kept piece of history is beyond sad.
    Who would not want to live here as it?
    Coming from interstate this is what gives Adelaide its charm. Like Queensland has their Queenslanders. Please protect heritage properties.

  31. Karen Martin commented

    This home is so beautiful and full of character, why would you want to knock it down?
    People travel to Europe and are amazed by the historical architecture, cottages and castles that are hundreds of years old that we dream to live in yet we think it's ok to demolish our history....

  32. Oscar Holmes commented

    Beautiful buildings offering a glimpse into the past cannot be replaced once demolished! Plenty of room for new building work in and around the city and even around this existing building! A plea for reconsideration!

  33. Mattea Romano commented

    Heritage buildings need to be protected. They are unique and can not be replicated or replaced in modern day Australia.

  34. Angela Tomarelli commented

    Please reconsider demolishing this beautiful piece of the past 😢

  35. Phil Spyrou commented

    I’m 29 and self-employed so all for progress and making money but surely planning laws/heritage prevention cannot allow for this to be demolished. There are so many average houses that can be demolished and developed/subdivided or just rebuilt for something more modern.

    This would be a real shame and loss of character/history. Hope it doesn’t happen.

  36. Alexia Frangos commented

    This is a beautiful, historic home, don’t let it be demolished.

  37. Dom commented

    To allow this demolition to proceed would be completely shameful, anyone responsible for this proposition should hang their heads in embarrassment.

    Save, admire and appreciate… beautiful historic architecture.

    This is history..! Have you no respect?

  38. Sarah Goh commented

    Please do not allow this beautiful historic bluestone house to be demolished. These buildings need to be listed as heritage and saved. We are seeing too many disappearing and replaced with ugly modern boxes.

  39. S.W commented

    I am a big believer is preserving history and tradition where possible and I feel for the sake of the generations to come and just the beautiful historic home itself demolishing it is completely uncessesary. If we've learnt anything from today's current "trends" in sociaity is that history is is repeating itself. This home will always be timeless. Not to mention I personally feel that people what to by a home with personality, story and history they are already rare enough as it is.

  40. Bronte King commented

    Please don’t approve the knock down of this home. My home is over 100 years old and proves you can still have all the modern amenities with an older home

  41. Stephen Fox commented

    Common sense is that planning approval for demolition not be granted unless the cost of making the house safe for occupancy outweighs the value of the structure. However with the escalating value of all types of dwelling the opportunity to make a quick dollar means that greed by developers and council, more rate revenue, know no bounds. Not convinced with what I have written? Visit the corner of Fullarton Rd and Culross to see the ugly result of housing infill.

  42. Cherrielee Tosolini commented

    This home is in my neighbourhood and I unfortunately over the past 10 years I have seen many many beautiful old homes demolished in the Unley Council area.
    Saving and preserving our heritage in these suburbs is paramount. Many home buyers are attracted to the area for the ambiance that has been created over the last 150 years with let this house remain as an example of the area’s past.
    Developers pick on another site!!!!

  43. Cherrielee Tosolini commented

    This home is in my neighbourhood and unfortunately over the past 10 years I have seen many many beautiful old homes demolished in the Unley Council area.
    Saving and preserving our heritage in these suburbs is paramount. Many home buyers are attracted to the area for the ambiance that has been created over the last 150 years. Let this house remain as an example of the area’s past.
    Developers pick on another site!!!!

  44. Marta Najfeld commented

    This beautiful house needs a new extension with the original blue stone section being properly restored and renovated.
    Please do not destroy the history. Please do not let our beautiful suburb become another area with no heritage architectural value. The character of Unley is determined by these structures.

  45. Charlotte commented

    This house is historically significant in that it’s an original bluestone villa and there are only so many left. It’s apparently in good condition with a cellar why allow it to be destroyed when it only adds beauty to the streetscape.

  46. Julie commented

    This is a disgrace. Homes like this should not be destroyed...

  47. Tom Brennan commented

    Knock something else down

  48. Brenton commented

    I agree with Stephen.
    This beautiful villa in good condition should not be replaced by yet more inappropriate dwellings for the sake of urban infill.
    When will Council (and State) acknowledge that 'enough is enough' as they continue to allow destruction of the amenity and ambience of our suburbs?
    We can look forward to even more cars parking in the street.

  49. Alicd commented

    This is a beautiful, historic home that would make a family of any kind very happy one day. Why knock it down to build probably another cookie cutter grey cement block?

  50. Bethany commented

    Why do we in Adelaide insist on knocking down so much of our history?! The house looks like it should be heritage listed. If we aren't careful we'll lose all our history.

  51. Georgia Williamson commented

    Please don’t destroy this beautiful home, these homes make Adelaide unique and will be more special as the years go on!!

  52. debbie williams commented

    To own such a wonderful piece of SA Architecture, should be a privilege, and purchased with the desire to enjoy it. To own such properties should also be seen as a custodianship, respect for such fine examples of history and time. A life of over 130 years, in such a beautiful location, and a heritage zone. How many concrete boxes are needed, with the current rental crisis also, just who is going to live in such boxes, what is the target demographic here. Not really suitable for families, no land ownership and a torrens or strata title...just who is this for ?? Not the average person looking for a first home. No green or garden space, constraints of how you live, noise and bin issues. Parking issues, the list is endless. Developers are deciding how people should live, and this is greed is growing like the concrete parasite overtaking not only our city, but our subs. It is madness, it is greed, and will not bode well for the future. It is almost like a Stepford' mentality, you all must conform, you must all have a grey door and like it. STOP THIS MADNESS

  53. N Reynold commented

    This would not happen in European cities where heritage is preserved and loved. Planners only considered how much extra money will be made from two or more houses on the plot rather than the integrity of the home and heritage that will be retained. Once this is gone we lose it forever, imagine New York without its brownstones, the Loire without its chateaux, London without terraced homes. These are places that provide character and human connection to a city. Not some concrete slab subdivisions.

  54. Paula commented

    I have lived in 3 states and by far Adelaide has the most amazing architecture..we can learn so much from these homes ..please reconsider the demolition of such a beautiful home
    Why buy something if this sort if you want ti knock down?! Such a waste!!

  55. Heather commented

    Please do not destroy this beautiful home. This is a historical home and deserves to remain. It should be protected from any further attempts to destroy it.

  56. Julie Potts commented

    To even consider demolishing this dwelling is a travesty and an indication of mindless use of affluence.

  57. Nicky Nemet commented

    Time to stand up and stop the demolition of our history. We will have nothing left for the following generations to appreciate. We need to preserve what little history we have! Stop destroying what deserves to stand proud!!!

  58. Mary Rumbold commented

    This house is an important part of Unley & Adelaide's built history. To give planning approval for its demolition will destroy yet another elegant bluestone structure, the cornerstone's of Adelaide's unique heritage. The new Planning and Design Code has disempowered citizens from taking formal actions in relation to these planning applications. [ It is a developer's nirvana]. It is so wonderful to see so many citizen's speaking up for the protection of our history. In advanced cities of Europe it would be protected. May the CAP show foresight & protect this building.

  59. Maggie Balodis commented

    Unley council please don't approve the application to demolish this beautiful home that holds so much history. We are loosing too many of these historic homes all in the name of development.

  60. Keverall Thompson commented

    I owned "Braeside" 70 Fisher Street 1966 -1971.Purchased from the Rodda family, long-term owners, maybe back to day one 1886. In 1966, original, untouched with wood oven only, dunny outside back door, stables at rear.
    On a limited budget, I enhanced the property sympathetically - the iron gates, front porch, church windows, etc - was much admired then and today it's even better.
    It should be noted that "Braeside" was the first house in the area - Braeside Avenue and Rodda Road are nearby.
    In the last 38 years in Glen Osmond, I've seen too much of this bowling-over of nice homes and replacing with wall-to-wall constructions that will never be admired in future.
    Unley Council and the current owners will both want it to happen - no-one else will.

  61. Liz commented

    Is this application anything to do with Unley? I thought new planning laws meant most applications were "deemed to satisfy" and only exceptions eg multi storey, were looked at by SA planning.
    Councils no longer oversee planning applications.

  62. Tim Rettig commented

    Typically Governments and Councils only listen to the sound of dollars rolling into their cash registers through increased rate and tax revenue. Once all our lovely old homes are gone it will end up looking like Prospect Road and then Beijing.
    I have lived in the neighbourhood most of my life and am really saddened by the rapid destruction of these classic homes. I am about to loose one next door to me this week.
    Wonder how many people would watch "Escape to the Country" if it all the houses looked like the dog boxes being erected in Unley? Yep. None.
    Don't allow the destruction of these irreplaceable houses.

  63. Philip Henschke commented

    This application will be test of the Unley CAP. Do they stand for Heritage and preservation of a quality house?
    Demolition opposed

  64. Sasha McLean commented

    My partner and I went and looked at this house to purchase it. Sadly we were 6 months off being ready to buy, but if timing had been different we would have paid more than it sold for to secure it. I fell in love with it. This house is so beautiful, in good condition and perfectly liveable as is, and would lend itself to a modern renovation one day. There would be many others who see the beauty in this home and would want to maintain it.

    This house adds to the character of the street and area. Symmetrical double frontage bluestone cottages are really rare. It is a unique historic house and should be protected.

    We have friends who visit Adelaide who are always amazed by our character homes, it adds to our suburbs’ charms! It’s part of what makes Adelaide lovely.

    I was really sad we missed out on buying this house, and when someone told me recently that it’s planned to be bulldozed and the land carved up, no doubt with multiple soulless rectangular boxes on top of each other, I was shocked and saddened.

    Why is there not a law that protects these character homes? When we lived in Prospect we watched majestic sandstone bungalows (perfect condition) being torn down to subdivide, not just on main roads but in residential streets. It’s such a shame. We can’t get those houses back, and the whole suburb suffers because when we pick off these houses one by one, the streetscape progressively changes.

    Please protect this house. It’s a disgrace to tear it down and should not be approved.

  65. Olivia Hand commented

    Heritage homes in good condition like this one should be preserved. Unbelievable to think this beautiful solid house and piece of history could be demolished.

  66. Karen commented

    This gorgeous house typifies the charm of the Fullarton area and must be retained!

  67. Helen Fraser commented

    So sad to see all of these beautiful houses being demolished for profit. We must keep some of our history intact for future generations, not simply photos in archives collecting dust.

  68. Timothy Hilton commented

    This is a beautiful and historic home that is a very good example of what is a uniquely South Australia facade. Demolishing it is immoral and should be illegal. Please do not approve this application and ensure that this property, and others like it, are protected for future generations to enjoy.

  69. Philip Henschke commented

    A test of the Council CAP. I note thé potential need to disclose a donation or gift to a Councillor or Council employee. One presumes this applies to the CAP members needing to declare donations by developers to Goverment and Government appointed CAP members. Unfortunately so many big developers donate to Government

  1. Have you made a donation or gift to a Councillor or Council employee? You may need to disclose this.

  2. Please use your real full name if possible.

  1. We never display your street address. Why do you need my address?

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