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8 Compass Pl Sunrise Beach QLD 4567

Detached House - Short Term Accommodation

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 23 days ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Noosa Shire Council, reference SPS21/0076)


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  1. M King commented

    Hi Council

    We really do not need anymore whole of house STAs in Sunrise Beach.

    The influx of tourists into this low density residential area is already impacting on amenity far too much. We already have a great many dwellings offering B&B for between 1-3 guests, both on the Council radar and those flying under the radar. Any property that accommodates more than 3 people such as a house is completely inappropriate in this suburb, and impacts far too much on the surrounding residences. It is unreasonable for locals to be inundated with absentee landlord type businesses like its a tourist district when we thought we had moved to (or bought into) a quiet residential suburb.

    Residents in Sunrise Beach are already complaining that the existing level of tourism is generating increased noise, rubbish, traffic and parking congestion, and that the noise from some houses can be heard many streets away when there are loud, drugged or drunk people staying there who are impossible to reason with. Even the noise generated by nice families getting together in a crowd can mean that neighbouring residents cannot enjoy their own backyards because of the large number of adults and children using the place and the pools. There is also the security risk of not knowing who is renting these premises and the transient nature of the stays means neighbours don’t know from one week to the next who is staying there or what level of disruption will occur to intrude on their lives.

    There is also the effect of the decrease in permanent residents. The needs of such a population are different from long term residents: for example, our schools may suffer from drop in numbers of families living close by as permanent residences dry up. There are 3 schools in Sunrise Beach which could be so affected.

    Tourism is seasonal and with the loss of local residents spending, our shops and restaurants may suffer from loss of local clientele in the down season when these holiday homes are empty, not to mention a lack of accommodation to house the employees of local businesses.

    We need to keep this as a residential suburb where we can sleep at night and have neighbours we can build relationships with, not strangers coming and going without any regard for who lives here.

    Please do not allow this STA to be approved under the SPS planning provisions. It is unfortunate that these applications are allowed at all under a superceded plan, when that superceded plan has been made obsolete and shown to be unsuitable for this suburb. Thank you.

  2. paul jones commented

    please do not allow this application for sta not go ahead , we live in next street and the impact it will have will terrible for our community , ther is little or no parking now ! and the noise in this area travells a long way ,

  3. S.H commented

    Noosa is a beautiful tourist destination in designated tourist destination areas. Sta's in purely residential area's do not begin or end well. Although the property owner and the renting agent will promise a "no party" or " no large loud gathering" house, this is never the case and is never policed and there are really no effective local laws to protect the rate paying long term residents, young and old. Say what you will but the inconsiderate loudness, drunk driving ,locals basic safety and sometimes fed up temper violence will be guaranteed. This is not a good idea and another future disaster can be prevented before it even starts.

  4. S.H commented

    It's baffling as to why the council is ok with Sta's in purely residential areas when they are complete community destroying aggressive drunken disasters, %100 of the time. It all could be prevented.

  5. Johanna Redwood commented

    OMG Noosa Council this is a residential area. If you have a look at this place, it's in a cul-de-sac and is elevated. The inevitable noise from the house if you allow this STA to go ahead will cover far and wide. Don't believe that the owners say it's not a party house. It doesn't have to be. Purely renting it out as a STA ensures that the first night is going to be a big one, followed by a few successive nights at level. It will be the sore thumb in the area as if you checked out the noise level from all other residents, you'd realise it will be virtually non-existent!
    Please do not allow this application to go ahead. Look after the residents!

  6. Jean apierre Dolle commented

    When a house is build in a residential area ,the house is being build for the purpose of living in it . The application should never change to short stay accomodation,we have hotel and motels for this purpose !
    The town has a huge shortage of housing and this is going to be worsened by allowing STA in our community.
    The town planing is inadequate, housing for workers are non existent or far to expensive, large vacant land in the middle of town could be also used to build units accomodation. People are struggling to get a roof over their head,
    Places are being sold for some astronomical price to outsiders of the shire solely for the use of STA due to high rental gain ,this has to stop !!!!

  7. Jodie Thomas commented

    This is a locals, residential area in a low density family home area, near local schools. Council needs to put residents and neighbours & their pre-existing right to peaceful enjoyment of their own homes before the commercial business of running Airbnb (by often absentee investor owners). This is not an appropriate area to run a full time airbnb business, there are sufficient holiday and tourist accommodation in already designated & appropriately regulated tourist accom and holiday resorts. Do not take yet another family home out of the long term rental pool, especially needed in this school zone, locals are struggling to find homes to live in thanks to the proliferation of new Airbnbs that council has allowed to flourish over the past few years. It needs to stop, Council needs to support locals & neighbours. The location of this family home means the noise of 10 partying occupants travels & disturbs neighbours, the rubbish generated means bins are overflowing & incorrectly used increasing landfill & 10 occupants mean insufficient onsite parking so the residential street is clogged with cars. Do not support greedy investor owners when you can support them to turn their commercial airbnb business into an investment in providing a long term roof over a family’s head. Local families are the ones who patrol our beaches, spend money every week at local shops & restaurants, volunteer at Meals on Wheels - not transient partygoers who arrive loaded with booze & food, cause chaos to neighbours then leave. Respect our local community of Sunrise Beach and decline this application. This home was a family home before current owners, so majority use of this property since built as been family home.

  8. Natasha Fabulic commented

    STA businesses should not be allowed in continue to decimate the Sunrise Beach community. Residential houses are to live in. They are not hotels.
    Turning this family home into a short stay hotel will remove yet another home from the rental pool for people trying to find somewhere to live as well as severely disrupt the residential amenity of the neighbours.
    STA commercial businesses with insufficient parking, overflowing rubbish bins and unacceptable noise levels undermine the community and pose a health & safety risk. The adjacent neighbours want to know who is living over the fence. They do not want to be disturbed by the relentless turnaround of holiday makers all year round & the relentless service people supporting the business - leaf blowers, cleaners, pool cleaners, etc etc.. We don't need commercial businesses encroaching on the residential zoned areas.
    If this becomes an STA , the half dozen guest vehicles, as well as the service vehicles, will be a dangerous traffic hazard in the street. The additional parked cars that will litter the street will be a traffic hazard and dangerous for pedestrians.
    This family home is needed to support workers. Children could attend nearby schools. Residents could be involved with local community groups like the Sunshine Beach Surf Club or the numerous sporting clubs nearby. The town planning & infrastructure invested in this community by the ratepayers should be available for residents. Our town needs residents to function.
    Our community should be the priority for the council, not supporting those who wish to compromise our community for their own ends.

  9. S.H commented

    Why is this application even happening? This house is already being used as an sta, clearly without permission. the house to the left of it has been running a "room by the night" situation for years, I'm assuming illegally and number 6 to the right has just applied for sta last week. There are 9 houses total in this quiet purely residential dead end suburban street. Perhaps it's name should be changed to Hastings St?

  10. Lee Donnelly commented

    This is a residential quiet cul de sac with not enough parking for the residents that live here already. It is a nightmare when any of us have visitors, let alone an Air bnb bringing more cars in. We have problems already with this existing air bnb , they frequently arrive with several cars and need street parking, leaving the residence with no parking. The noise is also a problem .

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