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Beecroft Place, Shop T1-7, 18 Hannah Street, Beecroft NSW 2119

New licence - small bar

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  1. Jo Deller commented

    This will be a great addition to Beecroft as there is nothing like it here at all.

  2. Kerrie Clarke commented

    Great idea. Nothing similar in Beecroft and a good alternative to pennant hills pub.

  3. Louisa Coleman commented

    I support this, as do all of my friends living locally. A wine bar will provide a place to meet and enjoy our community.

  4. Andrew Wiltshire commented

    This will be a welcome addition to the Beecroft community.

  5. Peter Clarke commented

    Great initiative for Beecroft. Strongly supported.

  6. Lincoln Tan commented

    Finally! This area would benefit from more flexible bar and dining options. Would be great to have a place to enjoy a quiet drink and some cheese without having to drive to the city or going to a noisy pub in neighbouring suburb. A great addition to the community.

  7. Catriona Conolly commented

    This will be a great addition to the local Beecroft community. This type of venue has been requested by the community for a long time.

  8. Geoffrey Watson commented

    I for one do not believe that Beecroft would benefit from a wine bar on the contrary people already frequent the many restaurants in the area most & most of these have liquor licence's I do not believe that a stand alone wine bar would survive financially .

  9. Noor Makhija commented

    This sounds like an exciting and great new addition to Beecroft! For all ages in the area, it would be a fantastic and unique place to hang out, relax and wind back locally.

  10. Brad Hodge commented

    Great idea - Beecroft needs some variety from straight restaurants - a wine bar is a great idea and would lift all surrounding restaurants trade by bringing in more people

  11. Vaishali Yardi commented

    Terrific idea, having just returned from Adelaide and visiting wine bars there, this will be a great addition to Beecroft as well as to the Australian wine industry. Looking forward to the opening of the wine bar and a great place to chill and relax

  12. Anthony Goodacre commented

    This would be an excellent addition to the venues in Beecroft. Currently people have to drive outside the area to attend venues like this one. By having a venue like this in Beecroft there would be reduced traffic congestion on Beecroft Rd and Epping Road. People would be able to walk to the venue which would reduce the risk of drink driving and provide opportunities for exercise which is beneficial to peoples mental health.
    The venue would create a greater sense of community in a relaxed atmosphere.

  13. Ravi Makani commented

    A classy wine bar will be most welcome in Beecroft. With Epping becoming impossible, this will be greatly appreciated.

  14. Skye H commented

    An excellent idea and I can’t wait to try it. Whilst the local restaurants are indeed licensed, they are restaurants not wine bars which is quite a different proposition. I truly hope the local community rally around this idea as an opportunity to meet and socialise with each other.

  15. Kellie Goodacre commented

    As a local resident I would welcome a wine bar as a local meeting place. The community would benefit from an intimate social meeting place that is open in the evenings as there are no similar venues in the area.

  16. Sue D commented

    I have lived in the community for 24 years and would love to see this plan bar, get the go ahead.

  17. Hema commented

    Wow this will be so good to have in the suburbs- enjoy some good wines close to home.

  18. Jess O’Callaghan commented

    I support this wine bar! Look forward to seeing what it does for the area. Nothing like this in walking distance from our house currently, we have to drive to Epping or Hornsby.

  19. Suhasa Ramesh commented

    What a fantastic idea! This is exactly what Beecroft needs! A fun, vibrant and relaxed atmosphere to enjoy a wine, some food and company of family and friends. As someone who laments travelling to the city etc to seek out a nice spot like this, it is about time this venue became a part of our community!

  20. Noor Makhija commented

    This sounds like an exciting and great new addition to Beecroft! For all ages in the area, it would be a fantastic and unique place to hang out, relax and wind back locally.

  21. Sangeeta Nayar commented

    I whole heartedly support this. It is a welcome addition to the developing dining scene in Beecroft. It would be a perfect place to hangout within our own suburb with friends. Would love to see it getting the go ahead.

  22. SteveD commented

    A great addition to Beecroft. A place to meet friends and have a drink without having to have a meal. Then just walk home.

  23. Vik Krishan commented

    Great idea! Beecroft residents will benefit from having another choice of venue for drinks outside of restaurants. Only the local bowls club has a bar but has a convoluted membership process.

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