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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 4 months ago. It was received by them 8 days earlier.

(Source: Noosa Shire Council, reference OPW19/0231.01)


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  1. Michelle Rowley commented

    I think this whole development needs to be moved to an area that isn't such a valuable habitat. I've been to this site numerous times over the last month and the bird life it supports is amazing. It is an important habitat of Glossie Black Cockatoos and is home to rare plant life as well. Then there's the traffic issues. The whole development needs to be re-evaluated.

  2. Deb Huber commented

    This whole development needs to be re-considered in a way which protects the established she oaks which feed our endangered glossy black cockatoos. Removing these old growth trees and replacing them elsewhere with small seedlings is useless to the current flocks which rely on these established trees. Council needs to go back to he drawing board with the Uniting Church and redraft building plans so that they incorporate this habitat and its fauna rather than allowing the destruction of this precious environment.

  3. Jodie West commented

    This area is full of specific feeding trees for the locally endangered Black Cockatoos that will be destroyed if this inappropriate development is allowed to go ahead. Over 40,000 people have signed a petition calling on Noosa Council to save this area, please listen to them. What credibility is there with ‘Noosa Biosphere’ is there if this is allowed to go ahead? Please save this habitat Noosa, you cannot allow 70 mature & established feeding trees to be destroyed.

  4. Angela Gamlin commented

    Why is it that this development keeps moving the goal posts, constantly making changes. It’s bad enough that this development was ever approved in the first place. I’m a neighbouring property directly affected by this development and the destruction of natural bushland. I could go on about the obliteration of flora and fauna, but that it only part of the problem. Traffic on Ben Lexcen Drive is already a major problem at peak times and there doesn’t seem to be any strategies or future planning to deal with our already congested roads. We have 4 schools within a 1km radius of this development and from webinars held by the developer, the very busy footpath that children utilise everyday to ensure a safe journey to school will be removed, forcing our kids to cross an already busy road. Come on Noosa Council, why did we bother with de-amalgamation if we are only striving to be more and more like our southern shires? What happened to the population cap, not to mention Noosa’s Biosphere. It’s becoming pretty obvious that Noosa has already lost that balance between People and Nature.

  5. Leonie bradbury commented

    This development was approved over Christmas prior to a change of council over 10 years ago. Minor adjustments to lighting are not good enough to offset the loss of important habitat, of which is the last remaining section of high dune aged habitat trees banksia and rare heath. The cramming of dwellings over height structures and roads and the future fears of residents about fire will result in the loss of any remaining protected trees on the site - if they survive the civil works, just take a look at the civic site! this will be the same total destruction. This church is wealthy enough to sell this land back and buy an appropriate greenfield site close to town where residents can walk to shops, use mobility scooters and have flat level ground. This is a sloped site facing west covered in rare fauna and flora and this is totally inappropriate.
    . The council and owner and architects should hang their heads in shame at their lack of respect for the biosphere, the irreplaceable fauna lives in their hands, and the disrespect for community wishes. Call it in. Council call it in before it’s too late

  6. Angela Gamlin commented

    Why is it that this development keeps moving the goal posts, constantly making changes. It’s bad enough that this development was ever approved in the first place. I’m a neighbouring property directly affected by this development and the destruction of natural bushland. I could go on about the obliteration of flora and fauna, but that it only part of the problem. Traffic on Ben Lexcen Drive is already a major problem at peak times and there doesn’t seem to be any strategies or future planning to deal with our already congested roads. We have 4 schools within a 1km radius of this development and from webinars held by the developer, the very busy footpath that children utilise everyday to ensure a safe journey to school will be removed, forcing our kids to cross an already busy road. Come on Noosa Council, why did we bother with de-amalgamation if we are only striving to be more and more like our southern shires? What happened to the population cap, not to mention Noosa’s Biosphere. It’s becoming pretty obvious that Noosa has already lost that balance between People and Nature.

  7. Sianna commented

    The grastree court site is an irreplaceable ecosystem, its destruction wil be devastating to the Glossy Black Cockatoos and many other vulnerable native flora and fauna. A few token trees will not save our glossies from local extinction... we need to start prioritising our planet above profit. Enough is enough, we must protect what we have left before its gone for good.

  8. Kacey Brown commented

    Is this what Noosa has come to? Destroying the homes of our beautiful, natural wildlife — the pride and joy of not only our shire, but our country?

    It's disgraceful. Do better. Protect what needs to be protected. We need our beautiful bushlands and our Glossies. We do not need another building of worship.

    Worship the land and what you already have.

  9. Kylie Taylor commented

    This really needs to be reconsidered particularly if the Church and the council are willing to do a landswap. Not only are there the glossies to consider but the fact is Ben Lexcen Drive, around the schools and where access to the pool and tennis club is, is already chaotic and dangerous at some times of day. Add to that the fact that in other parts of Sunrise Beach such as Orealla Cres, traffic is already increasing and this will be further increased as a knock on effect of added development. Surely the council can look at this again ?

  10. Ray Giddins commented

    Stop rubber stamping development and listen to the people stop killing the endangered black cockatoos

  11. Leoni Roberts commented

    To intentionally decimate the black cockatoo population is criminal and makes a joke of the whole Biosphere claim.
    This is one time that the whole community would be behind Noosa Council were you to refuse the devt and need funds to pursue and defend.
    Churches don’t pay taxes. Residents do. Please endeavour to explore every available avenue to overturn this proposed sacrilege.

  12. Janet Clark commented

    I strongly object to this development apart from the destruction of the bushland which feeds many native species, especially the Glossies, i do not think the traffic issues have been considered as our population has exploded Ben Lexcen drive in school and peak hours is a hazard, there are many children on bikes, skateboards etc. No where to pull over to allow emergency vehicles which no doubt will sadly be needed as traffic further increases, i fear we will end up with a 4 lane highway across the sacred Wallum wet lands, please reconsider this proposal it is not vital or an asset to our community, only the wealthy will benefit it will cause massive grief in so many ways. Are we not a biosphere? Not for long if our council allows churches & developers to destroy our town, greed is the root of all evil!

  13. Glenn wheeler commented

    You are going to destroy a beautiful birds habitat that is struggling to exist around the area as it is,Stop bulldozing so much native bushland for unnecessary reasons, not to mention the traffic chaos it would create noosa is losing its vibe,all for money its disgusting!

  14. Penny Robertson commented

    Please listen to our community. The glossies are important. I'm also unhappy about increased traffic on Ben Lexon. It's terrible at school drop off/pick up times. How do we ever escape when fire comes?

  15. Naomi Murphy commented

    Please start listening to the community . We do not want more bush land destroyed for a residential development that is not required . The ratepayers will support a buyback . The church can then purchase in the Southern shire where these developments are supported.
    Stop wringing your hands saying it can’t be done because we all know it can .

  16. Janet Daly commented

    Absolutely Disgusting that we as the public need to be standing up for our beautiful bushland and its wildlife ! What is the problem with these "christian life loving souls"
    Why is it, those that believe in so much, that they cannot understand why we are all here needing and wanting the life to be secured and the amazing bushland in which they survive !
    PLEASE listen to our ask and STOP destroying the best of what is left for our MAGNIFICENT WILDLIFE and OUR BEAUTIFUL BUSHLAND ! Church's aren't needed.. Greed is a disgusting thing..

  17. Marie Walker commented

    I’m disappointed this development is even being considered. Have we not learnt from our past mistakes? Keep Australia’s wildlife safe. Stop the greed from destroying this unique country.

  18. Prue Jones commented

    Noosa Council claims to preserve the natural environment and protect endangered species’ habitats. This is clearly not happening here. I live in Sunrise Beach and during school pick up and drop off times, often can not get out of my street for 30-45 mins. The traffic congestion issues must be considered. Sunrise Beach can not sustain another high density development here. I object to this development.

  19. Hans Erken commented

    To go ahead with this development is eco-vandalism plain and simple. Glossy Black cockatoos are precious and endangered.

  20. Jennifer Hill commented

    We’ve seen what’s happened to our koalas by allowing developers to keep desecrating our bush land. Stop this development from going ahead and give our native wildlife a chance. People live here because they enjoy living in a place which has open spaces, wildlife and minimal traffic. Stop clearing land to build unnecessary developments. Maybe buy back some of the old industrial sheds in the existing industrial area, rezone and build there instead. We don’t need this new development, we can’t accommodate the extra workers that would be needed anyway, why make the problem worse?

  21. Paul Fraser commented

    It’s becoming critical that those in positions of authority and making decisions regarding development start thinking about the environmental consequences. Australia’s environmental history is appalling, it’s time to change.

  22. Lois Pearson commented

    The Glossy black cockatoo is a distinctive and endangered bird of Australia. Ask any zoo, wildlife captive avian breeder or backyard aviculturist about raising glossy black cockatoos in captivity...because few have any success in fact raising this particular bird in captivity is near impossible. They are select eaters and have specific dietary needs and no one seems to be able to replicate these needs, as such captive young birds die. The relationship between this bird and the casuarina tree is complicated and not understood by scientists, all everyone can agree on is that their diet is highly specialized, that for glossy cockatoo young to survive they need their specific food trees and humans to date have not created a specific, suitable commercial bird food to replace the seed and nutrients contained within casuarina seeds. For the Sunrise glossy cockatoo their special diet is Casuarina littoralis. Casuarina littoralis grow on this lot at Grasstree Court and for several years now local people have documented the significance of the feeding behaviours of glossy black cockatoos in the Grasstree Court casuarina trees. This block of land is of significance to the survival of the Sunrise glossy black cockatoos and to the successful longevity of visiting flocks of glossy cockatoos that have moved to this area from bushfire damaged habitat and other deforested sites in the region because of the significant stand of Casuarina littoralis. Survival of the local flock are dependent on all the feed trees to remain standing on this block of land. Not a few of these trees, all of these trees.

  23. Sophie Chegwyn commented

    Please do not allow development to go ahead on the endangered Glossy Cockatoo habitat in Sunrise Beach behind Grasstree Court.
    The original approval was based on an out-of date ecological report conducted on one day in an off-peak time for the Glossies.
    Do not destroy these glorious birds.
    If allowed, it will be a dreadful legacy for the Noosa Council and shred any environmental legacy it may have.
    We will not stop fighting this development.

  24. Shona Raudonikis commented

    We are meant to be a biosphere creating harmony between development and native flora and fauna, allowing each to co-exist without creating harm. How does destroying the native trees that feed the Glossies create harmony. It’s bad enough that trees are being bulldozed around the Civic for a business hub, haven’t you heard, more people are working from home. Why this latest development has been approved is beyond my comprehension. Let’s just be honest and ditch the ‘biosphere’ label, nobody on the council cares about this and this resident does not believe that the council is serious about its commitment to the premise of the biosphere. Save out native flora and fauna.

  25. Jo Searle commented

    Please do not allow development to go ahead on the endangered Glossy Cockatoo habitat in Sunrise Beach behind Grasstree Court.
    The original approval was based on an out-of date ecological report conducted on one day in an off-peak time for the Glossies.
    Do not destroy these glorious birds.
    If allowed, it will be a dreadful legacy for the Noosa Council* and shred any environmental credentials it may have.
    From children to retirees and more, will not stop fighting this development.
    *Noting Noosa Council has proposed a site exchange which the Church is yet to accept. Please encourage this option as a much better outcome for the Glossies, the environment and the Noosa community now and into the future.

  26. Melissa commented

    I object to this development! I shouldn't even have to. It's ridiculous that it is even being considered. Maybe the old TAFE site that isn't being used would be a better location.

  27. Morgan Gregory commented

    Can we not destroy a valuable piece of ecosystem habitat for yet another vulnerable and important Australian animal... especially for a church extension..
    We've just about lost all the koala numbers in Noosa, let's not lose the glossy cockatoos too

  28. Duncan Hermon commented

    I object to this development,we have to save these birds please do'nt approve this application
    Surely there is other land available.The "church"
    Should know better.

  29. Philippa Murray commented

    It is not acceptable to approve this when there is such strong opposition within the community. This will be regretted for years to come. There is other much more suitable land without destroying the food of vulnerable species.

    Council in this biosphere must do the right thing. Disgraceful that a church wants to do this.

  30. Penny Holcombe commented

    The community feel very strongly that this development should not proceed. In addition to decimating the habitat of the glossy cockatoo, the traffic impact will be enormous. This is not a development that will support the general community, it will be targeted at the well off. There a many other areas more suitable.

  31. Felicity Broadbent commented

    Do not destroy the natural habit of wildlife, we are all here to share this earth not have one species rule it. Leave the black glossies alone , go somewhere else.

  32. Melissa McChesney commented

    The community is strongly against this development. We are the ones you work for. We will well and truly be giving you more feedback come election time. This is a disgrace!

  33. Jady Smith commented

    Development of this site should be reassessed based on up to date ecological, climate and community concerns.

  34. Suzanne Mcdougall commented

    As well as the environmental impact on the land & resident wildlife, this is a massive overdevelopment of the site. The surrounding suburban streets are already struggling to cope with the traffic in and around school times. A different location needs to be found.

  35. Jade Crear commented

    Please stop this development from going ahead. The protection of our wildlife, especially the endangered black glossy cockatoo trumps destroying their habitat.

  36. Lynne Weston commented

    I support the land swap. This site is vital to our glossy blacks and after the devastation of the Bush fires, our environment is crucial. The uniting church should listen to the people, they have the funds to shift this development, which is not wanted nor needed. Show some compassion and commit to the land swap.

  37. christine oakley commented

    i support a land swap to an area of land that isn't the food supply for an endangered species.
    the council needs to seriously look at the traffic implications of this size of development. this will funnel traffic onto already overloaded roads which are gridlocked in peak times.

  38. Heather delabertauche commented

    Save the Glossies definitely buy also how can this be approved to allow so many more cars to enter Sunrise Beach . It is way to busy around school times. Noosa traffic has got bad enough . Where is population cap being considered here??? No to turning Noosa into one big traffic jam everyday!!!!!

  39. Tim Price commented

    We need to be doing more to protect the vulnerable species of this planet. Humans are NOT a vulnerable species. We can adapt.. Glossies cannot if their food source is taken away.

  40. Brock Harrison commented

    The beautiful natural environment is what makes Noosa a “must-see” tourist destination for people from around the world... why would you want to ruin that for a few dollars now from unnecessary development?
    Short term gain, long term pain!

  41. Russell Quinn commented

    There are three schools within 1 km of this proposed development. All serviced by the same road that will service this development The local area infrastructure is not in place to support a development of this size. This is an unnecessary destruction of an established habit boarding a wildlife corridor when it appears Noosa council has the opportunity provide a suitable alternative site through a land swap or other means. The substantial numbers that have signed a recent petition against this development show the clear lack of support for the development in this location by the local residents and the Noosa community at large.

  42. Kiera commented

    This development will lead to the extinction of yet another endemic animal. We’re No1 in the world at that. And Noosa Council, once again, will add to that number.
    I actually thought this was some sort of Bio-sphere thing, but it’s clear the only greenery your interested in is investor money. We don’t even need another retirement village, we have ten in the area already, plus we don’t have a big enough hospital to cater for all these people, which is actually putting their lives at risk too.
    But like I said previously, you don’t care about people or the environment, it’s only ever been about the money for Noosa Council.

  43. Ben Callcott commented

    The design and construction of the Flexi school nearby and the controls they implemented to minimise the impacts to the surrounding environment should have become the minimum in planning standards for the area. Instead this development has been approved to totally clear fell the massive site and fill it in with concrete. Over the years there has been some developments that have been innovative and successful in protecting the flora and fauna in this area. Ths bridge on Eenie Creek over the wetland just behind the Blue Care site is a perfect example. A careful design using the principles on display at the flexi school and there could AND should have been a low impact development surrounded by nature and a sanctuary for these magical birds. A perfect example of a "Biosphere" on show. Instead we have modern financially motivated development at its worst and from a church no less.

  44. Linda Shaw commented

    This minor change request is is an opportunity for council to request a meeting with Uniting Church and Lendlease to discuss the overwhelming support of the community for a land swap. Over 46000 have signed the petition and it is still climbing rapidly. We do not want this development!!! Our local Glossy population is threatened. In Friday's Noosa Today, the Uniting Church claim, "There is no evidence to substantiate the claim that the site is critical habitat". We have been observing the Glossy's behaviour for years and have data to prove that this site is used by 20 to 30 birds every year in late Autumn/Winter prior to breeding. The Church's ecological study was done in January, an historically quiet time for this site. The Glossies rotate through different areas, saving this important site for when they are mating and breeding. There must be a good reason for this. There is a greater proportion of mature Casuarinas here. Uniting Church say that this site was once cleared and the she-oaks are regrowth. This may be the case but the Glossies have come to rely on these trees. The Noosa Springs Development, Girraween Sports Complex, the Flexi School, the Eenie Ck Bypass and the 2019/20 fires have all contributed to make this last bit of Glossy habitat absolutely crucial for their survival. The offset planting may benefit the Glossies in 10 to 20 years... the Casuarinas
    are fast growing as the Uniting Church claim, but it takes a minimum of 8 to 10 yeas to become viable food trees. They also say a permanent water source will be investigated at this site... no guarantees of this ever happening!! Leaving a few token trees on site will not work either. Female food trees need male she-oaks to fertilise their flowers in order to produce cones. Casuarinas need to be in clusters so young trees are continually growing up to replace the older trees when they die.
    This development will be high density. Lots of units crammed in with no room left for any trees... An eyesore...especially when viewed from Burgess Ck Reserve with high rise unit blocks along the back boundary.
    The traffic issues are also of immense concern to our community. I drive along this road every day. So many children walk and ride their bikes along this road. It will become so much more dangerous, especially during the building period with trucks and construction vehicles causing more congestion.
    This development will break our community. We are passionate about preserving this important habitat. If this aged care facility goes ahead it will harm the mental health of all of of us who live here. They are not even consulting with us, even though Amelia Lorensten actioned for this at a Council meeting late last year. They are not living up to their obligations or their own environmental principles. PLEASE do whatever it takes to stop this. Even if we have to fund a court battle, buy back scheme or compensation for the church to start again at another site. I am sure our community would be happy to contribute to this.

  45. Elizabeth Beaumont commented

    Development of the Glossy Black Cockatoo s Grasstree Court.
    This particular "development ", is murderous to the entire eco system that boasts years of untold natural evolution. It only holds sway to an inherent greed that so many church's now display. It's hypocritical to the Uniting Church's own ethos.
    As for the Glossy Black Cockatoo s, well it's the eleventh hour. And we all know what that means. Starvation.
    Negative competition within the flock. It's not good enough to assume they will fly away and find other trees. It's a sentiment that is a cope out. We are all aware that this is a classic Sir David Attenborough moment, they've disappeared before we had a chance to better understand them .
    As for the emotional impact on those that love and revere them, a measurement that can never be counted , what do you say?
    It's bird genocide. And all the numerous species that call that patch home. Like echindnas.
    But they don't care. If they did they would openly call us and return emails phone call .
    Elizabeth Beaumont Highly Commended Leadership for Sustainability .

  46. Renee Kilo commented

    Noosa Council,
    You seriously need to reconsider this approval, it is not the area for such a huge development. Ben Lexcen is already exploding with traffic & congestion from the schools & sporting facilities in this area, the High School has over 1600 students not to mention the other Schools. Sunshine Beach State School changed there school times to help ease the traffic moving 10-15mins earlier, it has helped a little. These kids are already at risk walking/riding to school for there education.
    My daughter (6yr old at the time) broke her arm a few years ago whilst leaving school for the day, the ambulance could not get to her with school traffic, buses, kids etc.. I ran her from the top of Ben Lexcen to the traffic lights, whilst waiting for my partner to get through the traffic to take her to emergency.
    You are putting Elderly lives at risk !!!!
    I live on Ben Lexcen, I know how bad it is!

  47. Erica Aronsten commented

    It takes a child, Spencer, speaking for generations to come, of the vital necessity to protect our precious wildlife and eco system. Listen Noosa Council to his voice and the voices of your community, as they plead for the Black Cockatoos who face starvation and extinction in South East Queensland should this totally inappropriate corporate church development go ahead. Let not the mistakes of previous Councils and planners define the future of this space.

  48. Robyn Hewitt commented

    This development may have gone through all the right planning permissions, but it is so wrong to allow it to proceed. We know the importance of this habitat despite that not showing up on any state vegetation overlays. The historical "deal" was to use the site for community purpose and yet we are looking at a luxury over 50s development on the southern part of grasstree court which most in the community cannot afford. The traffic impacts will be excruciating for the already busy school times. When it first was approved by Noosa Council just befote amalgamation, there were only 8 submissions against the development, as im sure people had no idea what was being proposed. Now we have over 45000 saying this is not acceptable. Our environmental protection laws are not strong enough. We need you! Council to approach the developer and see what can be done to move the development to a more appropriate site. There is enough support in the community to crowd fund a buy back. There are options. Please act to support this community and protect the wallum and all the life it supports.

  49. Kate Davey commented

    Dear Council,
    Please do all that you can to deliver a land swap for this site. The vulnerable Glossy black cockatoo needs our help. I moved to the Noosa shire to be closer to nature. This is yours/ours value proposition - don't lose what makes this area special.

    It would be a great tragedy to lose this habitat and the birds and other wildlife that call it home. We have lost too much already. Protect what is left.

  50. Denise Ravenscroft commented

    Appalled that you are approving a development that will destroy this crucial habitat and the vital feeding trees for the endangered Glossy Black Cockatoos along with many other species. There is a solution to this - please encourage the Uniting Church to take up the land swop. This will be an appalling legacy to leave if this vital area is destroyed. It will destroy any credibility you claim to have on environmental protection. Birdwatching brings tourists. Please do not shoot yourself in the foot and show the community and this country that you care and have some integrity.

  51. Quinn commented

    There is literally no support going towards this development, it is a statement to all the people who live in the area that the council does not care at all about the people and natural habitats that live there.

  52. Jodi Cilia commented

    Please leave valuable ecosystems alive so it can support a variety of life..crucial for the black cockatoo.. crucial for our own wellbeing..
    Less development..more wildlife!🌏🌳🕊

  53. Laura De Marco commented

    What are you doing Noosa Council? Your turning this once beautiful area into another Gold Coast. We need to save what we all came here for the natural beauty of the area. The amazing native plants, the endangered Wildlife & bird life. Surely this area where the Black cockatoo's come to feed is worthy of rescuing. Or do you want to be known as the Council that refused to help prevent the extinction of this species of Cockatoos.Aged care can be put anywhere as the residents there won't be too worried about anything out of their four walls.

  54. M King commented

    This development will be the end of Noosa's (Sunrise Beach's) glossy black cockatoo population. That would be unforgivable.
    Having already signed the petition, we would like to see the Uniting Church swap this important ecological site for another portion of Council land, however it doesn't sound like the Church is willing to budge. Their issued Statement makes a few comments that appear to have been construed through rose-coloured glasses. For goodness sake, you cannot relocate nature - birds select nesting and feeding areas for some reasons known to us but other reasons unknown and unproven in science and the comments in the Statement that begin 'no evidence", "no basis", etc are ludicrous and self-serving. Let's use some realistic science words like "regional extinction" and "nutritional profitability".

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