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33 Whale Dr Sunshine Beach QLD 4567

Detached House - Short Term Accommodation

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 month ago. It was received by them 4 days earlier.

(Source: Noosa Shire Council, reference SPS21/0037)


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  1. Peter Van Zijl commented

    It is becoming increasingly obvious that there is an applications for SSL, having lived 5 houses away from this location I know what impact having short term holiday letting is having on us locals but to the community fibre of our once quiet residential pocket. There is a huge scarcity of long term rentals required- don't let another opportunity to house a local family go by. the hospitality industry is crying out for staff, but they cannot remain in town due to the lack of housing.
    The roads here are ridiculously narrow, we have NO footpaths, we need to do all we can to reduce extra traffic into this neighbourhood, that includes the tribe of cleaning preening services that go with these high turn over rental properties. These investment property owners are not contributing to the fabric of our shire, as volunteers, neighbours that look out for each other. We can mention the associated concerns- a genuine front on the ambience and feel of our neighbour hood, safety, light and noise pollution, strangers coming and going in your street, commercial business running from a residential enclave. As locals we paid the price and choose not to be in a holiday precinct, that is why we have town planning in the first place, abide by what is right for your voting resident ratepayers-not investors.

  2. Andrew Cooksley commented

    Please, no more short-term accommodation rentals in this area. This is meant to be a residential area supporting a community and not a holiday resort populated by short-term visitors. A few short-term rentals are fine but the number of STA’s in the area has now passed what is reasonable to maintain a happy community. These are businesses and not houses. Sadly they also drive out long-term renters and drive up rental prices. No more short-term stays please

  3. R Seamer commented

    Please do not increase the STA in this area. Keep Whale Drive as a residential area with the possibility of more long term lettings.
    Holiday makers are very important for Noosa. Tourists should be able to fully enjoy their holiday, but any increase of short term accommodation needs to be in the zoned tourist area, near restaurants, bars and hotels, where tourists will not affect working residents that need their sleep. We have all been disturbed, in the past, by late night revellers, when ear plugs and closed windows were not effective.

    This house should provide long term accommodation instead which will benefit our local community.

  4. Alice Clapham commented

    We are a young family that lives nearby the proposed STA. We strongly object to this proposal. We moved to this area to be a part of the community--and a huge part of that are our neighbors. Creating an environment that cultivates those relationships and strong ties is of the upmost importance. Having a continuous stream of holiday makers will be detrimental to the fabric of the neighborhood.

  5. Johanna Redwood commented

    Wow Noosa Council it just doesn't stop. I hope you do not approve this STA as it is AGAIN, in a residential area. There are numerous options for accommodation in regulated providers. Do not continue to destroy our residential immunity.

  6. Steve commented

    Fully support previous comments regards DTA and its potential impacts on Noosa residents. It’s just not appropriate for a proliferation of STA in Low and medium residential areas. Surely there is adequate accommodation in the tourist high density zones to sustain the local economy. Low and medium zones support local community cultural needs and allow us to live and work in Noosa to support the local economy.

    Council ought accept that STA is a business venture that requires tight regulation. Recommend council suspend further approvals until a cogent and acceptable STA local law is approved.

  7. Natasha Fabulic commented

    I am flabbergasted not only by the volume of homes in residential streets seeking STA but by the number of requests being approved! Just this morning I received notification that the 31 Whale Beach Drive application was approved. No explanation provided. This is so disappointing!

    Why is council approving all these homes to be turned into businesses??
    With so many neighbours desperately asking that these homes remain in the residential pool, for residential amenity to be considered, for communities to be supported. I repeatedly voice my concerns as do so many other residents but our concerns seem to be falling on deaf ears.

    STA businesses should not be allowed in residential suburbs. Tourists do not mix in residential areas. Residential houses are to live in. They are not hotels.
    Turning a family home into a short stay hotel will remove yet another home from the rental pool for people trying to find somewhere to live as well as severely disrupt the residential amenity of the neighbours.
    STAs undermine the community and pose a health & safety risk. The adjacent neighbours want to know who is living over the fence. They do not want to be disturbed by the relentless turnaround of holiday makers all year round & the relentless service people supporting the business - leaf blowers, cleaners, pool cleaners, etc etc.. We don't need commercial businesses encroaching on the residential zoned areas.
    For this property, the half dozen vehicles that will come if this is an STA will be a dangerous traffic hazard in this street. The street is already marked with a yellow line so where will all the cars park?
    This home would be ideal for a family. Children could attend nearby schools. Residents could be involved with local community groups like the Sunshine Beach Surf Club or the numerous sporting clubs nearby. The town planning & infrastructure invested in this community by the ratepayers should be available for residents. Our town needs residents to function.
    Our community should be the priority for the council, not supporting those who wish to make money from homes. Please stop destroying our residential amenity & community

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