699 Lawrence Hargrave Drive, Coledale NSW 2515

Signage - LED signage board

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 19 days ago. It was received by them 10 days earlier.

(Source: Wollongong City Council, reference DA-2021/384)


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  1. Dave Macey commented

    I object to an L.E.D. sign being installed at the school
    It will be a dangerous distraction at the crest of the road and a dangerous intersection
    L.E.D. Signage is highly obtrusive and not in keeping with the sea side atmosphere
    The signage will be a nuisance to anyone who lives near by with the large amount of unwanted light that will destroy the night scape and intrude on their living spaces
    Those livlng at a greater distance will have light reflecting off the sea mist again destroying the seaside night scape
    Yours Faithfully

  2. Roger West commented

    I totally agree, Dave. How can this possibly be necessary?

  3. Claire Hooper commented

    I also completely agree with Dave and Roger. It is unnecessary light pollution, potentially a dangerous distraction and completely out of character with the area.

  4. Gerry Vartan commented

    An electronic sign at a public school. I thought they were for chop shops, massage parlours, pizza joints and all things with no class. Please wake up, Coledale Markets is going down garbage road.

  5. Anthea Smith commented

    I agree with Dave.
    Not necessary re reasons already stated or in keeping with the area.
    Dangerous taking people’s attention from the road. Particularly in that area. Annoying for residents etc.

  6. Libby gentle commented

    Agree with all of the objections raised here. In particular the distraction aspect on a rise and dangerous corner. I drive this road twice daily and am certain that this sign as an led is not necessary. The existing sign is very visible. Upgrade if necessary of course but NOT led please. I also feel for residents particularly a night. It will certainly inhibit their amenity.

  7. Pauline commented

    I think that a Led Sineage Board would look out of place in such a small village atmosphere and may not fit in with the area. These signs are probably more needed and necessary in a lot larger schools, not a small school like a Coledale. I do feel sorry for any residents who live opposite the sign which may be affected or annoyed by its lights and flashing signs at night, I know I would be. I also wonder if it will be a distraction at night and a safety issue to traffic driving past at night looking at the sign.

  8. Jen Pope commented

    I agree with all the comments made so far. Coledale is a village, with a village atmosphere. There is no need for such a sign.

    Residents living opposite would be impacted by the light. This could be mitigated by limiting the use of the sign to daylight hours. However, the use of an LED sign is not warranted as its effectiveness is that it stands out at night time, and there is virtually no traffic after dark along this stretch of LHD. The main traffic is during the day, on weekends. And we all know at those times it can be a hazzard to drive along, without any distractions. (I'm sure we all remember (and were deeply impacted by) the tragic death at that exact location a number of years ago). Drivers need to remain vigilant while driving on LHD.

    I wonder if the school could put funding such as is required to install such a sign to more appropriate uses - battery storage for their solar system, literacy materials, expanding the eco garden, boosting the funding for teaching staff to help with children with dyslexia or ADHD for instance. It seems nonsensical to me.

  9. Cassandra cahill commented

    Why add LED signage?
    What’s the reason?
    Completely unnecessary
    Terrible for the neighbours to have a sign glaring into their homes
    Need the drivers to concentrate on the road near the school rather than being distracted by an LED sign

  10. Susie Crick commented

    As a direct neighbour of Coledale school I consider this signage to be unnecessary and a waste of resources. It will be an eyesore to the landscape and detract from the natural beauty of the neighbourhood.
    Coledale is a tiny village and we all live within cooee of each other.
    We don’t need neon disturbing the peace.

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