713 - 735 Main Western Road, Tamborine Mountain QLD 4272

Tourist park

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 20 days ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Scenic Rim Regional Council, reference MCU21/054)


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  1. Andrew Fellowes commented

    The Scenic Rim Council state that this application is against The Planning Scheme and list 8 areas of concern.
    Quite simply this should not be allowed as it is against the Planning Scheme and to call this commercial operation as nature based stretches the imagination beyond belief.

  2. Simone Stelmasiak-van Mourik commented

    I strongly object to this development. Unfortunately it appears that the developers expect approval looking at the building activity already taking place on this site.
    This is a Rural Residential zone and not a business district. The Scenic Rim Council states that it does not comply with The Planning Scheme. Tamborine Mountain needs all the bore water for residential supply and not for a commercial "nature based" onsen development. The area nominated for the villas is one of the few left enabling wildlife to cross from the eastern to western escarpment and as such should not be developed. Instead of being able to view the distant mountain panorama while driving along Main Western Road, tourists and residents will be looking at a "housing development".

  3. Anne and Tony Shorter commented

    We strongly object to this commercial development and the material change of use for this area. Council requirements for this application highlight numerous significant aspects that need to be addressed for it to proceed.
    What period of public notification is to be given?

  4. Norelle Jean Lino commented

    I agree with the comments made by Anne & Tony Shorter we do not need such a material change of use for this end of the mountain.

  5. Trish Harrison commented

    I agree with Simone , Anne and Tony Shorter. We do not need such a material change of use for the southern end of the Mountain, The Scenic Rim Council states that it does not comply with The Planning Scheme, there will be further stress on our natural water system and it will change the aesthetics of main Western Road. I object to this development.

  6. Phil Harrison commented

    I object to this application - to describe this as nature based tourism is a gross misinterpretation of that term given that this same facility could be provided in a tourism hotspot such as the Gold Coast. This is simply hot tubs and villas, that is hardly nature based tourism and this appears to be at best a creative attempt to gain approval for a tourist park within a rural residential zone. I strenuously object

  7. Margaret Campbell commented

    There have been 2 former residents at this site and 2 former residents at the site abutting this lot. All have been refused any development further to their particular residences. The reason for this is that it is declared to be an area known to have the potential to slip. Given that it is only a couple of hundred metres from the 'Goat Track' (where slips regularly occur) and shares the same geological features as land above that section of the shelf, it would be a disastrous decision and one without conscience to allow further concentration of dwellings to occur. What was disallowed historically for very sound reasons for several previous applicants must not be allowed for the persuasive wishes of the present applicant.
    There are indications that this application is 'fait accomplis'. I find this very very concerning.

  8. Amanda Hay (Secretary, Tamborine Mountain Progress Assn Inc) commented

    The property is identified within the Koala Priority, Core Koala Habitat and the Koala Habitat Restoration Areas. Whilst no vegetation clearing is "proposed", inevitably there is some "creep", and there is no guarantee that the development will be limited to two stages. There is no demonstrated "need" for this type of commercial activity on this site or in this area of the Mountain. Regardless of whether the accommodation units are "cabins" or "villas", there is already an over-supply of cabin-style accommodation on the Mountain, along with an unknown number of Air B&Bs. The "Res A" precinct should remain just that - residential. The proposal indicates that the current dwelling will be converted & that there is to be a Manager's residence, yet there are no plans for the property to remain a Principal Place of Residence. The proposed development is inappropriate and outside the community's expectations IAW the provisions of the Planning Scheme. I make these comments on behalf of the Tamborine Mountain Progress Assn Inc in my capacity as Secretary.

  9. Jeanette Lockey commented

    This project does not accord with the Planning Scheme.The Planning Scheme deliberately separates tourism areas from the residential zones for obvious reasons. Opening the door to demolish the amenity of residents here will lead to the jumble of anything anywhere of e.g. the Gold Coast & will destroy the valuable world famous character of Tamborine Mountain renowned for its semi-rural environmental character.
    The villas proposed are simply that - accommodation with views and due to the very steep slope no environmental ventures would be possible. Further, as this is in Core Koala Habitat clearing for the extra buildings will diminish this resource.
    There is no established need for this application.as the mountain is awash with cabins, Air B&B's and similar tourism outlets.
    This is a Residential A zone and a "tourism park" should not be approved here..
    Jeanette Lockey

  10. Roland Lindenmayer commented

    This is zoned Rural Residential. Commercialising this site is against the planning scheme and should not be approved by council. Putting tourist accommodation on this site will inevitably mean destruction of koala habitat trees. There are state rules in place to prevent this happening which should be adhered to by council. There is already a plethora of cabins, B & B's, air beds and such accommodation on Tamborine Mountain, more is simply not needed and would adversely affect those in business now. This is also a slippage area and would require extensive, deep foundations, the developing of which could affect the stability of neighbours' residences. The whole proposal is nothing but a "get rich quick" scheme and must not be tolerated. No responsible council could or should approve this or similar proposals.

  11. Ashleigh line commented

    I strongly object to this development for all of the many true and valid reasons mentioned above. The impact on our wildlife will be significant, not to mention that this is a zoned residential area not equip to handle this type of commercial operation.

  12. Gisela Meehl commented

    I strongly object to the development of this site as it zoned evidential and is a wildlife habitat. We do not need more traffic, noise and debasement of our environment. If the Goat track is anything to go by the slippage problem should be enough to put a to pick to any development plans.

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