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27 Park Avenue, Kingswood NSW 2747

Demolition of existing structures and construction of 2-3 storey boarding house containing 64 rooms and a manager’s residence, basement parking, landscaping and stormwater works.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 3 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Penrith City Council, reference DA21/0225)


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  1. Joe commented

    We have enough boarding houses in the Penrith area already. Developers need to stop with the money grab and council needs to put a stop to them.

  2. Tom commented

    This is just too big for the area. It's not useful for people to live as it's not close to anything.

    This type of development in this park of Kingswood will it attract drug addicts and people coming out of prison.

    It should be rejected and townhouses built instead.

  3. Danielle schwarzer commented

    Penrith City Council you should be ashamed of yourself if you allow this development. Your lack of consideration for residents and families will be very clear if this is approved. Kingswood already has too many boarding houses and this one will another one placed around the corner from a primary school as well. And I know for a fact that this school already has had numerous issues with residents of affordable housing to the point they have gone into lock down, police called and are even unable to play in the playground. The number of boarding houses already in Kingswood is ridiculous. Start putting them elsewhere in the area. There is some land on River Road or Nepean Avenue I dont understand why that area cant be used, instead of continually building them in Kingswood. Move them elsewhere.

  4. Blake Mangion commented

    Everyone deserves a second chance and as long as a manager is living on site if it’s for prisoners then I don’t see the problem. People who live in housing shouldn’t have a say as they themselves as getting a chance at an easier life.

  5. Enrique Martinez commented

    You got to be joking Penrith Council there is to many of these places already and there is never anything good that comes out of these boarding house. We as residents have to put up with all the rubbish that happens in and around these places. Penrith, Kingswood and surrounding suburbs as suffering and is turning into a crap hole. Sorry but that is the truth. I have watched the area slowly turning into a slum for well over 20years now and it is only getting worse.

  6. Sam astill commented

    I agree with all the comments above- on one path you are working towards creating a safer community for kingswood- family orientated with adding and updating parks and facilities. But then you take away houses to just pack more people in. Why can’t this board houses be spread out? Instead of in the kingswood community. What your doing is taking away from locals/kids around the area... the area proposed is bad enough, let’s go put more people in.. how does that make sense?

  7. Paul commented

    There are a lot of new townhouses in the area with young families moving to Kingswood. There is more than enough boarding and social housing in this area already. This is going to be right next to a whole bunch of residents, please reconsider this and move it to the area that doesn't have any other boarding housing. This will make Kingswood a ghetto cluster.

  8. Melinda frame commented

    I live only a few houses away from where you plan on building this and with four children 8 and under, saying I'm very concerned about this would be an understatement.
    You only have to look at the unit blocks on this street near kingswood station to understand why. Before getting my licence late last year I use to walk my kids to the station to get them to school and back, I did not feel safe even in broad day light, between the drunk/drug fueled arguments we witnessed.
    An argument last year which resulted in someone pulling out a gun and firing at someone, thankfully we weren't a witness of this but this happened in the middle of the day. Speeding cars coming in and out of driveways without a care to even look.. abuse from random strangers (who in my option looked high on drugs) all for looking in there direction as they sped out of a unit blocks drive way.. and thats while having to protect my children and guide them around dirty, some uncapped needles on countless occasions.
    Mind you this was all within a space of just a year and a half.
    The thought of the chance that that may be extended literally only a few houses away from me and my children is really scary.
    I really hope this ridiculous idea is scrapped and doesn't go through simply for the consideration of the people and their families that will hopefully not have to live around it..

  9. Hannah commented

    Noooooo more please!!! Kingswood needs to be improved not being dragged out.

  10. Melanie commented

    I object to this, this makes me feel unsafe. It’s bad enough walking around the area/to the station at the moment past those apartment blocks near the station. I’d much rather have townhouses built that families and hard workers that need affordable homes can buy

  11. Jo Ingle commented

    The roads, our hospital & schools are already suffering.
    Kingswood needs to be cleaned up.
    Building a boarding house in that area is just asking for trouble.
    Please think about the residents of Penrith instead of your pockets.

  12. Ashleigh commented

    I’m sure Penrith council already receives enough complaints about how bad kingswood is!!! This is honestly just horrible. The area is already suffering enough, with families, women and children scared for their property to be stolen, damaged or even become a victim of domestic violence in this area, WE DO NOT NEED MORE OF THIS!! Take it somewhere else, spread the love. It is so dangerous to put more vulnerable/recovering people into an area where repeated patterns could return or worsen. The police already visit my street at least 5 nights out of the week. It would be like the blind leading the blind or a covid cluster growing bigger and out of control. Do not do this!!!!

  13. Kat Chalker commented

    Who don't you put at along the river or in Jordan Springs or Glenmore Park.. Build them further apart so one suburb doesn't have to turn into a ghetto..
    I do not support Kingswood being turned into a boarding house Ghetto.

  14. Noddy commented

    Ooooooh look more flop houses!
    What a surprise Penrith council! You should be Ashamed of yourselves!
    Thinking of know one but greedy developers!

  15. Darryl commented

    There is more then enough of these types of housing in the area, i strongly disagree with this development.

  16. Jack commented

    Definitely NOT! I Disapprove. Penrith area has become a junky drug addict graveyard. It's time to clean up and stop the expansion of such developments.

  17. Susan Hazelman commented

    Please reconsider, there is enough boarding house accommodations in Kingswood which already do not attract safe residents. This is at a further detriment to the local community and the existing young families that already live here.

  18. Wendy Spinks commented

    27 Park Avenue, Kingswood,  will have 64 rooms -  4 single  and 60 double rooms.  and  will accommodate  up to 124 people with only 32 on site car spaces.   All development applications for boarding houses  refer to the SEPP(Affordable Rental Housing) 2009,  but the rent in these boarding houses range from $260 to $350 per room,  with an additional cost for on site car parking.  In the last 3 to 4 years there has been a minimum of 26 boarding houses built, under construction or approved within 1km of Kingswood Primary School, on Second Ave.    These boarding houses have supplied over 400 rooms and most of these boarding houses  DO NOT HAVE AN ON SITE MANAGER. Boarding houses may be required,  but they should NOT be grouped together.   There have been FOUR boarding houses approved and built in a row,   with another 2 boarding houses built  within 50 metres.    Steps need to be taken to stop the destruction of Kingswood by the developers.

  19. Toni commented

    I object to this application!
    As a local resident there are far too many of these types of facilities within Kingswood and on Park Avenue.
    There is an increasing drug problem within the local area with constant visits from police.
    Please consider this for another area of the region as you are making the area more unsafe for families and council is coming off like they don’t care for its council rate paying occupants!

  20. Mathew commented

    Time to put more boarding houses in the suburbs of our real estate, councillors and developers. Just to show good will. About 20 or more in the neighborhood of each should do it.

    Penrith seems to have all of the increasing disadvantages of a city with fewer and fewer of the benefits.

    Equitable burdens, healthier results, seems reasonable.

  21. Jason Q commented

    This is becoming a joke.
    People in Government are happy to overcrowd Suburbs that they don't have to live in with little regard for the residents that do have to live there.
    This kind of money grabbing from developers needs to stop.

  22. Shaun commented

    We do not need more developments like this in our Council area. The drain on roads, Public transport, water, electricity, police, ambulance etc is unsustainable. The traffic around Penrith is horrendous now and doesn’t need anymore of the congested housing types. That only the immediate residents get officially notified is a disgrace because by the time others find out it’s generally too late. Stop these types of buildings now and provide letters to all residents in the future.

  23. Shauna-Marie Wilson commented

    The proposed height, setbacks, massing and design of the building will dominate the surrounds and will not positively respond to the surrounding context.

    The proposed setbacks design and massing of the building will unreasonably impact upon the character of the area.

    The proposal fails to respond to off site amenity of surrounding properties, resulting in unreasonable visual bulk and overshadowing impacts.

    The proposal would result in unacceptable internal amenity.

    The use and buildings are of a scale and intensity which will result in unreasonable amenity impacts on the neighbouring properties.

    The scale, lack of setbacks and lack of landscaping all contribute to an overdevelopment of the site.

    The proposal fails to provide adequate landscaping opportunities and ensure suitable maintenance of native vegetation.

    The proposed use and development, having regard to the site and surrounding area, would represent an inappropriate planning outcome.

    The proposal has not dealt adequately with best practice environmentally sustainable outcomes in context of energy use, internal amenity, solar access, water use and runoff of precipitation from the site.

    The proposal has not dealt adequately with proper parking provision for residents and visitors to avoid unacceptable amenity impacts to its occupants and surrounding area residents.

    The proposal has not dealt adequately with contemporary best practice environmentally sustainable outcomes in context of energy use, rainwater capture in context of local annual precipitation, preventing entry of litter to stormwater drains through suitable pollutant traps and screens, internal amenity, light pollution and spill from the development and protecting residents from off site sources of light spill, solar access, water use and runoff of precipitation from the site.

    The proposal has not dealt adequately with the management of vehicle and bin washing upon the site and the impacts of the discharge of associated waste into the stormwater network.

    The proposal has not adequately dealt with the separation of pedestrian entry from motor vehicle entry routes.

    Insufficient information has been provided to enable a comprehensive assessment of the proposals impact on internal amenity and neighbouring dwelling amenity through the creation of light, noise, odour, access of non-resident a, birds and vermin to waste stored in site areas and litter as well as contamination risks and impacts on existing and neighbouring vegetation.

    Insufficient information has been provided on vegetation types for landscaping and the maintenance of suitable native vegetation of local provenance.

    The proposal fails to respect the existing and preferred neighbourhood character of the area, and the location of the site does not offer appropriate access to necessary services and transport.

    The proposal fails to respect the existing and preferred neighbourhood character of the area, fails to demonstrate integration with the surrounding urban environment, and fails to protect significant vegetation on the site.

    The proposal fails to respond to and achieve local planning and environmental objectives as it does not seek to retain any existing canopy tree, and the building envelope location, scale and setbacks do not provide sufficient space in its surrounds to enable the planting of canopy trees, or provide adequate opportunities for meaningful landscaping or canopy tree planting between the front, side and rear of the building envelope and the boundaries.

    The proposal must be met with a determination of refusal as it's my view that the issues of concern cannot be properly mitigated by suitable conditions.

  24. Hayley commented

    We have had an increase in theft and people attempting to break into our cars near park ave and Joseph st. People looking into our cars and running across our driveway.
    Traffic in Penrith is already catastrophic (50 mins to drive the 12km from my house to the end of Bringelly Rd and back, nepean hospital is stretched beyond breaking (try sitting in emergency with chest pain being ignored for more than 40 mins, had to wait 18 months for urgent surgery for a horrifically painful and restrictive condition, currently waiting 3 months for an initial appointment with cardiologist... too bad if I had an urgent problem), there's a children's playground nearby, there are no cameras or lights in the area.

    The infrastructure is not in place to support this perpetual development.

  25. Margaret commented

    Penrith council, why are you determined to turn Kingswood into a ghetto.
    If you must pander to these greedy developers then at least spread these boarding house throughout the city and not all in Kingswood.
    Consider the safety and family life of the current residents please.

  26. Save Ours & Future Generations Now commented

    No I object to these ridiculous cash grab ‘proposals’ which then lead to highlight stats n figures later down the receipt rolls as ‘Community Grants or whatever title suits to claim it as well invested.
    I along with The Majority of Penrith’s combined communities ’Propose that ALL purpose built facility/facilities be located as mandates either, Within, On or directly adjacent to the necessary Health Care of which they are claiming to assist help or rehabilitate ..!!

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