2 Lincoln Parade, Aspendale, VIC

The development of five (5) dwellings

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 12 days ago. It was received by them 12 days earlier.

(Source: Kingston City Council, reference KP-2021/158)


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  1. Natasha Callow commented

    I feel that it is over development of land and not in keeping with Aspendale, which is primarily one house on a plot, on more recently 2 houses on one plot. This is a 600m plot with possibly 5 properties going on it? Thats crazy especially as they will be exiting onto a road with speed bump directly infront of them. In light of Covid it has made us appreciate that we need garden space especially with children. In last years Kingston council booklet it was highlighted that council will try to keep property development to 2 houses a plot. It will be a busy entrance on to the parade, being so close to the traffic lights and station, this could cause congestion with someone turning right from the station road into the development which with heightened traffic as we have isn't safe or allowing flow of traffic.

  2. Don Rigaldi commented

    I agree Aspendale is becoming a unit city I’m a resident of over 20 yrs and find it unsightly the untidy bins on rubbish can’t park in my own street extra traffic and no infrastructure to support these over developments. Covid must now influence our decisions about over development. Is it just a money making exercise by developers and council. What the rational around these decisions

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