24 Arden Street Waverley NSW 2024

New footpath dining for Whole Green Bakery for 3 tables and 6 seats on the Varna Street frontage.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 month ago. It was received by them 7 days earlier.

(Source: Waverley Council, reference FPS-8/2021)


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  1. Local Resident commented

    Considering this as a long term resident and customer, this application should not be allowed. The Northern corner of Varna St and Arden St already experiences high pedestrian activity, and blind spots for both pedestrians and cars. With the existing tables and chairs on Arden St, the corner is often unusable by pedestrians due to it being occupied by standing customers, seated customers, and customers and staff in transit (staff regularly travel between Arden St and the two entrances to bakery storage areas on Varna St), along with dogs, prams, school children etc (all of which need their own access as well). There are already many movements a day impeding easy and safe pedestrian access. There have been a number of instances where the only space to walk on Arden St has been the road (obviously not safe), and on Varna St, in order to try navigate through all the other users I have tripped and fallen, badly injuring myself. Allowing the tables and chairs on Varna St would only exacerbate these problems for a large number of the public (when only for private use by a very small number of people).

  2. Local resident ( for 86 years...and counting ) commented

    Firstly its a joke that a cafe wanting 3 tables on the footpath needs to considered via this onerous process , secondly to actually have someone object to it?!?.. honestly , some people need a hobby .

  3. JT commented

    With age comes wisdom. Totally agree with the long term resident. Let people get outside, create community and help these struggling restaurants. This should be a given and not wasting everyone's time

  4. Alexis commented

    I live very close to this cafe. Happy to see more outdoor seating made available. As someone who (once) travelled extensively, I can honestly say that the cities and towns (mainly in Europe) where there is abundant outdoor seating are the places with the best atmosphere and vibe. It encourages people to be outdoors, engage with each other and a sense of community.

  5. Joseph O'Donoghue commented

    What a shame some idiot residents spoil it for others. This is a brilliant idea and I support it whole-heartedly. To the disgruntled resident above – get a hobby!

    Little additions like this to the streetscape can generate very valuable ambience, that help to foster a sense of community and things happening. It is healthy, more of it is needed and we should be doing all we can to facilitate the use of and the sound of the local streetscape being used and enjoyed. Look forward to visiting the cafe and enjoying the tables and chairs once approved.

  6. Mel Westcottg commented

    I agree, let’s support the small businesses who bring services and a sense of community to our neighbourhoods. For those residents who are less mobile please ensure there is adequate space for customers to “park” dogs and prams out of the way, remembering of course that there are two sides of the streets so people can choose to avoid it if they prefer. Let’s support these applications which add value to our communities and be stricter on those developers who only seek to make short term profit and have no personal investment in our way of life.

  7. Steve P commented

    Yes, the more action the better, just do it. That area needs a little brightening up anyway.

  8. ND commented

    While I support this application it’s disappointing to see some of the remarks directed at someone simply for expressing their view. Please be mindful that this is consultation process, and residents have the right to voice their concerns.

    It is true that pedestrian access can be difficult at times, however the planning document notes the the impact of COVID restrictions which has made indoor dining untenable for this small (but much loved) business. Hopefully the widening of Arden St pathways around the school will help ease the congestion in peak times, slow traffic and help alleviate some of the concerns.

  9. Longtime patron commented

    TOTALLY agree with ND - will the selfish people who think only their opinion matters, stop trying to intimidate others. Sick of the self-evident self-promotion by breeders who clearly feel they've moved in and no one else matters. And while we're on the topic of anti-social selfish conduct - the footpath is for public use - not for private use.

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