103 Oxford Road, Ingleburn NSW 2565

Demolition of existing dwelling, removal of 7 trees and construction of a two storey 13 room boarding house with associated car parking

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 1 year ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Campbelltown City Council, reference 810/2021/DA-BH)


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  1. E H commented

    Ingleburn is becoming the slum of North East Campbelltown!
    The water/sewerage system cannot cope.
    Other community services are struggling.
    Council cannot keep up with existing mowing and cleanliness and garbage without the constant increase of population?
    Clearly not good enough Campbelltown Council!
    Make sure you can adequately maintain the current population before you add potentially 12 more vehicles and residents to the existing 2565 scape with the flick of your pen.

  2. Loretta commented

    Sadly we who live in Ingleburn spend more time in traffic now than we did 20 years ago, why...because council keeps allowing houses to be demolished and replaced with dual properties, the bottoms of Oxford road ( next to the 7 11 is a perfect example. At the end of Oxford and Bensley roads, the horse paddocks have been cleared for a new housing estate which does not meet criteria with our infrastructure. Being a home owner of this suburb for over 20+ years I’ve seen a lot of changes come to our once beautiful suburb, which is now turning it into a heavyset congested and ugly place to live.

  3. Jag PEJOVIC commented

    I moved to Ingleburn 20 years ago because it was a nice quiet little down. I loved that about it . It had a country feel to it . A lot has changed over the years units and townhouses going up and more developments on the way. Such a shame that Ingleburn is turning into just another busy city . I understand that things change and grow however it should be done so the town does not lose its charm and originality .

    Please STOP ruining our Ingleburn

  4. Dianne McKenzie commented

    There are 3 schools within close distance to this proposal. Kids are walking past this daily.
    Often boarding houses have people with addiction issues, or recent released for incarceration. This is placing children at risk.
    Boarding houses do have a place but not when hundreds of children are at risk.

  5. Kerrie commented

    Please consider the safety of the children and elderly near by before putting a boarding place in Ingleburn. Better placed near a 24/7 operating police station which Ingleburn doesn't have. Crime rates and drug offences is already high in the area. Safety of existing elderly residents and children that walk past here or wait for public transport as they are mobility impaired should be at the forefront of these decisions when planning.

  6. Sharon marsh commented

    I am opposed to a boarding house being situated so close to schools where children walk past daily to and from school and home. With the community police station closed why even consider this an appropriate area in the first place. Many lands would be available
    Closer to Macquarie fields police station. That needs to be taken into consideration

  7. Peter Saunders commented

    I object to this proposal. Boarding houses by their very nature are used by itinerants, newly released felons and other dubious people. Also boarding houses are from what I’ve read are a poor or low return investment. They are very often turned to other even more seedy uses when they fail. Ingleburn is already being transformed, for the worse by a lot of medium density low cost housing.

  8. Jenny ristic commented

    I am opposed to this development. A 13 room boarding house will bring MORE trouble to the area. We already have inadequate police response to the crime we already have.

  9. Olivia Schrader commented

    I have nothing wrong with boarding houses as i know these are essential to have. Though i feel it should not be position within 1km of schools. Where this one is in close proximity to three schools. This is not providing parents the feeling of safe society and allowing are children to grow up.

  10. Barun Karna commented

    I am strongly opposed this proposal to construct boarding house at this address. Normally, alcohol and drugs related issues are very common at boarding house. There are 3 schools (two schools are about 100 m and third school is about 300 m on same street) very close to this address, therefore, the safety of children of these schools will sure get affected. These type of construction can be made near the area of 24/7 police station and I feel it may be suitable in somewhere in vacant land of Macquarie Fields.

  11. Peter Saunders commented

    I object to this proposal. Boarding houses by their very nature are used by itinerants, newly released felons and other dubious people. Also boarding houses are from what I’ve read are a poor or low return investment. They are very often turned to other even more seedy uses when they fail. Ingleburn is already being transformed, for the worse by a lot of medium density low cost housing.

  12. M Baderski commented

    Seems a very strange place to put a boarding house in the middle of residential & next to schools, I would have thought closer to shops & transport with those on a reduced income. I recognise that not everyone that lives in a boarding house is necessarily unsavoury, but... Ingleburn has sufficient problems now & we have to fight to even have the police station opened, is this really the right place, time & position for such a dwelling?

  13. M Tang commented

    I strongly opposed this boarding house proposal. Ingleburn should become better, not a dumping ground for greedy developers and secret deals. We already have enough issues with all the surrounding crime. And why so close to 3 schools. Locate them somewhere that they can't bring fear and harm to anyone.

  14. Cate Tierney commented

    At the rate Ingleburn is going its going to turn into the next Macquarie Fields (the way it use to be) we should be making Ingleburn better not worse, if the boarding house gets built a lot more junkies/dealers are going to move in & we dont want that here

  15. Tony Nguyen commented

    As the residents of ingleburn. I can see boarding house it not good for ingleburn future. It not bring more benefits but only trouble to the town.
    All We need is approval for rezone. So they can build more house and building so it can draw more people with job and business to make ingleburn more ALIVE.

  16. Julie Tonna commented

    To close to schools

  17. Andrew commented

    I am opposed to the boarding house as it will only encourage individuals who are inclined to commit crime

  18. Farhan commented

    Hi guys
    Ingleburn has become a great area and great people low crime rates and if this building is aloud to be built we will suffer our kids and elderly will suffer thier will drugs gangs crime and even murder if you let it go ahead please stop this crime from beginning.
    Thank you

  19. Brett Muir commented

    Hi guys I have been living in Ingleburn for 42 years it's a great place I currently live in Matthews square for the last 16 years very quiet street very little crime this development will be directly behind me. I have 2 young children in which go to school at holy family where you propose the development is in the middle of every kids path to school an Ingleburn high school aswell this is a very old part of ingleburn an a lot of elderly residents been here there whole lives this will bring crime an more drug use an crimes you will eventually push all the goodness out of this small community an force people to sell up there houses...well done again to the council for another great project getting build under our noses.. maybe spend some money on fixing up the kids play area in Matthews square an actually maintain it for the local residents that pay there council rates

  20. Andrew commented

    As a resident, I am concerned about what kind of tenants will be living in the proposed 'boarding house'. I feel it is too close to schools and poses a crime risk to the area.

  21. Darlene White commented

    Will it be monitored..... are vulnerable people going to be taken advantage of by slum lords who just want money and profit?Broken humans are often left in over priced poor quality housing.

  22. Kylie commented

    I strongly oppose this development. Boarding houses are to house homeless clients of housing, which are often drug addicts/mental health & aggresive anti-social people. I live behind this street & there a regular car break ins, you will only be bringing more crime to the suburb & you are proposing this nearby schools. If this is approved I will be moving

  23. Ms. L.M. Goyen commented

    I strongly object to this Boarding House development. I have lived in Ingleburn for 35 years and live directly opposite this property. As many people have already stated this is not the right place for this development. Other people have built lovely homes either side of this property and as stated Boarding Houses usually bring in people with drug problems and other issues etc. etc. Ingleburn does not need this type of development, especially so close to schools and churches. I am a female over 70 years old, living alone and would be very "on edge" with this type of development across the road. As it is parking is already very hard to get outside your own home. Campbelltown Council, I hope you heed the warnings of those that have already objected with regard to the crime risk etc. Let someone build a nice two storey home on the site but not a Boarding House.

  24. Jinu Jacob commented

    You are going to make an area with church, schools to a slum. There is a catholic school and high school close to this proposed site. As a father this doesnt make sense to me as the kids would be walking to school infront of this junkies.
    Hope you guys will wake up and change the plans

  25. Zena Hosana commented

    I do not like to discriminate anyone and stereotype boarding house accommodations. I use to live in one before I had a family. This is how I survived.

    Who is to know what type of people are living next to schools, they could be alcoholics, drug addicts etc. I do think it right to descriminate.

    I would like to know if there are sufficient parking spaces available for the tenants?

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