1 Jaclyn Street, Ingleburn NSW 2565

Demolition of existing dwelling and construction of a 12 room boarding house

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 1 year ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Campbelltown City Council, reference 680/2021/DA-BH)


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  1. S. Ahsan commented

    to whom it may concern
    this Jaclyn st is a very small street with residents mostly owning their own properties and there are some new block of townhouses and new houses for private residential owner occupy were built in recent years. Number of nurses and medical practitioners from the local health district also bought into this street and cross street in Drumalbyn street due to primary school being within 600metres from Jaclyn street. As I am part of the emergency treeing team in ED i am more than aware of what sort of clients are referred to boarding house as they are antisocial personalities with high crime and risk around vulnerable children such as the kids walking to the closest primary school to the cross street.
    Kindly do not risk these children's future and mental health due to this decision of boarding school. We currently have well educated positive small circles of residential owners in this small street of Jaclyn st. Cant imagine the overcrowding of already busy street with multiple garbage bins no street parking for the owners already residing in
    this quite street.
    please kindly reconsider this unethical decision of building dwellings where children are the foremost users of this street and its their future.
    Thanks again
    Jaclyn st resident

  2. R. RAHMAN commented

    To Whom It May Concern
    I am one of residents of Jaclyn Street, Ingleburn, NSW 2565. I am writing to the council on behalf of majority of the residents permanently bought, rebuild and residing in Jaclyn street as well as onto the cross Street Drumalbyn street. WE are extremely concerned in regards to the plan for boarding house build as the street is already crowded with multiple dwelling of townhouses and new residential private dwellings. Especially parking is getting very difficult even for the permanent residents on that particularly Jaclyn st and people are crowding the cross streets due to Jaclyn street being a small street. Bin collection days the streets are jammed with bins from town houses and other dwellings. Having boarding house will definitely increase the risk of accidents due to extreme crowding on the small zone in Jaclyn street and the effect is already felt on to Drumalbyn st as well as main road to Cumberland road. WE as residents of JACLYN ST STRONGLY OPPSE THIS AS IT IS A QUITE SMALL RESIDENTIAL STREET WITH ALREADY HAVING ISSUES WITH CAR PARKING AND OTHER NECESSITIES. PLEASE DO NOT HAVE PROPOSALS SUCH AS BOARDING HOUSES AS IT WILL RUIN THE QUALITY OF THE STREET TO A UNBELIVABLE CONDITION FOR ALREADY RESIDING PERMANENT DWELLING OWNERS. Campbelltown council kindly needs to reconsider this project as there will be horrendous consequences for the future of the residents on this street and cross streets. I have always praised Campbelltown Council for their good work and better judgement. This project will destroy the quality of daily life for the residents on the street as there are multiple doctors and nurses bought into the street believing its a small street with lesser crowding.
    Please Kindly reconsider.

    Kind regards

  3. Debra Gatley commented

    This is a very small, quiet area of Ingleburn and I feel that a boarding house will cause problems in our area. There are a lot of children in the area and families need to know that their children are safe. This boarding house will be very close to Sackville Street Public School and I don’t feel that it is in the best interests of families in the area

  4. M K commented

    What ever you try, this will go ahead, we tried our best to stop Bensley Road development, they will cut so many trees where Koalas sighted before, no lights or round about on Bensley Oxford intersection, Campbelltown council only cares about developers.

  5. Maryam commented

    Ingleburn is a lovely neighborhood that has lots of potential to grow and increase in value of property, I think Campbelltown council is on right direction in opening door to opportunities to grow and add value to the neighborhood. I invite everybody to stay positive and be constructive about the comments to help the council get good inspiration in the permissions they issue for development . For example I suggest if a boarding house or apartment is being approved for development , its important council forces the developer to gift something to the community in return of the population the development will bring, such as a row of flower baskets hanging from light poles. OR, the developer be forced to build a beautiful roundabout at the corner of the street with water fountain and flowers around it ... etc.

  6. Courtney Bates commented

    This is a tightly packed, small, quiet section of Ingleburn, with many units, villas and town houses already occupying the area.

    There are many school children in and around this section of Ingleburn, whose safety must be a priority.

    Noise and other types of pollution are low in this area. This development is likely to comprise this.

    All these factors will reduce the value of homes in the vacinity of this proposed development. All of these factors will cause undue and unfair stress to the residents and owners of the nearby properties.

    With the understanding that developments of this nature may be needed, this plot of land is not the right place for it.

    With the redevelopment of Ingleburn Village and other facilities and features of Ingleburn creating a positive impact on the value and reputation of Ingleburn, it would be a poor decision for council to allow this development to proceed and undo the goodwill created over the last few years.

  7. Rachael commented

    This development will not be in the best interests of the local residents in the streets surrounding.
    There are many young families and elderly residents living very close by who need to be assured of their safety.

  8. Natalie J commented

    As a granddaughter of nearby elderly residents, who own their home, I would like to oppose the plan to build a boarding house in Jaclyn Street.

    Not only will my grandparents and other elderly residents not feel safe walking around their street, there are many young families with children who would be impacted negatively.

    Please reconsider the location of the boarding house.

  9. janet commented

    I am very concerned this building being so close to Sackville Street school and also there are many high school children that walk this way to ingleburn high.

  10. Rita commented

    To Whom it May Concern,

    I have lived in the area since 2017, and up until recently it has been a peaceful and quiet area of Ingleburn. The crime as of late, has increased to weekly rates of car break ins, motorbike riding Hoons at 3 am and ppl approaching front porches (Thank You Ring doorbell, we have you on video camera looking at our shoes on our private property!)

    I would like to oppose the development of a Boarding House being built here as the location so close to the Cumberland Road with its traffic, the Ingleburn High School, Ingleburn Public School and Sackville St schools so close by, fear the potential risks will not be supported. The crimes of screaming residents, with mental illness and/or drug use, are enough for one neighbourhood to endure!

    If you could provide more information about what the Boarding House is for, would be great. If you could provide more accessible homes for ppl with a Disability, that would be better. If you provided more infrastructure such as footpaths, and local gardens in the area for families to enjoy picnics and feel safe in the area, would be fantastic!


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