59 Opey Avenue, Hyde Park SA 5061

Demolish existing dwelling and construct single storey dwelling including cellar; garage; verandah; swimming pool; front fencing, side and rear fencing (2.1m to 3m in height) Stage 2 - Remainder of work

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 2 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: City of Unley, reference 300/2020/C2/2)


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  1. Leah commented

    Another heritage property bites the dust! When will these buildings be protected and their collective value be retained for the neighbourhood? Built Heritage consists of less than 3% of the buildings in the state after all.

  2. Gemma commented

    I, too, find it distressing that the very heritage properties that give Unley its charm can be so readily demolished. Surely there are ways in which such a bluestone cottage can be preserved and yet also renovated and extended to produce a desirable home? These properties are much desired and sought after (in a way that a single storey build circa 2021 will never be, no matter how well designed.)

  3. Anthony commented

    It is sad to see this house now gone,I suspect there were serious structural issues.
    A very similar house at 21 Victoria Street,Goodwood has no serious structural issues
    and yet it is destined for a demolition.It was sold for over $ 800000 in 2018 and now is being rented and slowly being run down as there is no point in maintaining the previously beautiful garden etc.
    I am enclosing a copy of the Owner's application to show how it is done to have a historically important house knocked down .
    "...It would also be appropriate to amend (or remove entirely) the Technical and Numeric Variations applicable to the land identified as 7-21Victoria Street, Goodwood. Without these changes, the potential of these larger consolidated sites will be lost. Historic Area Overlay We note that the site is within the Historic Area Overlay. Eldercare was made aware of this via correspondence from the State Planning Commission (SPC) received by our office on 5thFebruary 2020 (less than four weeks ago). Notwithstanding, we have attempted within this short time period to understand the implications of this overlay. As far as we can interpret, the provisions contained within the Historic Area Overlay as they relate to 7-21 Victoria Street, Goodwood seek to ensure that all development is consistent with the design, form and context of built form expressed within the associated ‘Residential Compact Forrestville and Fullarton Historic Area Statement Un8’. We have reviewed this Historic Area Statement and note that it dictates the historic built form, architectural features, materials and fencingexpected for new development. Eldercare are concerned that the Historic Area Overlay has been erroneously imposed on the site given the intent of the overlay as communicated by the SPC was only to affect land within existing Historic Conservation Zones or similarly named zones. The ‘Historic Area Statements and Character Area Statements Proposal to Amend Phase 3 (Urban Areas) Planning and Design Code Amendment’ issued by the SPC during the consultation phase states that:“In the new planning system, all Historic Conservation Zones (over 140 are currently in development plans) and the plus 11,810 contributory items within these zones will transition into the new Planning and Design Code under a new Historic Area Overlay.” “All Character Areas, such as residential character zones in council Development Plans which capture a desired visual appearance that give a community its identity, will continue to be protected in the new planning system under a Character Area Overlay.”The land at 7-21 Victoria Street, Goodwood is not within a Historic Conservation Zone or a similarly named zone but in the Residential Streetscape (Landscape) Zone. Further the land does not include any Contributory Items. Based on the intent communicated by the SPC, there are no grounds on which to apply the Historic Area Overly on the land at 7-21 Victoria Street, Goodwood and we respectfully request this overlay is removed from these land parcels. ".......

  4. Julie commented

    Very upsetting that Unley Council continually (and so readily?) agrees to knock downs of the area's important heritage homes. If the Council is not seen to be protecting these important parts of history, it's little wonder more and more people (including developers) see them as easy prey. Julie.

  5. Anthony commented

    Considering this lovely building at 21 Victoria Street,Goodwood- easy to see on RE photos,it could be even 1890 construction.
    The blue stone has some brownish elements,the wide window and the door frames also remind me of 1890 cottages.A very old fashioned chimneys.
    Could some expert comment on it ,please?

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