762 Forest Road, Peakhurst NSW 2210

Demolition works, construction of a hostel rooms for use as seniors housing

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 29 days ago. It was received by them 11 days earlier.

(Source: Georges River Council, reference DA2021/0016)


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  1. [name removed by admin] commented

    We have just been advised from our neighbours that there is a meeting on Monday, 1/01/21 from 5pm at the function centre, The Gardens. We did not receive this notice, many residents, are not aware of this. We will be there.
    We are parents of 3 children, are deeply concerned and outraged that a 70 room Hostel for women over 55yrs old is being built in our street. Which is already congested due to the the reception and narrow road. Peakhurst Public school is a street away, this is an area where young children are being raised. We do not want a hostel operating 24hours / 7 days a week. We are more than upset and horrified to this proposal being built in a family street! I do not feel safe!
    We do not want a brothel, or drug users, or any kind of hostel being built in our family street!
    We need the council to step up and look after our community! This is one of reasons why we pay for council rates! To look after our concerns!
    We have also notified Mark Coure (Local MP), The premier and the prime minister (as his wife Jenny grew up and lived in Peakhurst) expressing our concerns.


    [names redacted by admin]

  2. Rod Sutton commented

    What a great idea these kinds of facilities are in great demand as older women are at risk of becoming hoeless

  3. Sonia Elphick commented

    On census night in 2016, there were an estimated 6,866 women over 50 who were homeless — the figure representing a 31 per cent increase since 2011.
    Seniors housing is needed to prevent the number of homeless older women increasing.

  4. Sophie Divliaev commented

    I have just moved out of the area, but even if I hadn't, I would have welcomed this proposal with three caveats: 1) the hostel includes adequate parking, and 2) the hostel is only open to biological females, and 3) they reduce the number of rooms as the block of land is very small and some older women will struggle with multiple flights of stairs.

    As someone personally interested in tackling homelessness for older women, I think this is a good first step.

    I am aghast at the uninformed and ignorant views of [name removed by admin]. How many women over the age of 55 are drug users, or prostitutes or alcoholics? FFS, you need to stop flying off the handle and assuming the worst. Forest Road is a busy street and is well-placed for older women with ready access to shops and public transport.

  5. Michelle Tesoriero commented

    My concern is DA's are labelled 'community state significant' to get the go ahead then become just another high rise stack 'n' pack building commanding market priced rents via the private sector. What ongoing follow up will guarantee this doesn't happen? Also developers get our (government) funding if they label their DA's state significant or in the community interest and they never have to pay land tax. People have every right to make sure their money is being spent on projects that really help people e.g. homeless older women.

  6. Suzi commented

    Sophie Divliaev , wow.. Firstly, judging by your comments, it seems you haven't reviewed the DA before making comments. In there you would notice that it specifies the hostel is open 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week,?? in a 'quiet' kid friendly family street (not Forest Road). As the portion from Forest Road will be maintained due to Heritage listing, however the surrounding residential houses and streets have been negatively impacted.
    1) parking is not adequate - there is only 11 spaces for 70 room hostel. Where will they be parking??
    2) Yes, it says females - however who will be policing the visitors eg. escalation of violence, again how will security deal with this for the residents in the hostel and the local area.. kids shouldnt be exposed whilst they are walking to their local school!
    3) it will be multilevel with lots of stairs and proposed development will be 10 metres high which is towering over the local houses. (not on Forest Road)

    We support women over 55's that need homes and will have the 'continued support' and security of their well being. However this is not built in the right area due to security concerns, which residents are entitled to have and are entitled to feel safe in their own homes and local community. There are always 2 sides to a story.

    Happy for you to return back to Peakhurst and purchase a property right next door.

  7. Sophie Divliaev commented

    Suzi, as I no longer live here, I have not read all the documents. My husband and I have moved to Perth to return to our families after spending the last 15 years away from them.

    Please don't jump the gun: the applicant is Sonia Joy Fenton, a philanthropist involved with several charities including the Red Cross, South Eastern Community Connect and the Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation.


    Parking can be added to if they make a basement carpark. Not every member of the hostel will have their own vehicle, so they won't need 70 spots. Remember some of these women will have given up driving due to age, or won't be able to afford a vehicle.

    The hostel probably needs to operate 24/7 because a) the women need to live there 24/7 , b) because support staff might need to be there at short notice and c) because some of the women will be fleeing domestic violence and may need to leave their previous home in the dead of night for their safety.

    I agree it's too tall, but I'm not an expert.

    Over 55 means many of these women will be in their 60s and 70s. How violent do you think women of this age are going to be? Do you honestly think older women are going to be a risk to children? Senior women are the LEAST likely group to pose a risk to the surrounding community!

    I find it bizarre that your workplace describes you in glowing terms as "supportive", "empathetic", "supports and encourages open communication" but you seem to have no knowledge of the applicant and have assumed the absolute worst about her and the women she is trying to support.

    Contact Sonia for yourself speak to her:


  8. Suzi commented

    Sophie Divliae - this is coming from a blogger and a writer. Stop making this a personal attack! again you have not read the comments. I don’t need to justify to you.
    Please contact Sonia (obviously you are connected) and she will advise you the issues raised as she did not deny the neighbourhoods concerns regarding the halfway house at yesterday’s meeting!! I would have loved if you were there.. to get your facts right! You should know this as a blogger or writer. . Stop flying off the handle!! If you continue personally attacking me I will report you.

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