44 Bellevue Road Bellevue Hill NSW 2023

Residential Flat Bldg 4 or more Storeys Demolition of existing residential flat building and construction of a new residential flat building and landscaping works

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 2 months ago. It was received by them about 1 month earlier.

(Source: Woollahra Municipal Council, reference 529/2020)


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  1. Charlie Fine commented

    This development is an assault on the built heritage of our suburbs.

    Communities choked beneath a poultice of concrete and glass are being denied access to a fundamental aspect of human existence: the need for beautiful and well-planned spaces.

    Bondi Junction lays bare the risks of piecemeal urban planning. An eczema of concrete and glass, it assaults the sinuous, shifting topography of the east, as if somebody had taken a Sharpie to a Turner landscape.

    The problem with modern development is also echoed in the disposability of so many consumer goods: electronic devices, obsolescent within a year; cheap clothing manufactured by exploited labour; or the mountains of plastic that make up our supermarkets.

    The repurposing of heritage architecture - not its demolition - is key to sustainable development. The natural proportions and subtle ornament of a Federation house or Art Deco apartment anchor our place in the world; they are distinctly Australian. Such a building is loved and appreciated and can be repurposed as an office, a surgery or a school.

    I urge you to reject this development. The community - and its shared traditions and heritage - must come first.

  2. Steve P commented

    Here, Here to Charlie Fine. The absurd part is near EVERYBODY agrees ...but the beat goes on. mmmm, wonder why?

  3. R commented

    I believe the Art Deco and heritage character of Bellevue Hill need preservation - as much as the preservation of the adjoining heritage Cooper Park. At least the facade must be saved from being converted to yet another faceless white concrete monolith.

  4. AABB commented

    There must be protection for the art deco building I agree. There seems no sensible justification for knocking this down to replace it with something that probably has a worse energy rating and lower green credentials. Solid old double brick with garden and greenery.
    I am all for progress but there are plenty of places where that can be achieved without compromising the few heritage type buildings left. Living in the heritage conservation area of Waverley council has shown how little councils value the heritage with crazy obligations put onto owners there, but the council rezoning properties opposite these low risk areas so they can erect 14 story mega apartment blocks that overshadow and overcrowd the area. Bellevue Hill still has some of the charm of lower rise, smaller bijoux apartment blocks. They should be kept.

  5. Maureen Carr commented

    When will these councils Start listening to THE PEOPLE!! They are ruining the character
    And landscape of what once was a very beautiful area ,Stop doing this and start
    Respecting the neighbourhoods we live in!!!

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